Best Picture Frames Reviews 2017

Everyone loves picture frames. You’re always looking for that perfect frame in which to display that adorable picture of the kids, a wedding photo, or just a pretty vacation snapshot. Frames turn a picture from simply a memento of our time to a piece of artwork. Think of all the conversations, which can be had by expressing your pictures.

Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes for all budgets. So what type of frame are you looking for? And how do you display it? Are you looking to set it on a table or display it on a wall? Did you want to make a collage? Before you make any decisions, let’s have a look at some great picture frames.

11×14 Black Picture Frame – Made to Display Pictures 8×10 with Mat or 11×14 Without Mat – Wide Molding – Wall Mounting Material Included – Imported from Europe

Best Picture Frame

First on our list is this fine black frame. It comes with a mat to enhance your picture, but you can leave it out if necessary. This will display your 8 x 10 pictures in this 11 x 14 frame. You’re not going to waste time putting it together. This frame is ready to go up as soon as it is out of the box. As far as where to display, you’re going to want to put this one up on the wall. It comes equipped with all of the necessary pieces you’ll need for that part of the project.

MCS Industries 4 by 6-Inch Format Frames, 12-Pack (65471)

Best Picture Frame

For one price, this deal will get you a twelve pack to put out your very best photos. These are 4 x 6 sized for your display. The twelve pack comes in black, so they’ll go with any room or décor in your house. You can set them out for display with their easel stands, but they also have all of the hardware on the back for wall mounting. All of these are front loading, so super easy for setting up your display. Perfect for getting your school picture display all ready!

Malden Linear Black Picture Frame, 8 inches by 10 inches

Best Picture Frame

Here is the first wood frame on our list. Don’t worry, just because it’s made of wood you won’t have to worry about tone to match your other pieces. It’s got a practical black finish on it so that it goes with everything. You can put out your favorite 8 x 10 picture with this sturdy piece. You can set it out with the easel background or hang it on your wall. Either way, it’s going to look great for those bigger pieces that you can just never find the perfect picture frame to accent!

Magtech Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame, White, Holds 4 x 6 Inches Photos, 10 Pack

Best Picture Frame

So perhaps you live in a place where you can’t put hooks into the wall to hang up your frames, but setting out your frames might get them knocked down and broken. This frame gives you an alternative to both of those! This magnetic picture frame will mount onto your fridge or any other metal surface. It’s made of plastic, so if it falls there won’t be any shattering. It’s 4 x 6, so perfect for those smaller shots. Plus, it comes in a ten pack! Now you can display lots of pictures without spending the extra costs.

Malden International Designs Puzzle 4-Way Opening Plastic Picture Frame Collage, 4 by 6-Inch, Black

Best Picture Frame

Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to have a ton of items sitting out to clutter your space. Or maybe you don’t want to put a ton of nail holes into your walls from hanging pictures. Well with this high quality picture frame, display four photos with only one frame. It will hold your 4 x 6 shots for a collection of smaller pieces. Just because you have a multi-picture frame, it won’t limit you. You can hang this one vertically or horizontally. Buy more than one and make yourself the perfect set of pictures without the additional clutter.

What To Look For

Before you buy any picture frame, consider what you’re looking for in one. Are you going to hang them on the wall? If you’re a renter, make sure that you read your lease first to make sure that it allows you to put nails in the walls.

Consider the durability of the frame you select. Picture frames can fall off of walls or get knocked from tabletops. Make sure you purchase one that won’t shatter as soon as it hits the floor.

Always check costs. You don’t want to buy yourself a cheap frame only for it to be one of those ones that shatters when it hits the floor. If you are going to hang it, make sure it has secure wall mount features to prevent against falling. You wouldn’t want to risk it with an expensive painting, so why do it with your one and only mementos?

What exactly do you want this picture frame to do? Do you have several boxes of Grandma’s pictures in the attic that you’re looking to get out? In that case, maybe several multi-picture frames would be better. This also goes if you’re looking to properly display your little one’s school pictures over the years. But maybe you just need something nice for a wedding picture, or you just want one or two to put on your desk at the office. If this is the case, maybe you don’t need anything that you’ll be searching to fill.

Advantages Of Owning Picture Frames

In the past, taking pictures meant getting pictures developed. That meant that someone was going to physically hand you hard copies of your photos. What were you going to do with all of those pictures? Many of us would just create a picture box in order to store them, which meant you’d have to store those boxes. Grabbing yourself a few picture frames could get those photos out of the box and out making you some beautiful, custom artwork.

These days, most of our photos are stored digitally. That makes the photos that we do want to display more meaningful. Print yourself off a couple of copies and put them out to show just how special they are.

Don’t just keep your memories to yourself! Get them out and displayed proudly for the world to see!

Picture frames create artwork that no one else has. Creating a display of this nature will give you a conversation piece for years to come. If well taken care of, it can even end up passed down for generations. Go ahead and get yourself a nice frame for those pictures. Someday, your children and grandchildren will thank you. Here is to hoping that you find the perfect piece to fit your collection!

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