Best Reading Glasses Reviews 2017

Our eyes are perhaps one of the most useful parts in our body. However, as time goes by, our eyes can fail us for several reasons. If your eyesight still seems okay, but doesn’t focus the way it has before, then it might be a good time to buy yourself some good reading glasses. Reading glasses can easily be bought, as they are usually available in storesor online.

Reading glasses can either be opted as ready-made or consulted, the easiest way however is to get ready-made reading glasses. They are cheaper yet efficient, as it saves you both the time and money. For people with hyperopia and presbyopia, reading glasses can provide quick relief and save you the trip to an ophthalmologist.

If perhaps you’re getting a slight problem with your vision or reading your books doesn’t feel the same anymore, then we recommend getting reading glasses. We have collected the best and the top reading glasses deals you can ever find. Read below to know further!

ThinOPTICS Stick Anywhere, Go Everywhere Reading Glasses plus Universal Pod Case

ThinOPTICS Stick Anywhere, Go Everywhere Reading Glasses plus Universal Pod Case,Black Frame, Black Case,1.50 Strength

The ThinOPTICS Stick Anywhere Go Everywhere Reading Glasses is definitely the among the best reading glasses brands in the world. This product comes with a universal pod case that contains a non-residue adhesive, making this product able to stick at any surface. This glasses’ lenses comes with a ThinOptics that is shatter-proof, making it feel as if you’re wearing lightweight eye-glasses.

Additionally, this reading glass is featured with a flex-grip technology to provide advanced comfort and stability while using the glasses. The ThinOPTICS Stick Anywhere Go Everywhere Reading Glasses aren’t lying about what they claim because you can literally place and bring them anywhere with their width almost the size of a credit card! This reading glass is currently available in 3 strengths namely: +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE GR OR-003 Computer Readers Glasses in Shatterproof Memory Flex Frame Anti Harmful Glare

GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE GR OG-003-C1 Computer Readers Glasses With 0.00 Magnification in Flexible Frame Anti UV Blue Light and Anti Harmful Glare

Want the cheapest reading glasses for sale? Then try the GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE GR OR-003. This reading glass is equipped with amber tinted lenses to prevent eye strains triggered by harmful blue rays from computer and phone screens. For people often looking at their mobile phones or computer screens because of work, these glasses will be a great help to prevent visual fatigue and discomfort.

Additionally, this one comes with a flexible TR90 frame that is light weight yet durable that you can use for a long period of time. Also, the GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE GR OR-003 comes with a cleaning cloth and a carrying case. Want to change your lenses? No problem because this one gives you the option to replace it with your own prescription lenses.

Reading Glasses – Best 4 Pack for Men and Women by TruVision Readers

Reading Glasses _ Best 4 Pack for Men and Women _ Have a Stylish Look and Crystal Clear Vision When You Need It! _ Comfort Spring Arms & Dura-Tight Screws _ 180 Day 100% Guarantee + 2.00

The Reading Glasses for Men and Women by TruVision Readers is an affordable reading glass you’d hate to miss. At such a low price, this package comes with not just 1 or 2, but 4 pairs of reading glasses. Let yourself look sharp and see sharp anytime and anywhere. These reading glasses come with durable structure and materials such as dura-tight screws and sure-flex comfort spring arms, engineered carefully to last for a lifetime.

Upon buying these reading glasses, you also get a micro-fiber cleaning cloth that lets you achieve that crystal-clear look anytime. Additionally, this product is designed intricately to support all kinds of head sizes because of its spring hinges, able to expand to different kinds of temples. Lastly, if an inexpensive reading glass is what you’re aiming for, then we certainly recommend this one.

James Rectangular Multifocus Glasses

Foster Grant Conan Multifocus Glasses, Tortoise, 1

The James Rectangular Multifocus Glasses may not be the cheap reading glasses you’re opting for, but it is undeniably one of the best. Why so? This product comes with trifocal lenses that let you focus on reading, computer screens and interacting. Have a specific eye vision? No worries because this one comes with 6 magnification strengths. This reading glass is made out of polycarbonate materials that minimize its probability to recieve scratches.

Moreover, to lessen the glare and fluorescent from lightings, this one is equipped with 5 layers of anti-reflective coating and a UV380 protection. The James Rectangular Multifocus Glasses also has different sets of designs for both men and women. As of now, buying reading glasses may feel confusing for you, but if you’re really picking the best, then you should definitely get this one.

What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses contains frames and lenses to be held directly in front of the user’s eyes. Reading glasses does not just correct someone’s vision, but also protect the eyes from UV light and other potential dangers. Additionally, reading glasses also adds aesthetic look to someone’s overall appearance and frames may add further details in the face.

The first ever kind of reading glasses dates back to 4 B.C, when a Roman tragedian uses a magnifier to read every books of Rome. The glasses back then didn’t look like the modern kind of reading glasses, but they used glass spheres that look like magnifying glasses. Around 13th century, Venetian glass blowers were invented to create single-lens reading glasses.

However, the first kinds of two-lens reading glasses are found in 1260. It can be traced to 13th century, Italy where it was invented to assist people with vision problems, especially the elderly to read. Reading glasses became popular for a while, but because of the heavy design and thick lenses, it was pretty hard to keep wearing them, making them less helpful to use.

It wasn’t until 1730, about 500 years later than an actual optician called Edward Scarlett devised a new and modernized kind of reading glasses, which are easier to use. He created reading glasses that comes with lightweight yet sturdy sidepieces, so it can stay longer by the ears. 50 years later, a famous man named Benjamin Franklin added another innovative addition to reading glasses by developing bifocal lens.

Bifocal lens means there could be two types of lens powers. The user simply has to look up to focus on farther places and look down to focus on nearby subjects such as reading books. Benjamin Franklin simply told his optician to cut his lenses in two, so he won’t have to switch reading glasses, which happened all the time.

What are the advantages of reading glasses?

Ready-made reading glasses are mostly created to treat and correct eye problems such as presbyopia. These reading glasses should be worn by people who have problem focusing when reading. Additionally, if you’re over 40, it’s only natural to get certain problems regarding your eye focus, so getting a reading glass can help your eye vision significantly.

Moreover, aside from having a hard time focusing while reading, getting minor problems such as blurred vision, headaches and eye strains can add more problems in your eyesight. This problem may occur for a long time if not catered as soon as possible with the best probable kind of reading glasses.

Reading glasses comes in 4 kinds, the bifocal, trifocal, progressive and adjustable focus. The most popular kind of reading glasses is perhaps the bifocal kind, invented by Benjamin Franklin himself. Trifocal lenses on the other hand are just like bifocal lenses, but comes with another different lens in the middle.

Progressive reading glasses are like bifocal or trifocal lenses, but use a smoother transition regarding its lenses. Unlike bifocal lenses with obvious difference in lenses, progressive lenses come with uniformed appearance to provide comfort for the user.

Lastly, the new reading glasses in this list come with either different sizes or a one-size fits all reading glasses. Because they are cheap, they are an ideal product for those who has minor problem with their eyes. Likewise, these ready-made reading glasses comes with similar lenses, so people with problems only in the other eye might have problems with this one.

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