Best Portable DVD Player Reviews 2017

Long car or plane trips can be very boring most especially if you don’t have anything with you to pass the time. One way of making yourself a happy traveler is by bringing a good portable DVD player.

DVD players may often be taken for granted at home due to some other appliances like laptops or desktops. However, the portable ones would prove to be more essential most especially if you have some kids along with you on the road.

With you in mind, we’ve compiled some of the top portable DVD players for sale today. We’ve also briefly highlighted some of their best features to better help you in your buying decisions.

If this sounds good to you, continue reading and get more details.

Sony DVP-FX980 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

If you’ve previously owned the 7-inch model of the Sony DVP-FX980 portable DVD player, you’ll easily spot the difference in terms of resolution. Obviously, the 9-inch model has a clear 800×480 advantage than the other which has a 480×234 resolution.

Sony DVP-FX980’s battery time is also superb. At an average, it can last for up to 3-4 hours. This means you’ll have enough time to finish most of your favorite movies while on the road. In order to extend battery time, you can put its backlight setting at a minimum.

On top of these cool features, this affordable portable DVD player has a well-built and good-looking design. Aside from the remote control, it comes with a USB port and an audio/video output port.

For the price, this is a very good portable DVD player.

Sylvania SDVD1332 13.3-Inch Portable DVD Player

Sylvania SDVD1332 is one of the sturdiest portable DVD players you can have. Make no mistake as it’s not heavy, nor does it feel cheap. In fact, you can safely put it on your shelf and watch it sit beautifully.

As for the quality of the video, it’s certainly not the best one available. However, it’s very excellent for the price.

One beautiful feature of this inexpensive portable DVD player is the flexible screen. This can either be rotated or bent down to accommodate viewing preferences.

It also has a Last Memory function which you can turn on so you can easily return to the same spot you last left off.

In addition to the DVD tray, a USB port and a memory card slot are also available.

Sylvania 7-Inch Portable DVD Player SDVD7027-C Swivel Screen

Sylvania SDVD7027-C is a very lightweight and portable DVD player. Its screen is very flexible, thus it can also be folded or flipped around. Its buttons also seem well-covered, thus you can be assured that toddlers won’t be easily playing around with them.

The quality of both the picture and sound is also good. You can very clearly hear it alongside music players or any other sounds if you’re in the car. Although the picture quality is not the best, it’s good enough to conveniently play most of your favorite movies.

Meanwhile, the cover case of this cheap portable DVD player is very flimsy. Make sure to get a quality case should you be carrying it during your road or plane trips.

Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu-ray Player

Are you still looking for a portable DVD player that you can put in your car?

Look no further as this Sony BDPSX910 may easily suit your requirements.

With a DC power cord that measures about 6-feet long, this Sony BDPSX910 DVD player can be run from the 12-volt dashboard outlet to the back seat. However, its AC cord is quite short as it’s less than 3 feet. If you wish to play it via the AC power, an extension cord would definitely be necessary.

As for the picture quality, it’s one of the best in its price range. The display seems very pleasant to view, thus you can comfortably spend long hours watching movies on it.

In addition to the rotatable display, the remote control functions very well. You need not to directly point the remote at the unit.

Ematic 7 inch Swivel Teal Portable DVD Player

This Ematic portable DVD player brand is another lightweight and very portable unit you can have. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, you can swivel and fold it down so you can easily hold it just like a notebook.

Its Lithium ion battery also holds a charge very well as it can last for over four hours. This is perfect among travelers who need something they can enjoy with during long trips.

Despite the very low price tag, this portable DVD player doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. In fact, it seems sturdy. It can last for several years if handled cautiously.

Its picture and sound are both very good and are perfect both for children and adults.

Overall, this portable DVD player deal is highly-recommended.

What to Look For When Buying a Portable DVD Player

Screen Size and Display

While players with larger screens are good for better viewing, they’re often pricier. This is especially true if they have outstanding screen resolution.

Consider which factor is important for you. If you’re willing to pay more, then settle for a new portable DVD player with a bigger screen and high-quality video.

Size and Weight

Carrying a small player along the road may be more convenient as it’s more lightweight. However, you would have to deal with a much lesser screen size.

If you’re planning to purchase one for your kids, then the smaller ones may just be enough.

Battery Life

Like any other portable devices, battery life is very important. Not unless you have access to a power source like that in your car, you can live on with a shorter battery life.

Consider a portable DVD player that can last for over four hours when fully charged. Anything less than that may not prove very useful on the road especially if you have children.

Compatibility with Discs and Digital Memory

There are some players that do not play music or movie files burned from personal computers. It’s therefore important to check the type of discs that the maker indicates are compatible with their player.

Moreover, some older DVD players don’t have the capability to read USB flash drives or SD memory cards. If you think you’ll mostly be saving your movies in a USB flash drive, make sure your player has a means to support it.

Output Options

The ability to connect your portable DVD player to a television would always be a big plus. It would therefore be a smart idea to check the type of connection that both your TV and DVD player supports.

Most of the latest models of portable DVD players have at least one or all these types of output options:

  • Composite video
  • S-Video
  • RCA Audio
  • HDMI


The huge number of gadgets and appliances, where we can watch movies or any type of video, has made buying choices a lot tougher.

It just makes sense that we carefully read the specifications of a certain player we’re about to purchase. Doing so would lessen the chances of buying a not-so-useful gadget.

Moreover, a good portable DVD player would go a long way in making you or your children enjoy every moment in your long trips.

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