Best Portable Bike Pumps Reviews 2017

In the world of bike racing, you should be able to carry a lot of back-ups. Most especially bike pumps. The wheel of our bikes is the one that let us finish the race. It is responsible for your transportation from one place to another.Which is why you be able to carry the best portable bike pump so that if you will get a flat tire, you can easily pump them up and go on with the race. But even if you are not a racer but you have a bike as one of your means of transportation, you should have a bike pump.

Mini Bike Pump with Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

One of the best selling bike pumps is the Mini Bike Pump With Glueless Puncture Repair Kit. This bike pump has a unique feature that some bike pumps might not have. It has an automated lock system on the valve to avoid future air leak. And it fits perfectly to the presta, because there are some ordinary bike pumps does not fit and you will have to find an adaptor so that you will be able to pump it. It is also easier for you to pump your wheels because it has a dual telescope that allows you to pump up to 120 PSI. This pressure and this bike pump are ideal for road bikes and for ordinary bikes which are the commonly used bikes by most people. But if you are a mountain biker you can still use this one but with added pressure as you pump and release the extendable telescope so that there will be more air in every stroke when you pump. This is to inflate those wheels fast enough for you to catch up your time and finish the race or to be able to go to your destination quickly.

One of the great things of the Mini Bike Pump is that it comes with a glueless puncture repair kit. In other words, it is a patch kit for your wheels that has holes. Not all bike pumps in the market are selling with a patch kit.

Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump

If you are looking for a bike pump that can serve you well and can also save your wallet from running out of funds, the Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump is the one for you. It may be a little bit cheaper than the other kinds and brands of bike pumps, but it has the same capability of the high-end bike pumps out there in the market. Professional bikers or amateur bikers are advisable to have one of this kind of a bike pump. It is durable enough to survive a bike crash and can still function like it was still new. It is light weight and easy for you to carry. It also comes with a frame mount so that you can mount it on your bike so that whenever you go flat, you can easily inflate those flat tires and continue your journey. It is compatiblewith both valves, the presta, and the schrader.So that you will not have to carry two different kinds of bike pump whenever you are out cycling your way to your destination. This bike pump has the capacity to pump 4.05 ounces and can give out 160 PSI, ideal for mountain bikers.

This bike pump is durable and yet compatible. It is light enough for you to carry because it is made out of aluminum with a soft carton and plastic so that your grip while pumping will be firm and for you to give out enough air and pressure to your wheel.

Bike Pump by Geared2U

Bike Pump by Geard2U is one of the basic bike pumps in the market. And it is also one of the best substitutes to the floor bike pumps. You can even replace your floor bike pumps to this kind of a portable bike pump. It has a 100PSI capacity which is enough to pump up your bike during an emergency like when your tire went flat in the middle of your race or your travel to a certain destination. This bike pump is easy to store because it is light weight. You can even mount this on your bike so that you will not have a hard time in bringing them with you. It also comes with a velcro strap so that it will be easier for you to mount on your bike. There are others who use a small frame made for the pump. But if you don’t have one, the velcro strap is one of the best options. It is tough and durable for it is made out of aluminum alloy. Even if it is mounted on your bike and you will encounter a crash, the bike pump will be still intact and in one piece and won’t get broken.

This bike pump is compatible with the pasta and the schrader valve and it can also be used to inflate a ball for it has a ball needle included when you buy one. It is a compact bike pump and very handy. A lot of bikers choose this kind of pump because of its compatibility of both presta and schrader valves. It pumps quick and easy whenever in need and the pressure can last for as long as the session will last.

Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump

If you are the kind of a biker who is always on the go and always join bike races but then you will always get a flat tire. Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump is fit for you. This is used by professionals and for amateur bikers. One of the great things about this portable bike pump is that it is made out of plastic which makes it very light and easy for you to carry around. And also it has a T-body feature. This is for you to handle the pump easily. And also this is not just a portable bike pump, but there is a small foot footpad that can be folded for you to be able to exert more pressure to pump in the air in your wheel comfortably. It has a flexible air hose so that it will be easier for you to attach the bike pump to the valve even if it is positioned on a difficult way for you to attach a pump. Also whenever you attach your bike pump to the valve, whether it is a presta or a schrader it will still be locked tightly because of a lock that can hold both kinds of valves. This also has an extra long barrel so that it will be easier for you to mount on on your bike.

The unique features of this bike pump are that it has a PSI reader so that you will not have to guess how much pressure you are placing in your tire. And it can go up to 140 PSI enough for those who are really into hardcore and extreme mountain biking.

Bike Pump with Gauge by Pro Bike Tool

Bike Pump with Guage by Pro Bike Tool is one of the upgraded kinds of portable bike pumps. It can pump up to 120 PSI and has a flexible hose with an integrated gauge so that you can give out more pressure and for the pump to adapt from a prester to shcrader valves without any air leaking even if you are exerting much effort as you pump. Every pump is worth it because even in one pump the inflation of your tire is fast. Ideal for those bikers who are in a hurry. Therefore you will be only pumping fewer strokes than any other bike pumps. This way you will be able to save time and be able to catch up with your time during the race and be able to reach your destination on time. You can also mount this bike pump on your bike because it comes along with a bracket to hold the pump and a velcro strap to attach to your bike so that it will be easier for you to grab whenever you need it.

This pump is designed to last long no matter how many times you drop it or encountered with an accident while it is still attached to your bike, it will still function as if nothing had happened.

Mini Bike Pump from 4MyCycle

The Mini Bike Pump from 4MyCycle is one of the basic bike pumps along with the Bike Pump by Geard2U. They have the same function, they inflate your flat tires. But with the Mini Bike Pump, it is smaller than some of the bike pumps. Since it is basic, it is already expected that it will come smaller than the ordinary but it can still function very well as a bike pump. It is lightweight, can be carried everywhere, and can be mounted on your bike with a velcro strap and a bracket to hold the pump. It has a capacity up to 100 PSI which is ideal for road bikes and city bikes. This bike pump is also compatible to presta and schrader valves because of its convertable head to suit both valves. It is made to make the attachement of the valve and the pump tight so that there wil be no air that leaks whenever the pumping is on progress.

Designed to pump more air in every stroke to save time. And it is made to last longer like any other pumps in the market.

Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump

Schwinn Aluminum Frame pump is close toMini Bike Pump from 4MyCycle and theBike Pump by Geard2U. The only difference of theSchwinn Aluminum Frame Pump is that it has a T-handle so that your grip while pumping air to your tire will be easy. There are some grips of bike pumps are very slippery to hold or even sometimes too small to hold especially if you have large sized hands. It also has a dual nozzle so that it will be compatible to the oresta and schrader valves. This way you will not have to carry two kinds of pumps. Easy to use and can be carried everywhere and can be mounted on your bike with the help of amounting bracket and a velcro strap. Can reach up to 100 PSI that is suitable for road bikes and strolling bikes and kids bikes.

This bike pump is affordable and cheaper than the other kinds of bike pumps. But all bike pumps have the same function no matter how much it costs. As long as you have one you are good to go.

Bike Mini Pump High Pressure Compact Bicycle Pump

This Bike Mini Pump high Pressure Compact icycle Pump has a flexible tube but with a double head hose that has a connector that is compatible to both schrader and presta. It inflates your tires of any kinds of bikes as fast as any other bike pums and can give up to 116 PSI. And can be mounted on your bike near tyou water bottle cage. It is easy to use just like any other bike pumps and it is durable enough to last for years. It is light weight to a pint that you can place it in a purse if you are a girl strolling the city. It doesn’t just inflate tires, but it can inflate balls as well. You can always get a needle for inflating balls and attach to eight side of the hose.

This bike pump is one of the few basic bike pumps mentiond. Since its PSI capability is 116, this is ideal for city bikes or road bikes. Nevertheless, every bike owners must have even one basic bike pump in case of emergencies.


If you own a bike, you better have a prtable bike pump as well. You dont want to get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, right? It is better to be prepared than to have regrets later. There are different bike pumps for you to choose from. And most of them are pretty cheap so that a lot of bikers can buuy one. Bike pumps aren’t just for bikes, but it is for anything that needs inflation.

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