Best Running Shoes For Woman Reviews 2017

Running gives several benefits to the body. It is one of the most famous cardio exercises in the world as it is simple yet very effective when losing weight or getting exercise. Besides the euphoria our body releases while running, this exercise is also one of the cheapest and cost-effective mode of workout for the body, you don’t even need a trainer to do so.

Running shoes are definitely the most effective shoes for every runner. Running shoes does not just support the feet while running, but it also provides stability, enhances performance and deliver for your overall comfort. Many people are not aware of this, but typically, you must replace your running shoes after running for about 600 miles.

If you are planning to purchase running shoes, then it must be your lucky day because we are about to offer you the leading running shoes in the market! To know more about this forte, read the products we listed below and some points to ponder before purchasing a pair of running shoes. Are you ready to discover your new running shoes? The read on!

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel Kayano 22 Running Shoe, Indigo Blue/Pink Glow/Pistachio, 10 M US

Want to get the best running shoes for women? Then we endorse getting the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe. This one comes with a removable insole to give you options for comfort. Moreover, this design comes with 12 different colors such as deep ruby, silver grey, silver violet and onyx silver.

Furthermore, these running shoes are made out of imported synthetic materials along with a rubber sole to make sure that it is durable and can last for a long time. To give you breathability, this one comes features mesh overlays and forefoot GEL cushioning, so it can support and accept shock while running. If you want to get the top running shoes for women then you must definitely settle getting this one!

Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Ride 8 Narrow Running Shoe, Silver/Purple/Blue, 5 N US

As one of the most affordable running shoes brand in the market, we believe that you would love getting the Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Running Shoe. This design is available in 6 colors like deepwater, coral blue, red black and silver purple. This brand uses iBR+, which means that it is more cushioned and 33% lighter than other normal rubber.

It has a flexfilm upper and hell-to-toe powergrid so it can fit your feet perfectly yet give you a smooth run. It has a lace-up closure and padded collar and tongue, so you can use it and still feel comfortable. If you are seeking for cheap running shoes deals, then we certainly advocate getting the Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Running Shoe.

Champion Women’s Gusto Runner

Champion Women's Black Gusto Runner 5 M US

Are you buying running shoes for sale? Then we recommend giving the Champion Women’s Gusto Runner a try. This one features a memory foam insole and a breathable mesh upper to give you a comfortable pair of running shoes. It is available in 8 colors namely: black, white, mint grey, coral black, grey coral and grey pink.

It is structured with a Chill Technology to give you a one of a kind outsole which provides moisture-wicking properties and cooling comfort. It also has an Aerolite technology which is made to be extremely lightweight yet flexible whenever you are using it. The Champion Women’s Gusto Runner is perhaps one of the cheapest running shoes for women, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe,White/Turbulence,6 B US

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe is also one of the leading yet inexpensive running shoes in the market. This one uses heels that measure about 1.75 inches and a platform about 0.75 inches. This design is offered in 7 different colors namely: white/turbulence, white shadow purple, green fuchsia purple and deep lavender.

It uses a synthetic sole that is imported to provide you a structural fit that is soft and comfortable. With its Dynamotion Fit, you can be sure that it can fit and strap around the foot perfectly. It also has a fan wave technology to give you a springy technology while providing you stability. If good running shoes are all you are aiming for then try getting the Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 11.

New Balance Women’s WT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe

New Balance Women's WT410V4 Trail Shoe, Navy/Light Blue, 5 D US

Looking for new running shoes? Then try the New Balance Women’s WT410V4 Trail-Running Shoe! This one uses an AT tread all-terrain outsole and an XLT performance footbed for a great fitting. Moreover, it also features a plush padded collar as well as a rubber sole made out of imported materials to guarantee that your shoes are durable and can last long.

It uses protective overlays as well as striped ghille lacing so you can run not just in regular terrains, but also in rugged trails. This one is currently being offered in 6 colors namely: grey/purple, purple/pink, grey/teal and black/blue. It uses both synthetic and textile materials to make up for this wonderful shoe. As one of the leading brands in the industry of shoes today, we are confident that New Balance Women’s WT410V4 will give you a good time.

What are running shoes?

Novice runners don’t realize how important it is to choose the right running shoes, but for professional runners, it is pretty similar to buying a car or a house, it is very important. After all, your running shoes can provide you the right stability, comfort and improve your overall performance. The truth is, if you use the wrong kind of shoes, it may cause you more damage than you think.

Normally, there are 3 kinds of running shoes you can purchase, they are the: trail running shoes, road running shoes and cross-training shoes.

Trail running shoes – are especially structured for rocky and muddy terrains or obstacles similar to that. Trail running shoes are enhanced with strong and durable treads to make up for the needed stability and underfoot protection.

Road running shoes – for occasional runners, this one is certainly the best one for you. They are designed for smooth terrains and pavements and they are typically light and flexible.

Cross running shoes – are particularly designed for cross-fit workouts or gym activities. Since the floor is flat, these kinds of shoes normally have thick soles to support the shock you will feel every time your feet hit the ground.

What to look for in a running shoe?

Size – it is pretty obvious that you must choose a running shoe that fits your foot size perfectly. It is still best to try it on and give it a few test drives. The truth is, your feet can change its size over time and other shoes may differ from other shoe brands. When buying, you may either love a close fit or something with an extra room so your feet can flex a little.

Materials – your running shoes may also depend on the type of material it will use. Most running shoes use nylon, synthetic leather, TPU overlays, EVA and breathable uppers.

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