Best Pot Holders Reviews 2017

Like cooking or baking? Then getting a pot holder is definitely an essential for you. A pot holder is a quilted or sewed textile so people can hold hot equipment such as pots, woks and pans. Most pot holders have an inner layer called thermal insulation to effectively resist heat. These pot holders are usually made out of cotton, polyester or silicone.

Buying a pot holder may not be a big deal, since most of them are unbelievably cheap. But, there’s nothing wrong to lay importance on this one. The truth is, choosing the right pot holder deal will benefit you for a long time, as long as you take care of it carefully. Below, we have gathered some of the best pot holders for sale in the market and put them in one place. Good luck and have fun looking for your new pot holder!

Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Best Pot Holders

The Lodge ASHH41 Silicone Holder is the perfect product to protect your hands from any pans that Lodge offers. If you don’t have a Lodge pan yet, then we certainly recommend buying one, as it is one of the best brands that offer cooking utensils. These silicone handles are extremely heat-resistant that can take heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To give you an easier time cleaning up, this silicone is safe to be placed in a dishwasher. Moreover, since it is silicone, it is flexible enough to be stored in your cabinets or drawers. Also, to give you variety of options, this silicone handle is available in 7 colors. If you’re in search for a holder for your Lodge pans, then this is something we recommend.

DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Heat Resistant, Quilted Terry, Potholder for Cooking and Baking, 7 x 7″, Set of 3

Best Pot Holders

Do you want an affordable pot holder? Then we recommend getting DII’s potholder. With this one, you get three 7×7 potholders, perfect to help you touch your hot kitchenware. Moreover, this one is made out of 100% cotton that is washable, so it is guaranteed that you can clean it as many times as you like. Also, these potholders are heat-resistant because both sides are quilted and sewed together. For a comfortable and sturdy material, a terry cloth material is used, and to give customers several options, these pot holders come in over 15 different colors you can choose from. As one of the cheapest pot holders in this list, we certainly endorse getting this one.

Set of (2) Premium, 5 in 1 Multipurpose Silicone Kitchen Tool Trivets, Pot Holders, Spoon Rest, Jar Opener, Coaster Extreme Heat Resistance Thick & Flexible

Best Pot Holders

The next one on this list is a 5 in 1 silicone pot holder by Love This Kitchen. To give you a number of options, this one is currently available in 8 colors. To ensure you of a sturdy material, this one is made out of high-quality silicone materials that is FDA approved. Moreover, since it is silicone, this one can withstand at least 442 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other holders, this one won’t melt, crack or absorb odors, compared to a cotton pot holder. Moreover, this product comes in two silicone holders, with dimensions of 7 x 7 x 0.28 inches.

Lodge Striped Hot Handle Holders/Mitts, Set of 2

Best Pot Holders

As one of the top pot holders brand in the market, the Lodge is here yet again with their wonderful pot holder mitts. This package comes in 2 extremely heat-resistant mittens that can handle at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit. With its dimension of 6.6 x 3 x 1 inches, this pot holder will be able to fit your entire hand, as long as you wear it properly. For better comfort, this one is quilted to aptness. The Lodge hot handle holders currently offer two colors, red and black with white stripes. If simple yet dependable pot holder is what you’re looking for, then this product is a good choice.

Bekith Silicone Pot Holder, Trivet Mat,jar Opener,spoon Rest and Garlic Peeler (Set of 4) Non Slip, Flexible, Durable, Dishwasher Safe, Heat Resistant Hot Pads

Best Pot Holders

The Bekith silicone pot holder may sound pricey for some people, but we assure you that buying this one will be worth it. If you decide to purchase this one, you get not just 1 but 4 flexible yet sturdy silicone holders. Furthermore, this is exceptionally safe because it is FDA approved. Because it is silicone, this holder can endure and resist heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, this pot holder is considered multi-functional because it can also be used as a trivet, jar opener and garlic peeler. This product is currently available in 4 colors, so as a summary, this one is a pretty good pot holder.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt with Magnet

Best Pot Holders

The OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt may not be the inexpensive pot holder you are looking for, but it is definitely one of the top deserving contenders. With this one, you get the best of both worlds because it is made out of fabric and silicone. It is made out of soft fabrics to provide you comfort, on the other hand, it has non-slip silicone strips to give you a better grip over your hot kitchenware. This pot holder is a wearable pot holder with a length of 13 inches that can handle at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit. To give you options, this product currently offers 3 available colors.

What are the benefits of a pot holder?

Pans and pots are the most used utensils in our kitchen. Usually, these cook wares come in hot temperature, especially after cooking, so it’s only vital to have pot holders around your kitchen. These products are not only helpful inside the kitchen, but they are also fun to look at. Nowadays, pot holders come in different designs and colors, making them enjoyable to look at. Moreover, since most pot holders are cotton, they also have the ability to absorb moisture and wetness.

What to look for in a pot holder?

Pot holders come in handy especially if you’re a cooking guru. The perfect pot holder we recommend is something that is extremely durable and if it is a cloth, then we suggest something that is washable. A thick and pretty long pot holder would also be helpful because they not only cover your hands, but also your lower arm. Additionally, we also recommend getting a pot holder with a loop, so you can easily hang them near you. Knowing which material you prefer also matters, so it is important to think if you are interested getting a cotton or silicone pot holder.

A silicone pot holder is somehow the advanced version of pot holders. Silicone holders are made to withstand even the hottest temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so if this is something you prefer, then getting a silicone holder is what you should have. On the other hand, a cotton pot holder is considered the traditional one, because it has been used for many years. Pot holders made out of cotton are very helpful but they can only handle heat for a certain amount of time. Doubling the layer of a cotton pot holder may be effective, but the heat will eventually reach your hands. Despite this information, compared to silicone handles, cotton holders are much cheaper and inexpensive. So if you’re interested in a decent yet cheap pot holder, then cotton would be great.

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