Best Rescue Knife Reviews 2017

A rescue knife is not an ordinary knife. It’s specially made for certain occasions that need a highly advanced knife which can get things done when an emergency arises. It must be ergonomically designed to provide you a perfect fit whenever or whatever the situation you might be facing. It needs to be sharp enough to cut through anything that needs cutting. Here are some of the best rescue knife in the market.

TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Half-Serrated Blade Tactical Folding Knife

The first rescue knife on our list of the best rescue knife in the market is the TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife. This rescue knife has a half-serrated blade which can rip and tear any material you need to cut. This has a spring-assist mechanism when folding where you can do rapid one-handed deployment of your knife. This also securely locks into its place with its liner lock so you’ll be safe carrying this around in your pocket or vest. It has an attractive and efficient black colored and half-serrated blade made of stainless steel.

Its aluminum handle has a bottle opener and also a glass breaker for you to use in case of emergencies. This tool also has a pocket clip you can use for an easy and safe carrying whenever and wherever you needed this. It’s very handy with the length of 4 ½ inches when closed, and has a 3 ¼ inches blade length. Its thickness is 3 mm with a well-built design. The price is very affordable for such a great performing rescue knife. The knife is made of solid construction and the blade very sharp. If you try to do a paper taste you’ll witness how sharp this is. It also comes well-oiled upon purchase. It also has a locking mechanism which is made solid, effective and safe for you.

Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG2TS Liner Lock Folding Knife Partially SerratedRescue Knife

The next rescue knife we’d like to introduce to you is the Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG2TS Liner Lock Folding Knife. This is a partially serrated rescue knife made of tanto blade and has a sturdy aluminum handle made of ergonomic design. This has a unique ambidextrous thumb knob design where you can use this to your left and right hand. Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, this rescue knife can fit comfortably on your hands.

This also has dual blood grooves which help in giving that strong and firm grip. The black aluminum handle has track tech inserts on it which help to make your thrusts and cuts easy and smooth. This has a glass breaker and a lanyard hole on it. You can also use this in opening bottles easily. It has an efficient strap cutter and a pocket clip where you can attach this anywhere you can have easy and quick access to it. The blade length is 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) and the handle is 5.6 inch (14.2 cm) long. It’s quite long for a rescue knife. This is a substantial and ideal for those who are employed as a law enforcer, firefighting, and other first aid responders. This is also an ideal tool for those who are into outdoor activities that need a heavyweight rescue blade.

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

This is another inexpensive yet highly effective rescue knife in the market that you might be interested in. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife is a spring assisted folding rescue knife which you can use with just a rapid one-handed deployment. It automatically locks securely into place with a liner lock so it’s safe and secure. It’s made of a black stainless blade with a thumb stud for a faster deployment of its power. It also has a black aluminum handle with a cut-out construction.

Also included in its design is a glass breaker in case of emergencies as well as a seatbelt cutter you can use. This is very handy and you can even clip this anywhere you can have easy access to it with its clip. It only measures 5 inches when closed and has a 3.75-Inch blade length measuring 3.5 mm in thickness. This is a great value knife that many find to be satisfactory. Its weight is pretty great and the blade sharpness is already great for its price. Slashing and stabbing test are about above average which is good for a rescue knife made of durable, good quality carbon steel. Many find it to be a great find indeed.

TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Opening EMT/EMS Rescue Folding Pocket Knife

Another great rescue knife we’d like to introduce to you is the TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Opening EMT/EMS Rescue Folding Pocket Knife. This is a good knife for rescue operation on the EMT/EMS operations for quick deployment and emergency situations. It opens smoothly when you press you to use the rapid one-handed deployment mechanism of this handy knife. It has a good sharp edge you can use in cutting and slashing things during an emergency. In case you needed a good and efficient rescue knife when you go on your outdoor trips such as camping or hunting activities, this is a good enough knife you can use.

The blade and handle are made of highly durable materials. Its blade is stainless steel made really sharp and the handle is designed to fit your hand just perfectly. The glass breaker is also a great addition to it and the clip is sturdy enough that it won’t fall off even if you’re running and it’s attached to your side. It also has a belt cutter you can also use for any rescue operations. This may not be the best of the best but for its price and the materials used in the construction of this knife, it’s a pretty decent rescue knife which is efficient in any rescue jobs out there.

Smith & Wesson 1st Response SWFRS Liner Lock Folding Knife

If you’re looking for a decent rescue knife you can use for your outdoor activities as well as for rescue and emergency situations then you might want to check this tool out. This rescue knife is made of a stainless steel blade. It has a drop point liner lock and serrated blade good for any cutting action. Also included in this rescue knife is a pocket clip you can use to place this knife somewhere you can have access to it.

This rescue knife also comes with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker which is very efficient and convenient to use. There is a small disk inserted at the top of the blade where it’s very easy to open even though your hands are slippery and wet. This has a combination of a serrated blade as well as half sharp blade that you can utilize as the situation dictates it. So you can use this even when you are cleaning fish, in cutting any rope or other utility use you might need this to be. The weight of this rescue knife is heavy enough to add an extra force when you smash the windows during an emergency and the clip attached to this is long and sturdy enough so even if you’re running in an emergency situation it won’t fall off and get lost in the fray. This is a highly efficient rescue knife and many people are very happy with its performance. You can try this one out for yourself.

Tac Force Assisted Opening Glass Breaker Bright Red Skull Design Rescue Knife

Here’s another TacForce rescue knife you can check out for yourself if you’re looking for a highly efficient rescue knife you can use. It’s another affordable rescue knife we found in the market. This has a two-tone black coat which is very attractive. Its blade is made of 440 stainless steel with a straight-edge and saw back blade that has a thumb stub for comfort and security. It has a cool, red skull pattern which is kind of bad-ass that you can carry around when you go on a camping or hunting trip. The handles are also made of aluminum material with a special skull medallion handle inset.

It has a fast and smooth deployment with its smooth-operating and spring assisted opening blade. The handle has finger grooves which give you better grip even during emergency operations. You’d find yourself using a comfortable rescue knife even during high adrenaline rush situations. This has an integrated seatbelt or cord cutter as well as a glass cutter and lanyard hole. A deep-carry pocket clip is also part of its design so you can carry this around anywhere. This rescue knife measures 8.25 inches and when closed it has the length of 4.75 inches. The liner locking blade measures 3.5 inches, it’s actually a pretty decent rescue knife compared to other products in the market.

TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening Tactical Rescue Knife

Another TacForce rescue knife in the market is this product right here. This has a different design but all, in all pretty much the same features other TacForce rescue knives have. It’s also made of highly durable stainless steel material which you can use for any situations for a very long time. Its deployment is very fast and smooth thanks to its spring-assisted rescue liner lock. This measures 4 ¾ inches when closed and has 3 ½ inches of Tanto stainless steel of black finish. The dual thumb stud and extended tang also help you have a good and firm grip in handling this knife.

Also included in its features is a belt and cord cutter as well as a glass break which is highly efficient and convenient to use for emergency and rescue operations. The size is just perfect. It’s medium in size and straight-edge without any serrations unlike other TacForce products as well as other rescue knives in the market. This doesn’t have any saw notches either so you can push the back of the blade for an additional cutting pressure without giving you discomfort. Its matte finish is very attractive too which gives off a feel of a high quality product. Be careful in deploying this rescue knife, you don’t want to treat it like a regular knife.

1 X EMT EMS Rescue Knife With Clip

Last on our list of the best rescue knife is the 1 X EMT EMS Rescue Knife With Clip. You can buy this to carry around or keep somewhere you can use this in a case of emergencies such as inside your car for instance. The price is quite affordable and the performance is satisfactory. The blade of this rescue knife easily opens and locks in place in order for you to use this quickly in times of rescue and emergency situations. The liner lock also keeps you safe from harm. With only one hand you can easily open this up for fast deployment with only your index finger or by using your thumb on the convenient thumb nipple.

It has a serrated edge of 1 inch long and a bottom cutting blade measuring 1 ¾ inches. This gives you a nice point the top angle. It also has a strong belt clip where you can secure this anywhere you can have easy access to it such as your belt or vest if you’re part of the rescue operations group. This is a good rescue knife you can have around in case of emergency and even when you go out for an outdoor activity such as when you’re out fishing, camping, hunting or mountaineering. Having a handy and efficient rescue is very important, many people actually found this knife is a really good product they found at the market.


During an emergency and rescue operation, you’ll need to use the best rescue knife in order to address the high adrenaline situation you’re in. You don’t want to be rendered helpless when you’re faced with a situation. You want to act fast in order to save yourself or someone else when the situation dictates it. Rescue knives are specially made for those situations where the instinct to survive is strong. We hope with this list you’re able to find the best rescue knife for you.

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