Best Running Gloves Reviews 2017

Running is one of the best exercises out there. It is simple. You can do it anywhere. You can run anytime you like. You can do it indoors using a treadmill. You can run outside. You only need good running shoes, breathable apparel, the best running gloves and you are good to go!

Running is such a great exercise because it exercises the heart which in turn, pumps more blood throughout the body. Because your heart rate is raised, you keep the blood flowing. Running also exercises the lungs because the air goes in and out of it faster. Running also develops and builds different muscles in the body. Because of the intensity in running, your muscles in your ankles called plantar flexion is built. You also exercise knee muscles, the flexion and the extension. Through running, you also exercise hip muscles, the muscles on your core, and also shoulder muscles. You should keep on running throughout spring, winter, summer and fall.Don’t quit because running is a developed habit. Once you stop, you may never get the urge to start running ever again.

An example of a running apparel is the gloves. You need the best running glove when going outside and running through the cold weather. Choosing the right running glove can really help you run miles!

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

Leading our list of the best running gloves is the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women. This is a multi-purpose glove that can be used for running and other sports activities like cycling in the mountain slopes, driving and preparing for NASCAR and rifle shooting. It fits snugly on the hand. It also incorporated zippers for easy hand entry. Mountain Made made sure to use high quality YKK zippers for their gloves.

If you like running, then you need this gloves from Mountain Made. It is on the top of our list for one reason. It is because consumers love and continuously use the product. It is made of absorbent materials, great for sweating hands and developed moisture. It also keeps the hands warm when you are running. It feels very lightweight. You know that you can reach your target running mile because the gloves are very comfortable to wear.

Head Digital Sport Running Gloves

Next product on our list of the best running gloves is the Head Digital Sport Running Gloves. These gloves are created for the runner who carries his smartphone. It is very difficult to run and then stop abruptly because you need to remove your gloves to answer your phone or push next on your music playlist. Now, we have gloves that solve that problem! Head calls it the SensaTEC Touch Screen Compatibility.

Additional features of the product include silicone installed on the palm area, and extended cuffs to secure the glove on your hands. One can say that this is one of the sleekest running glove designs in the market. These gloves are perfect for the running athlete in you!

Pearl Izumi Men’s Thermal Lite Glove

The third product on our list of the best running gloves comes from Pearl Izumi. It is the Thermal Lite Glove. Looking at it, it seems very lightweight. My first concern was whether it could really protect my hands when running while in cold weather. Surprisingly, my hands were never cold once I wore it! It probably is because of the PRO thermal Lite fabric used on the product. The running gloves fits perfectly on the hand.

If you are concerned about slippery grips upon using it, don’t be. This running gloves have silicones strategically placed on the finger tips to help you in holding items. The silicones also reflects light so it can help you during low- light visibility or when running at night.

TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Running Gloves

This Running Gloves are designed for women. TrailHeads Women’s Running Gloves are made with Power Stretch technology. This technology is from Polartec. With the enhanced feature of the running gloves, you can be sure that the fabric used for the product is very resilient when it comes to stretching. The technology also allows breathable fabric. It also wicks moisture to prevent it from staying inside the gloves.

For easy hold, the gloves are lined with palm grips. For women who likes style, the gloves are also very aesthetic and can be partnered with any outfit. The gloves have snowflake design with swirl print. These gloves are particularly designed for running but is not recommended for use at low temperatures.

Vbiger Outdoor Gloves

I have never met anyone in the world who does not own a smartphone. Smartphones has become a necessary tool in this generation. We have used smartphones for work. Now, our exercise routines are also accompanied by our smartphones. It is because companies have created apps that help us in monitoring our tracks, counting our steps, going to the place we need to be, and even monitoring heart rate. True runners immerse themselves under all the data that can be collected so that they could improve time, perfect their strides and finish races fast.

This Running Glove from Vbiger gives the user the ability to use his smartphone even if he is wearing the glove! If you own normal gloves, you just have to remove them if you want to answer a call or reply to a text. But not with this gloves from Vbiger. While you are running, you will still be able to use your smartphone because of the touchscreen capability of this glove.

The Vbiger Outdoor Glove also offers adjustable cuffs for easy entry of hands. It also features anti- slip patches for improved grip. The movement of the hands are not restricted with this glove.

Urban Boundaries Running Sport Gloves

Men's Moisture Wicking Micro-fleece Running Sport Gloves - Color: Black  Size: Medium

Urban Boundaries have created sports gloves that are made specially for running. The Urban Boundaries gloves are made mainly of polyester. The material keeps the hand warm and absorbs sweat during runs. The company has provided the gloves with moisture wicking technology that pulls sweat away from your hands.

The Urban Boundaries Running Glove does not allow wind to pass through the glove, which makes running very comfortable. The material is also soft to the hands. It gives your hand plenty of movement. It also has a nice interior feel. It has fine craftsmanship. The price of this gloves is also very competitive compared to other brands. The Urban Boundaries Running Glove gets the job done.

HighLoong Compression Lightweight Sport Running Gloves

Do you just can’t seem to find the right size for your hand? If you choose the HighLoong Running Gloves, you can select sizes from small, medium and large. Because of its compression glove design, the gloves fit perfectly on your hand. It also has a double layer fabrics on its cuffs. If you are wondering what materials it is made of, the Highloong Running Gloves is made of a combination of spandex and polyester. The spandex or lycra material give the gloves the stretch feature which enables the glove to fit perfectly on your hands. The polyester is synthetic fiber that gives breathable space to your hands yet snug enough to maintain heat. Polyester is a material usually used in creating clothings, hats, mats, blankets and bed sheets.

As advised by the company, you can use this gloves during spring, summer and early winter. This is mainly because the glove is designed to be lightweight and thin but still keeps the hand warm during the long runs.

Under Armour Engage ColdGear Gloves

We have reached the last item on the list. These gloves are created by Under Armour. The brand has been getting the spotlight lately because of known endorsers from different sports like Stephen Curry and Tom Brady. Their products have proved to be comparable to other popular brands for sports like Nike and Adidas. Because of their strategies, the brand has gained a lot of following from sports enthusiasts and fans.

Under Armour Men’s Engage Gloves are made of polyester, lycra and pu. Because it is initially designed for cold weather, it has ColdGear technology that incorporated a thermal lining in the inner coating of the glove. The technology absorbs moisture and maintains the body heat. The Under Armour logo are also designed to reflect light so that the runner can be visible during night runs. As an added feature, the palm of the gloves have silicone material to help you in gripping and holding items. For cold runs and some winter runs, your hands will never be cold again if you use the Under Armour Men’s Engage ColdGear Gloves.

What to Look For

You have made the right decision for yourself by choosing to run. Running is good for you. And running as a habit is even better. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from running. That is why there are products created to protect your hands as you run. So what are things that you should look for?

First, get the running gloves that will fit you perfectly. You do not want to constantly stop running because your gloves are slipping off your hands. Different brands offer different sizes of running gloves. Some are made for men and women. Choose the size that will fit you comfortably. Second, look at the material used. Most running gloves are made of polyester. These are materials normally used in clothing. These are proven to protect skin from the cold weather. Choosing the material that is right for you is important because the bulkiness of the running gloves will depend on the material used. If you choose spandex material, then you are sure that the gloves will be lightweight. But then your concern will be whether it can protect your hands from the cold. Choosing thick gloves, on the other hand can really help you in the cold weather, but may seem uncomfortable for some. Third, choose your budget. You may choose popular brands that are sure to give high quality products but they are pricier. You can choose lesser known brands but still provide your running glove needs. It’s not all about the brand but the performance of the product that will help you decide what running gloves to purchase.


You have to be safe when you are running. You need to protect yourself because you do not know what may happen to you when you run. You have to bring a phone when you get out and run just in case you have an accident and you need to call somebody. You need the right earphones when you run. An earphone that can deliver good quality music but not do not eliminate external noise. It is because you need to hear and be alert on your surroundings when you run. Lastly, you have to wear the right kits and apparel when running. You need good quality shoes specifically made for running. Depending upon the weather or season, you need to choose the right clothing to wear. If it’s spring or summer, you have to wear breathable shirts and pants. You also need to wear socks that removes moisture in your feet. But if it is cold outside, you have to wear thermal clothes and protective running gloves to warm your body.

We have the list of the best protective gloves that can be used when running. All of the products on the list have thermal protection to prevent wind to pass through the gloves. Some gloves have silicones on the palm and finger area to help you hold items without slipping. Some gloves need not be removed when using your smartphones. Others have easy open cuffs for hand entry. Some have zippers and some running gloves don’t. You need to acquire the best running glove depending on your preference and feel. Read the reviews and be careful in choosing which glove is right for you.

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