Best Racing Wheels Reviews 2017

The gaming world has taken over the entire 21st century. Ever since technology was coined, inventors and creators just keep creating more and more brainchildren to create new innovations. Among these technologies are video games that work with human interaction and indulge according to the gamer’s preference.

Today, video games can be seen anywhere, not to mention, it is also among the most beneficial market in the industry. As of 2015, the video game industry has marketed over $91 billion dollars worldwide. On that note, one of the leading video games in the market are racing games. This game involves the user in a virtual racing competition whether it is in land, sea or air.

Are you looking for the best racing wheels in the market? Then stop the search because in this piece, we already gathered the top racing wheels any dedicated gamer must have. More importantly, to help you better, we also included some tips on how to find the perfect racing wheels for your devices and games. To know more, please read our article below.

Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel

The Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel is definitely among the top racing wheels for sale. This device works perfectly for PC or Xbox one console. For a tough racing wheel, this product is made out of hand-stitched leather wheel grip along with stainless steel pedals. Moreover, it also has anti-backlash hardware to keep them tight.

This racing wheel also offers a 6-speed manual shifter that can be bought for a more realistic gaming experience. It uses a dual-motor force feedback, so you can feel a virtual racing experience in a smooth way. Also, for smoother gear transitions, this one comes with semi-automatic handle. All in all, if you want a good racing wheel then we recommend getting the Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel.

Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel

Looking for the cheapest racing wheel deals? Then try the Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel. This device is officially licensed as a racing wheel and can be played on PlayStation 4. It comes with a wheel grip coated with textured rubber along with digital gear shifts paddles for better gaming experience.

Moreover, this one is also equipped with 2 large pedal set including brakes (with adjustable angles) and a wide foot rest for progressive resistance. The gadget has 11 action buttons, adjustable wheel sensitivity, multidirectional D-pad, 2 sequintial levers and the Thrustmaster exclusive system to give you a realistic game feeling. As an inexpensive racing wheel, we certainly endorse getting the Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is definitely among the best racing wheel brands. It has the highest rating among its competitors so if you are looking for new racing wheels then this is a great start. It comes with dual-motor force feedback equipped with helical gearing for an improved gaming experience that accurately simulates the whole game.

It comes with clutch pedals, brakes and steel gas to give you a realistic shifting control. Moreover, it also has an 11-inch wheel rim, RPM indicator that is made out of LEDs, six speed shifter and a push-down reverse gear. The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel may not seem like an affordable racing wheel, but it is among the leading products that you must not miss.

Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition

The Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition may not be a cheap racing wheel, but it is one of the best ones so it is worth every penny. This one comes with a next-gen force simulator that works perfectly with Playstation 3, 4 and PC. It also has detachable wheels that are a replica of Ferrari 599XX EVO, a T300 servo base and a T3PA pedal set.

The device and the pedals are made out of 100% metal for tougher structure. It uses conical rubber brake along with MOD to provide you ultra-progressive resistance. This one comes with built-in screws, attachment system and a thrustmaster eco-system. In conclusion, if you are buying racing wheel that is worth the try then you must go for the Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

The Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition is certainly among the most popular racing wheels. It works well with Xbox One as well as PC and comes with brake pedals, metal gas and sequential paddle shifters to give you the best racing experience. Moreover, if you are a big fan of Forza Motorsport 5 and other popular racing games then this is the racing wheel to go to.

It has a force feedback base installed with industrial class motor for a seamless and smooth effect that feels realistic. Furthermore, it has adjustable angles from 270 to 900 degrees. Also, it has internal memory and upgradeable firmwares so it can keep up with never game versions. The Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition is one of the leading versions of racing wheels and we advocate getting them.

What is a racing wheel?

Racing games are definitely among the top video games in the world. Moreover, as years pass by, the game is becoming more and more realistic to give the gamer a genuine representation of the race. The game is either in the perspective of a third-person or first-person where it takes the gamer in a virtual racing competition.

Gamers love to make the game as realistic as possible, racing games such as Need For Speed, F1 games, Forza Horizon and Project Cars can be played by using an actual steering wheel, brake pedals and shifting gears. Additionally, to make the experience more accurate, most racing wheels are installed with force feedback to provide artificial effects like vibrations while riding.

What to look for in a racing wheel?

Racing wheels or steering wheels are the game controllers used in these kinds of games. They are connected using the USB, Bluetooth or wifi. Whether you’ve been a pro or a novice, it is still important to take some matters into consideration. Below, we provided some factors you must look into a new racing wheel.

Connectivity – your chosen racing wheel may be connected using wires but, it may also be played wireless. Wired devices are generally less expensive because they are the older generation of racing wheels. Wireless devices on the other hands are normally much expensive because they are easier to work with.

Compatibility – does your chosen racing wheels fit the game you are playing? These are just one of the questions you must ask yourself. Some racing wheels are built specifically for another device such as PC, Xbox or PS4, when buying one, we recommend getting a multiplatform device that can work with almost any systems.

Force feedback – want to take your game to the next level? Then get a device with force feedback. It’s not a necessity, but if you want to make your gaming experience as realistic as possible then get a machine with a force feedback.

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