Best Portable Speakers Reviews 2017

Portable speakers can be conveniently used in different situations either at home or at work. They can be utilized to play recreational music or to listen to some recorded calls or presentations during a meeting.

If you might have known, there are several portable speaker brands and styles you can choose from. Not because it’s portable, it’s already good. There are still a lot of important features that you’d need to consider to better enjoy your favorite music.

In this article, we will show you some of the top portable speakers for sale today. We will likewise briefly highlight some of their best features to better aid you in your buying decisions.

Read on to learn more about them.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge Angle 3 is a sturdy and water-resistant portable speaker that can either be laid down or put on a vertical position. It has rubber strips at the bottom which replace its older version’s stick-on rubber knobs.

As for the sound, Angle 3’s bass is about 10% louder than other portable speakers of its class. Its mids and highs are not the best, but the overall sound quality is good enough.

Angle 3 is also very easy to connect to other Bluetooth capable devices. You can have it along with your phone when using compatible apps like Audible. Thanks to some functional buttons on the end portion of the speaker, you can also conveniently pause or play some apps you’re playing through your phone.

For the price, this affordable portable speaker is certainly recommended to all music lovers.

DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker

DKnight MagicBox II is a high-quality, yet inexpensive portable speaker with a rubberized covering that gives a non-slip hold. It’s durable, but it’s not water-resistant.

Its sound quality is better than an average, cheap portable speaker. Its high is fine, while its low is loud and muddy. What could be its selling point is the “mid” which is extremely nicer than other speakers of its size.

One good accessory that this speaker includes is the bass pad which prevents it from bouncing around.

Overall, its sound quality is above fair. However, sound may get distorted when the speaker is set at the highest volume.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink is a well-constructed portable speaker that’s intended to easily withstand frequent usage. It’s relatively small — just enough to be put inside an oversized purse.

As of the external design, it’s superb. The outer case has a soft finish, while its corners are rounded. It likewise has some narrow strips on the sides that help ensure a tighter grip.

Just like other speakers, Bose SoundLink is easy to connect to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. You can therefore have it up-and-running just after a few minutes of getting it out-of-the-box.

Most importantly, the overall sound of this Bose SoundLink speaker is outstanding. The highs are not tinny, while the bass is not loud and muddy. You’ll even admire how well acoustic music sounds.

Bose SoundLink is certainly a good portable speaker brand you can include in your closet of digital devices.

AYL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

AYL Portable Mini is a very small speaker whose size is slightly larger than a golf ball. It’s unsurprisingly lightweight and attractive, thus it’s perfect for music-minded people who are always on-the-go.

As tiny as it is, its sound is louder than you’ll initially expect. Both its mids and highs are very clear, but the lows are not that apparent. The overall sound quality is good though, but it gets a little distorted on maximum volume.

In order to pair it with an available Bluetooth device, simply hold down its dial for five seconds. Once you’ve successfully paired it with your smartphone or computer, you can play the speaker even from about 10-15 feet away with no problems.

Photive HYDRA Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Photive HYDRA is a small and portable speaker with a rugged and waterproof design. Its smooth outer case is made of grippy rubber and is protected by a sturdy metal grill.

The speaker likewise includes various control settings to either change the volume, play, pause, or change songs. Just in case you’d want to play some non-Bluetooth devices, an aux port is also readily available.

If you’re tired of listening songs on a cheap radio, this portable speaker would also be an excellent replacement. Its highs and mids are very clear, thus vocals and instruments sound more real. However, songs that rely heavily on bass may not sound very good on this speaker.

Other cool features of this portable speaker are its long battery life and built-in microphone.

What to Look For When Buying a Portable Speaker

Sound Quality

Not because they’re small, they’re not powerful enough to give you a loud and crisp bang. There are several portable speaker brands that can give you good highs, mids, and lows despite their size.

If you don’t have the luxury of listening to various speaker systems before you can decide, go through some reputable sites that can give you some honest customer reviews.


There are some so-called portable speaker deals that are never easy to carry around. In fact, some weighs over 15 pounds. Although they still are considered portable, they’re never convenient to take with you on trips.

Ease of Use

Due to high competition, manufacturers have included several upgraded features in their respective speaker systems. Some are straightforward to use, while there are also a few that require advanced technical knowledge.

Several portable speaker systems likewise don’t include anymore some manuals, but you can check their user guide online. For this, make sure you know all the necessary product information before purchasing your new portable speaker.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth is a feature that’s not only available on cellphones, but also on several other electronic devices.

With Bluetooth, you can easily play music from any Bluetooth-capable device such as a tablet or a smartphone to your speakers.


Some speaker systems are mainly designed to work on a specific type of device or operating system.

If your portable speaker costs a bit high, it should be something compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Charging Capability

Most portable speakers, nowadays, are jam-packed with tons of features. As good as it sounds, they can often quickly drain the battery.

Therefore, your portable speaker should be something you can easily charge. Easy doesn’t mean you can simply plug your speaker into an electrical outlet. Rather, your speaker system must be rechargeable via a USB connection.


The price and the brand are often not the top factors you should consider when buying a portable speaker. Although we often hear others say, “you get what you pay for,” it still boils down to making the right and sensible judgment.

Deciding wisely would entail high emphasis on some of the important factors we’ve discussed above.

Although there are still a couple of other factors you should think about, the ones mentioned should be enough to help you in your buying decisions.

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