Best Puppy Shampoo Reviews 2017

It is wonderful to have a pet dog. However, the best and worst parts about having a puppy to play with come with just a single experience: playing outdoors. Pet owners will agree that playing with their dogs outside is such a wonderful time. However, the aftermath of having a dirty and stinky puppy is terrible! But no worry, for here’s a list so you could choose the best puppy shampoo suited for your puppy’s needs.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

The Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo is the top favourite when it comes to bathing pet dogs because of its mildness. They offer around 11 scents and shampoo mildness to choose from, depending on the needs of your dogs. They have clear advantages, eucalyptus and peppermint, light color coat brightener, mango tango, Mediterranean magic rosemary, oatmeal and aloe, fragrance free oatmeal and aloe, orange peel oil, tea tree and aloe, tearless extra gentle and green tea and awapuhi. The variants of the shampoo may differ in prices, but the effects are just as great as each other. The shampoo is very safe to use because it’s free from harmful chemicals that may be harsh on dog fur and skin such as DEA, paraben and perfume scent. In fact, they only use biodegradable and natural ingredients like purified water, aloe vera, cleansers derived from coconuts and so much more.

It’s perfect for dogs with super sensitive, oily, dry, flaky and itchy skin. You would instantly see better results on their skin and coat just after a few weeks of using the shampoo. Not only will it stop your dog from itching, but it will also naturally make your dog’s fur fluffy, soft and well-conditioned. It surely packs a lot in its 16-oz bottle. At this rate, your little puppy will enjoy running in the wind with a fluffy fur so much more!

Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo

The Tropiclean hypo allergenic pet shampoo is one of the best dog shampoos because it is 70% natural, a pretty high number compared to a lot of pet shampoos in the market nowadays! It is considered as one of the few available options which doesn’t use soap in the mix. It comes in an 20-oz squeeze bottle and they offer 8 variants that come in different prices – aloe moist deodorizer, oatmeal medicated, kiwi conditioner, deep cleaning, papaya 2-in-1, white coat, gentle coconut, and neem flea and tick. All variants were each carefully mixed in order to get the maximum cleanliness and freshness for your dog’s skin and fur. They also have the perfect variant each to be considered for short, medium and long haired puppies.

One of the best things about Tropiclean shampoos is that you can use only a small amount and yet still see great results. Don’t be worried if your puppy will not smell as fresh and clean if you use a smaller amount compared to your usual bath time. This shampoo packs a great scent! In the long run, you just might be able to save a few bucks on pet shampoo because it can last for a long time on your shelf and at the same time, doesn’t cost much.

OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re looking for a good quality dog shampoo, then the OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the top picks in the market. Boasting a strong cherry scent, each 20-oz bottle is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba, shea butter, coconut oils, oatmeal, and rosemary. The ingredients used will surely condition and moisture your dog’s coat into a fluffy shimmer. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s smell after running around the outdoors for the whole day! OxGord will leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Because it’s 100% natural, it doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain on your dog, most especially on their sensitive parts such as the eyes, nose and ears. In fact, it is one of the best shampoos to use to eliminate any itching experienced by your dogs. Just a few drops could already make up a good lather, but at the same time doesn’t exceed too much in bubbles that you would have a hard time rinsing it off of your dog already. A few drops go along way with this, ensuring each customer that a single bottle could last them for a long time.

Tropiclean SPA For Him Pet Shampoo

Do you want to treat your dog to a luxurious spa experience but don’t actually have the money for it? Well, now, even on a limited budget, you could give your dog that spa treatment when you use the Tropiclean spa for him pet shampoo during bath time. What edge does this shampoo have over others in the market? Well, it uses aromatherapy to give a relaxing bath time for your dogs. It greatly helps in taking off the stress dogs feel whenever bath time isn’t their favourite thing to do. This shampoo can easily remove tear stains and also treat damaged, dry and dirty paws.

Your dogs won’t be the only ones who would give a brand new enjoyment for bath time, but you will also have a much wonderful time giving your dogs a bath. Most especially because it would make their coats and skin first and foremost, healthier but will also make it more fluffy and easy to manage. Itching will lessen, dryness with flakiness will disappear and combing your dog’s fur will not be a hassle anymore. Who knew that one of the possible best spa treatments you can experience with your dog is just a 16-oz bottle away?

Fresh N Clean Pet Shampoo

Want to get the most long-lasting scent out of the best value for money dog shampoo? Try the Fresh N Clean Pet Shampoo! A single 18-oz bottle could give you as much as weeks’ worth of good smelling dogs inside your home. Not only that, but it doesn’t even come with a hefty price tag. This shampoo is probably one of the cheapest dog shampoos in the market now, but don’t be fooled by the price. Surprisingly, with its value-for-money attribute, it also happens to be one of the best shampoos to leave a long-lasting scent.

This is perfect for dogs who find bath time very stressful, as you may need to bathe them only a fewer times compared to using other shampoos. Not only will this shampoo keep your dog smelling fresh and clean, but it also removes knots on their fur quite easily, giving you an easier time combing their fur and drying them up after bathing. Want to know an awesome surprise? If you feel like your dog is starting to smell up a little bit, especially if you just came from a leisurely walk, you don’t have to bathe him every time! The scent can easily be refreshed if you just rub your dog’s coat with a slightly wet towel. Amazing, right?

Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint

Does your dog experience a stressful time whenever you bathe him? Help him calm down by using the Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash which has Lavender and Mint scent. The 16-oz bottle is not so heavy on the pocket, considering that it’s made from natural herbs and oils. You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals that may affect your dog’s fur and skin. Large dogs won’t stand a chance with this shampoo. You can just let your dog’s play and be merry, even if they end up being stinky. A quick and effective lather would easily be produced with just a few drops of this shampoo. It will also effectively leave a natural and wonderful scent.

Although this shampoo doesn’t promise much on easing allergies and helping out with tick removal, it does give your dog’s fur more shine and softness. On top of that, it doesn’t bother your dog’s eyes or nose. So you don’t have to worry about how to go about bath time. The chemicals used for this shampoo isn’t harmful to human skin as well, unlike other dog shampoos which make your hands dry in the process. It’s a totally win-win situation! Grooming time could lessen significantly because of this.

Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo

Do you have a hard time bathing your dog, most especially when he doesn’t keep still and you still have to shampoo his entire body? Well, there’s a Miracle! The Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo, that is. It comes in a 12-oz bottle with a sprayer for ease in use during bath time. Although it may come with a price, it is well-invested money because the formula is filled with moisturizers and natural vitamins C, E and A. Meaning, not only does this shampoo cleans your dog’s coat and skin, but at the same time, it greatly moisturizes, softens and shines their fur!

What people love about this shampoo is that its scent isn’t over-powering. It doesn’t involve flowery or fruity scents, but it just gives and leaves your dog with a clean and crisp scent. If your dog is the type that is very reluctant to be splashed with water, you could easily spray this shampoo all over their body, gently massage, towel dry and voila! Bath time is already done in just a matter of a few minutes. Imagine how much easier grooming your pet becomes with this shampoo. You won’t even have to bring him to the groomers ever so often.

Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe Cat and Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Does your dog have very dry and sensitive skin? Then the best puppy shampoo you could use is Pro Pet Works’ Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s actually recommended by vets because of its natural and organic ingredients. It contains aloe vera and almond oils that help treat your dog’s skin and coat, especially those with dryness and itching. It gives dog’s a very soothing and calming bath time because of its cherry scent and delicate ingredients. You’re sure that your dog’s eyes, nose and even skin won’t be irritated.

It may be one of the more expensive shampoos in the market but this is because each 17-oz bottle is formulated especially to not only treat dry and sensitive skin but at the same time, moisturize the coat with vitamins A, D and E. All the ingredients work together perfectly to give a softer and shinier fur for your dogs and give them a cleaner and fresher feel as the dryness and itchiness are eliminated. Who knew you could save money and time from both the vet and the groomers with just the right shampoo?


It’s actually not tough to look for the best puppy shampoo to use, as long as you know the needs of your puppy very well. Make sure to invest time in giving them baths also, as it may as well serve as a bonding time for the both of you. Ultimately, in choosing the best shampoo, you must consider which would also best suit your budget and skin sensitivity. In the end, it’s really just about matching it with your puppy and own preference and needs. Don’t be afraid to consult friends and vets as well, most especially if your puppy experiences extra sensitivity when it comes to the skin.

At the end of the day, there will be no real judge of what the best puppy shampoo is other than you and your own puppy. So go on, spend that day together – get messy, get dirty, get stinky under the sun! But don’t forget to have a just as fun yet relaxing bath time together afterwards.

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