Best Pizza Pans Reviews 2017

A pizza pan is a utensil that’s becoming a common find in most kitchens these days. Of course, who doesn’t love pizza? Nearly everyone is easily enamored by the scent and sight of it. When it comes out of the oven, it sure is enough to make one’s mouth water.

The thing is, your choice of pizza pan highly contributes to the quality of your homemade pizza. You should always make sure that the one you are using will cook the pizza evenly so the taste is equally distributed as well.

Here are our top choices to help you out in choosing the best pizza pan.

Lodge Pro-Logic P14P3 Cast Iron Pizza Pan, Black, 14-inch

With its wide cooking surface and comfortable handles, this cast iron pan is one of the best pizza pans one could ever get. This 14-inch baking pan is not only for pizza, but can also be used to roast veggies as well as baked goods. It’s also pre-seasoned so it should be good to use immediately. Another good thing about this affordable pizza pan is its odorless quality.

The fact that it is made of cast iron makes this pizza pan way better than similar products made of aluminum or stainless steel. Lodge prides itself in terms of durability, reliability, comfort, and longevity.

Heritage, 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone – Professional Grade Baking Stones for Oven, Grill, BBQ- Non Stain- with Pizza Cutter

The thing that makes Heritage ceramic pizza pan a best buy is that it can cook not just pizza. You can also cook cookies, scones, meat pieces, and vegetables. It is not just for home use; it is also ideal in ideal settings such as restaurants, bakeries, and of course, pizzerias. The manufacturers guarantee that this 15-inch pizza pan will not crack and can last a lifetime.

Because of its non-stick feature, this affordable pizza pan is very easy to clean and can be done so by just wiping the surface with a damp cloth. It is also odorless, so your pizzas will sure taste great. This product comes with a free pizza cutter.

Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan

This 14-inch pizza pan by Cuisinart is ideal for those who love to make their own pizzas but without the skills of a professional. That’s right – even if you are not that skilled kitchen-wise, this inexpensive pizza pan will make sure that your pizza will be cooked evenly. This is because it is made of aluminized steel in order to ensure that the distribution of heat is equal. Its surface is non-stick, which means that cleaning up is easy. Even its exterior is also non-stick. This pizza pan is dishwasher safe.

The manufacturers guarantee that the product will last a lifetime and will deliver fantastic performance for home or professional use.

Old Stone 4461 16-Inch Round Oven Pizza Stone

This is not your ordinary pizza pan, in fact, it’s not necessarily a pan, but a pizza stone. If you want to replicate your favorite pizza on your local pizzeria, this one is definitely for you. Manufactured by Old Stone, this extraordinary and top pizza pan is made of material similar to old stone ovens of the past in order to get the same results of your favorite crispy pizza.

It measures 16 inches, so you should be able to make pizza for the whole family. This pizza pan can also withstand abrupt temperature changes without the chance of getting cracks or damages. For moms out there, yes, you can refrigerate leftover pizzas using this pizza pan. Because the surface is flat and even, you can easily slice and cut your pizzas without breaking a sweat.

Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inch

Reviews have stated that this inexpensive pizza pan will last decades. This ceramic pizza stone will guarantee even heat distribution, ensuring your pizza to be crisp and savory. It measures 15 inches, but it should be enough to make a pan pizza for the whole family to enjoy.

This ceramic pizza stone also comes with a handle, so you shouldn’t be worried about burning yourself while taking it out of heaven. The material is also thermal shock, which means it can withstand high and low temperatures without breaking.

This product can also be used for other baked goodies for you and your family to snack on.

What are Pizza Pans?

In order to make the perfect pizza, you should use a container or a surface that will make sure that your pizza is flat, even, and with intact toppings. This is what a pizza pan is for.

Pizza pans have been used since time immemorial. The early days of pizza are depicted or often illustrated as it being cooked and served using a flat piece of utensil. You can never see pizza being served in a bowl, plate, or any other container unless it’s already been sliced.

Pizza pans are not just ideal in a professional setting; it can also be for home use. These days, a lot of individuals and families choose to create their own pizza since it is a fun activity to do. With a wide range of pizza pan choices these days, you won’t be having a hard time creating your own pizza.

What to Look For

It is necessary that you find a pizza pan that’s really durable – that’s what’s important. Sure, most people are extremely priced-oriented – that is your right. However, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the quality of the product. Find yourself a pizza pan that can cook pizza perfect for the number of people in your home, and one that will not make a mess.

In choosing the best pizza pan, you should also consider the material of the product. Should you go for ceramic or aluminum? Do you buy one with a handle or something without one? What is the ideal size? And of course, what is your budget range?

Not a lot of pizza pans are affordable, but with careful research and reading reviews, for sure you will find your perfect pan. Start asking yourself with the questions above and slowly narrow your choices to 5, then 3, until you find the one that’s fit for your needs.


The internet proved to be a big help to anyone who is looking to buy a product without having to leave home. The thing is, it is not the same thing as to buying it personally, simply because you cannot check the quality of the product yourself. That’s what reviews are for.

While we all know that it is easy to buy a pizza pan within your locality, truth be told, some of the best ones are actually found on the internet for a much lower price. Should you decide to buy a pizza pan, read customer reviews about it in order to help you figure out the ideal pizza pan, may it be for home or professional use.


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