Best Pliers Reviews 2017

Every homeowner would know the value of owning the best pliers available. You can use it on almost every basic home projects. You can use pliers to fix different kinds of wiring or in twisting thinner objects. Pliers are necessary when it comes to bigger home projects such as holding your nails when hammering and it can even come in handy for bending jewelry pieces.

Pliers might be small, but its functionality is truly unquestionable due to the number of its possible uses.

Each home only deserves the best, why deprive your tool kit of the best pliers on the market today?

TEKTON 3576 Internal / External Snap Ring Pliers Set, 4 Piece

If you want your pliers to last long, it is important that the jaws should be made from high quality materials. Each snap ring pliers in the Tekton 3576 is made out of premium high carbon steel that has been treated against hit. The tips on this set measures .05 inch which makes it ideal to use on your car engine, jewelries or items with narrow openings.

It has an ergonomic design that enables the user to handle the pliers without the fear of it slipping away. The tips are slightly bent so it is prone to breakage if you do not use it at a proper angle. However, the material used on these pliers is extremely sturdy and it can properly hold its own strength even when exposed to projects that needs supreme force.

TEKTON 3578 8-in-1 Universal Snap Ring Pliers Set

If you’re not afforded the luxury of an unlimited storage space, you might need a snap ring pliers set that has a compact design. It comes with a pliers handle, two straight tips with a size of .06 inches, one 45 degree bent tip, and one 90 degree bent tip that is housed in a molded plastic storage case. Similar to other TEKTON pliers, the tips are made from heat treated carbon steel and it has a corrosion resistant black oxide finish.

Switching through the tips is easy and requires very little effort. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price of the TEKTON 3578 as it is able to get the job done efficiently and quickly. In addition to this, this pliers set offers optimum value for your money.

However, since the jaws of these pliers are detachable, you can’t expect it to be extremely sturdy. If you’re looking to add to your casual tool kit, this product is a good choice.

Stanley 84-058 4 Piece Pliers Set

There are different kinds of pliers and they have different functions, so it is wise to purchase a great set of pliers. The Stanley 84-058 4 Piece Pliers set is a worthwhile purchase as each set comes with an8-inch slip joint, 7-inch diagonal, .8-inch lineman, and 8-inch long nose that allows you to cut through wires and other items.

Apart from using these pliers for simple electrical and household projects, you can even use this set of pliers for a variety of other projects like when you are making jewelry or when you need a tool for heavy duty projects. The durability of these pliers is unquestionable as Stanley even guarantees a lifetime warranty for your purchase.

The assortment of pliers that come with this set will provide you an assurance that you have everything you need in your toolkit.

Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Pliers

Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

If you’re not looking to purchase tools in bulk, you can also buy pliers by piece. The Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Pliers is a high rating needle nose pliers that help you get the job done. Stanley has placed confidence in their products since they offer a lifetime limited warranty on almost all of their pliers.

When your product is made of quality chrome-nickel that has been proven to be rust and slip resistant, how can you go wrong? The handles of these pliers also aid you in your work as it is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the user.

You can safely and efficiently cut edges even through tight places with the Stanley 84-096 5-Inches Needle Nose Pliers!

Channellock 460 4-1/4-Inch Jaw Capacity 16-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier

Are you the kind of consumer who only purchases high rating products? The Channellock 460 4-1/4-Inch Jaw Capacity 16-Inch Tongue and Groove Plier should be on top your buyer’s list. With an almost perfect user’s rating, you are certain that you won’t go wrong with this product. On top of that, it comes with a full warranty for material or workmanship.

When you’re looking for pliers that can withstand heavy duty tasks, these pliers that are made from high carbon C1080 steel can do the trick as the teeth of this tool can hold the nuts and bolts better due to the PermaLock fastener feature.

Stanley 84-024 10-Inch Bi-Material Groove Joint Pliers

Do you have any plumbing projects that you want to do on your own? When working on plumbing projects, it is essential that the pliers that you will use are resistant against rust due to the possible exposure to liquid substances. The Stanley 84-024 10-Inch Bi-Material Groove Joint Pliers has a rust-resistant chrome finish.

Moreover, it is an adjustable pliers that can open to various widths. This means that it can grip through your pipes securely and strongly no matter how thick your pipes appear to be. The Stanley 84-024 10-Inch Bi-Material Groove Joint Pliers helps you tighten bolts and nuts at a very reasonable price.

Stanley 84-079 6 Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set

Most homeowners would know that there aren’t a lot of heavy duty tasks that needs tools around the house. Several of these tasks only require minor changes. This is the reason why most homeowners buy multi-purpose tools, but there are tasks that require a specific tool. This is one of the reasons why buying a miniature tool kit can maximize the use of the pliers and it can also optimize the use of your storage space.

The Stanley 84-079 6 Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set contains a diagonal pliers, an end cutting pliers, a bent nose pliers, a long nose pliers, a flat nose pliers, and a groove joint pliers. All the pliers included in this set are guaranteed to be long lasting and strong as it is made from a drop-forged steel material.

UXCELL 5-Inch Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers Jeweler Hand Tool

Whoever said that pliers are for the men of the household has obviously never encountered a jeweler’s pliers. Since jewelries require attention to detail, pliers can aid in making bracelets or necklaces. The UXCELL 5-Inch Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers Jeweler Hand Tool is perfect for your fashion needs as it can assist you while you create your own accessories and it doesn’t break the bank.

The handles of these pliers are made out of plastic and it provides a more secure and steady grip on the tool. When working with something as delicate as beads and trinkets, it is important that the pliers wouldn’t cause them to break so the tips of the pliers should be less pointed as you are meant to twist and bend your jewelry and not cut through them.

For all the girly-girls out there, it might be time to go through the hardware store to find your latest beauty find!

Knipex 8701250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers

The final pliers on the list is another high-rating unit that is ideal for your home and your car. The Knipex 8701250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers is an adjustable pliers that is equipped with a push button that allows you to use this tool with supreme flexibility. You can grip through different materials of various thicknesses as the Knipex 8701250 comes with hardened gripping teeth that are made from chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel.

When your concern is about the adjustability of the pliers, worry no more as it comes with an easy to use push button that only requires you to position the upper jaw and close the lower jaw. The self-locking adjustment feature saves you more time since it eliminates the need for constant re-adjustments. Due to the no-slip grip on these pliers, you can work on nuts and bolts of any shapes and sizes.

What to Look for

Apart from being used in several different ways, there are also various kinds of pliers… So you can just pick your poison from all these choices.

Types of Pliers

Pliers are categorized based on how wide it opens. There are pliers that open to a pre-determined width, while there are other pliers that can open to various widths.

  1. Fixed Pliers – If you purchase fixed pliers, you can only expect it to open to a certain width. It is made with a string that is utilized to open the jaws to a set width.
  2. Adjustable Pliers – On the contrary, adjustable pliers have different settings that allows it to open to various widths and settings.

Pliers can also be classified based on the shape of the nose. It can fall into two categories called the flat nose and the needle nose.

  1. Flat Nose Pliers – The nose on this set of pliers is designed with a flat jaw, which makes it ideal for creating sharp bends and right angles when working on electrical wirings. Flat nose pliers are extremely capable when holding flat objects and for straightening wires that have been bent.
  2. Needle Nose Pliers – On one hand, this kind of pliers has sharper edges, which is able to target narrow areas and it can be utilized for more particular and precise electrical works. With its pointed edges, the needle nose pliers can also securely grip items such as jewelries through narrow openings.

There are also different kinds of pliers that can be added to your toolbox.

  1. Insulating Pliers – Insulating pliers are the ideal tool for electricians as it safeguards them against the possibility of electrical shock due to the fact that it is made from insulated materials. This type of pliers requires a stricter quality control as it is designed to protect the user against electrical shocks.
  2. Diagonal Pliers – This set of pliers are meant to cut through items like wiring and bolts rather than grip them. They have very sharp edges with a curved nose that can be of various lengths.
  3. Vise Grip Pliers – This is often referred to as the channel lock pliers or the lock ring pliers as it is engineered to lock your pliers into position and it is also capable of disengaging the lock. The Vise Grip pliers can be utilized when you need to pull objects with a steady grip.
  4. Lineman’s Pliers – When using this kind of pliers, it enables the user to extend the force to a greater amount by using it as a leverage. It is commonly used by electricians when bending and cutting through thin pieces of wires.


Pliers might appear like a really small tool, but the usefulness of pliers knows no bounds. You can hold things that are too small and you can bend them according to your needs. You can use it to handle sharp objects to minimize cases of unwanted accidents.

When purchasing a set of pliers, it is important to invest in a unit that isn’t only sturdy and made out of premium materials, but it is also vital that it enables the user to have a comfortable grip on your hands. You have to remember that you will use extreme force on your hands when handling pliers and it is important that the pliers that you choose wouldn’t strain your hands.

If you invest and care for your pliers, this can last you for a very long time. You can appreciate this seemingly ancient invention due to its simplicity. When using pliers, you wouldn’t need an instruction manual as everyone knows how to use one and you won’t need batteries or electrical cords when operating a set of pliers.

If you want to keep your house a home, purchase the best pliers in town!

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