Best Placemats Reviews 2017

While some might prefer table cloths to dress up their dining spaces, most find cleaning table cloths to be tedious. Instead, most prefer to put placemats on their tables or bars to protect its surface from moisture or stain.

Though its main purpose is to protect, placemats can also be used as decoration or as an icebreaker when entertaining guests.

Here are some of the most popular placemats for sale.

Painless Learning Map of USA Placemat

Best Placemats

This is a top placemat to purchase, especially if you have a bunch of kids eating at your table. This placemat brand, is well-known for putting maps, trivia, and other learning materials printed on the surfaces of their product. The item is laminated and are brightly colored, which encourages the kids to read and learn. They are also kid-friendly as the edges are not as sharp as traditional laminated placemats.

It is a good placemat that offers several great conversation pieces to talk and discuss with your kid.

Benson Mills Tweed Woven Vinyl Placemats

Best Placemats

Available in thirteen different designs and colors, this affordable placemat set is made from woven vinyl that are soft to touch and gentle on your table’s surface. They are also easy to clean – just wipe them with a damp cloth and it is good as new. Its elegant design will certainly elevate any table from regular to extraordinary.

A cheap placemat and a great alternative for cotton placemats.

Benson Mills Bordeaux 100% Cork Placemat, Set of 4

Best Placemats

Made from high-quality cork, this inexpensive placemat is heat-resistant and is easy to clean. Ideal for protecting your table from very hot dishes and spilled liquids, the eight available lovely designs will make your table as elegant as any restaurant table.

A great placemat deal to consider.

DII 100% Cotton, Set of 6

Best Placemats

This placemat costs a lot, but the 100% ribbed cotton design can create the perfect table setting for you and your loved ones. Available in thirty bright, colorful designs, your guests will sure love to know where you got such lovely new placemat set.

Sustainable Simplicity Stylish Wide Slat Bamboo Placemat, 4pc Set

Best Placemats

If you are thinking of buying a placemat that is environment-friendly, then you should consider getting this item instead. The easy-to-clean placemats are made of sustainable bamboo with cloth backing to protect your table better.

The classic design simply makes your setting pop out among the rest without breaking your wallet as the price is reasonable.

It is also a great placemat to have if your kitchen décor is Asian-inspired.

Miles Kimball Clear Plastic Placemats

Best Placemats

The simplest placemat in this list, these are straightforward coverings that offer no drama – just sheer protection from scratches and stains. It is made of flexible, translucent plastic that does exactly what it promises to do.

This is the placemat to buy if you are running low on budget or if you are planning to put placemats on your patio or garden table.

What are Placemats?

Placemats are protective pads designed to cover a limited amount of space on your table. Unlike table cloths, placemats are not meant to protect every inch of your table, but, just individual places or settings.

The primary purpose of the placemats is to protect a table’s surface from scratches, stains, and heat damage. This is why placemats are only put where you are planning to put your food or plate. While protection is the major function of a placemat, commercial places, like restaurants, use their placemats as an advertisement for promos or a new menu.

Some high-end and fancy restaurants, however, have placemats that intend to accent the table and the dishes. On the other hand, fast-food restaurants usually have placemats that have word games or puzzles printed on it to encourage little kids to play while waiting or eating their food.

What to Look For

Placemats can be made or woven from a variety of materials. Expensive placemats are usually made of silk, linen, or lace while the more common household variety are made of fabric or plastic. Placemats can also take different shapes depending on the style and brand.

The first thing you need to consider is the placemat material. This will determine how durable your chosen placemat is and how easy it will be to clean them.

The most common for household use are made of fabric. Cotton and cotton blends are popular because they are durable and mostly machine washable. They also add a sense of elegance and class to any table setting.

However, placemats made of fabric are highly absorbent, meaning any stains are more likely to stay there even when laundered. Also, there is a huge chance that your placemats might color bleed, wrinkled, creased, or worse, shrunk in the wash.

The second most popular materials are vinyl and plastic. They are more heavy duty and suitable for everyday use. They also easy to clean as it is stain-resistant. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it up. Also, most vinyl or plastic placemats have colorful designs that are entertaining to the eye. Moreover, they are cheap, so you can afford to buy more than one set.

Unfortunately, vinyl and plastic placemats are susceptible to warp if something hot is placed over it, which makes it counterproductive since you’ll want a placemat that can protect your table from heat damage. Also, cleaning vinyl and plastic placemats with a damp cloth will eventually make the design fade in time.

A new material that is gaining prominence in the market are placemats made of bamboo or wood. Placemats made of bamboo or wood pleases those that want something more eco-friendly than plastic and vinyl, but not as hard to clean and expensive as fabric placemats.

The only disadvantage of using wood placemats is their tendency to promote the growth of molds, especially if left damp or wet. Furthermore, wood placemats can easily scratch your tabletop if not made properly.

The occasion, in which you are planning to use your placemats, also plays an important factor. If you are planning to use your placemat for a formal occasion (i.e. an intimate family dinner with your in-laws), you will want to stay away from plastic and vinyl placemats. Instead, you’ll be needing real cloth placemats such as linen or silk for elegance and style.

If, however, you are planning an outdoor kid’s party, a plastic placemat seems to be more sensible because it is easier to clean, plus the funny designs can keep the kids entertained.

In choosing the shape of your placemats, you must consider your tableware’s make and shape so the placemat’s design and shape won’t contrast your table setting but rather compliment it. Also, if you have kids, choose placemats with soft edges so it wouldn’t create any opening for minor scratches or accidents.

Finally, always choose a placemat that is heat- and water-resistant. Remember that the function of placemats is to protect. Your purchase will be entirely worthless if the placemat you chose can’t protect your table at all.

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