Best Pop Filter Reviews 2017

Do you think producing professional quality sound recording is difficult? Then this post is definitely for you! Sound recording was a tough job, till recently. But, with technology and high-end microphones, it has become extremely easy to record and share your work with the world.

There are millions of podcasts, YouTube channels, and audios that are shared over the internet every single day. One of the few things that every sound recording process includes is a pop filter. It is a must if you want your audio to have the best sound quality. In this post, we introduce you to some of the top-selling pop filters available on the market.

Dragonpad USA Pop filter Studio Microphone Mic

Dragonpad USA brings you one of the most economical pop filters you could lay your hands on. But, when we say economical, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The filer does its job quite well, than most other pop filters out there.

Aimed at giving you the best vocal recordings, this pop filter comes with a wide screen having a diameter of 6 inches. Using it is a pretty easy and convenient job. The swivel mount is provided for easy mounting so you could simply attach and start recording. It also has the capability of protecting your microphones from spit, often a problem with most over-eager speakers.

There’s a 360 degree flexible gooseneck holder, so you could mount the filter according to your convenience. The length of the neck is 13 inches. This top-selling pop filter is available in 7 different color combinations.

Nady Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter

Brought to you by Nady, this incredible pop filter will definitely meet your high expectations. Priced affordably, this top-rated pop filter is perfect for you if you’re looking for professional quality results.

It features a multi-positional windscreen for the highest level of performance. The extra-long flexible gooseneck holder makes it convenient for you to mount the filter quite easily and in the position you want. It protects your mic in addition to making your speech as clear and sharp as possible without the disruptions caused by wind or other unwanted noise.

There’s a boom and a microphone stand clamp so the filter fits perfectly on the mic without you having to worry about fastening the attachment time and again. Depending on your preference, you have the option of purchasing this filter along with the stabilizing arm which would cost you a couple dollars more. An easy and good bargain!

If these features don’t convince you to buy this amazing product, then this will. Nady Systems has been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Technical Achievement.

Neewer Studio Microphone Wind Pop Filter

This studio microphone wind pop filter is the product by Neewar. The filter provides the perfect shield for your mic while producing clear and sharp sounds canceling the effects of the plosives. Whether you’re speaking or singing, you can be sure that this filter will give you optimum quality sound output every single time.

Stop worrying about the hissing or the lisping when pronouncing the letter “s”, or the sound of “b” and “p” accompanied by the air explosion. Now, all you have to focus on is speaking. Just say what you want to and rest assured that it will be great. This is one of the most sought-after pop filters available on the market and rightly so. If you’re looking for professional-grade sound recording filter, then look no further.

The 360 degree gooseneck holder, the swivel mount, and the adjustable clamp fixes make it highly convenient and user-friendly pop filter. What’s more? The price is such that it will fit well in your budget!

Auphonix 4-inch Pop Filter for Blue Yeti Microphone

If you own a Blue Yeti microphone, you must get this exclusive pop filter made especially for your microphone. One of the top features of this filter is that it clamps directly to the Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro, which eliminates the need for you to drill a hole which might damage your microphone. Although, this pop filter is custom-made for Yeti users, you could still use this for any of your desktop mics. Just clamp the filter to your desk and you’re all set!

The wire mesh and the foam interior work together to eliminate all kinds of distortions and unwanted air effects to produce great recording, while keeping the quality of your voice intact. The weight of the filter is supported by the strong and flexible gooseneck holder. Just set the filter on the holder and forget about the handling problems forever.

This is one of the most reliable pop filters you’ll find on the market if you’re looking for something that won’t interrupt your work in any way. Also, one of the best user-friendly pop filters out there, without a doubt!

Auphonix 6-Inch Microphone Pop Filter

This affordable 6 inch pop filter is brought to you by the brand which is an expert in manufacturing top-class filters, Auphonix. This one comes with a double mesh layer, to make sure all your recordings are 100% free from any distortion. The gooseneck holder makes it easy for you to fix the filter at any position you want.

When you place your order for this filter, there’s a little surprise for you. This filter is accompanied by a bonus free e-Book which contains lots of hints and tips about recording. If you’re serious about the quality of sound your microphone generates, if you want it to be as good as the studio sound, this is the pop filter you need!

And that’s not it. If you’re not happy with your purchase, Auphonix gives you a 12-month 100% money-back offer. Now, it couldn’t get better, right?

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

Blue Microphones brings to you this universal pop filter that you could use with any brand of mic. When the fast moving air hits the phone, the sound recorded is often distorted and unclear. This filter keeps in check all such distortions by producing the clearest sound free from the effects of air.

The design is such that it could be easily clamped anywhere, so it’s convenient for you to speak. You either have the option of buying this filter all by itself or buy it along with the mount. It features the sturdy wire mesh which makes this a durable filter which would last really long.

If you’re serious about recording and want it to be the best, this is the product you should check out. Although it’s priced slightly higher than a few other pop filters, you’ll be happy with your purchase!

CAD Audio Pop Filter on 6-inch Gooseneck

Brought to you by CAD Audio, this is one of the most used and inexpensive pop filters you could lay your hands on. No wonder, the filter has many users who are extremely happy with the fact that they now get excellent sound recording without having to spend much!

This filter has a 6-inch diameter and comes with a flexible gooseneck, so you could orient it in whichever way you like. It eliminates all the plosives from your speech leaving you with sharp and top-grade sound. Featuring the strong yet flexible nylon mesh, which is also washable, this filter does a superb job of protecting your mics. This pop filter works with all kinds of microphones.

AT2020 Foam Windscreen Pop Filter by Whisperteknik

This windscreen foam pop filter is brought to you by Whisperteknik. It is designed to fit well with all Audio-Technica mics and all other microphones having more or less the same size. It can efficiently eliminate the unwanted noise and distortion to give you perfectly clear sound recording.

The harsh sounds of “s” and “p” are dampened so that your voice is as crisp as possible. It also keeps your microphone safe from the dust and moisture. Whether you need the mic for your podcast, Youtube videos, gaming streams, etc. this filter will be your ally in every step of the way to your success!

Silverback Blast Blocker Dual Layered Microphone Pop Filter

This is dual-layered pop filter brought to you by Silverback. This Blast Blocker is made up of 4 nylon screens offering complete protection to your mic and also increasing the quality of your sound recording. It prevents the plosives and other distortions caused by air to ruin your otherwise great recording.

So, no more retakes because of the annoyingly disturbing “p” or “s” sounds. It comes with a durable gooseneck which supports the filter and allows you to position it conveniently. The filter comes armed with C-clamp mounting which fits perfectly on all types of microphones. The dual layered plastic design makes it a highly durable pop filter.

If you want to try out options other than the Blast Blocker, Silverback presents you with 3 choices. You could select from SoundCage, SoundCage Pro, and SoundCage Go filters.


In the above post, you saw the pop filters that were widely used by the sound recordists. You also saw what their features were and how they work to eliminate the wind effect of the “s” and “p” sound, and other unwanted noise that creep in your audio. So, if you’re thinking of taking your sound recording one notch up, order one of the incredible pop filters right away!

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