Best RV Toilet Reviews 2017

Having an RV for the family is ridiculously fun! The wife enjoys it. The children enjoy it. And I, most of all, enjoy it! My family and I love the trips when we go to different states! The kids love the ride when go to their favorite destinations. I also enjoy the drive going to such places.As the father and the one in- charge of the RV, I need to do some preventive maintenance on the RVto keep it going on those trips. It means that I should always inspect the engine if it’s working right, check the tire pressures if it’s within limits, check all fluid levels and inspect the RV body if it’s in tiptop shape! I should also check the interior of the RV. The seats must be well maintained, the beds where we sleep in should be fixed, and the toilet should be clean. One of the problems of RV owners is looking for the best RV toilet. I, for one, need the best RV toilet. Driving on long trips should be convenient for all of us. The RV toilet should be performing based my high standards so as to accommodate my family in times of toilet trouble!

Camco 41531 Portable Toilet

The best RV toilet on our list is the Camco 41531 Portable Toilet. It ranks high on consumer’s use and consumer’s reviews. The Camco Portable Toilet comes in two sizes- the 2.6 gallon and the 5.3 gallons, depending on the volume needed in your RV. Camco takes careful consideration on the consumer’s well-being with this one because the holding tank of the toilet is detachable. Do you know what this means? It means that you can easily remove the tank when you need to dispose of its contents, and to do routine cleaning and maintenance. This is such a small feature but very effective. I feel that many RV users are thankful for this feature from Camco. You can just easily remove the tank and start cleaning it remotely from your RV.

Another feature of this portable toilet from Camco are the sealing slide valve that prevents unwanted smell going inside the RV. You do not want an RV with a foul smell in the bathroom, right? The sealing valve also prevents liquid leakage in the toilet. The technology of the Camco toilet implements the bellows to put suction pressure on the toilet. This technology is very efficient in removing and disposing toilet contents. Overall, the Camco Portable Toilet is sturdy and of high quality. I think the best thing about portable toilet, is that, you can bring it almost everywhere. Once you reach your destination, you can just remove the toilet and place it near the camp for family use. You can also use it for your different family recreational activities.

Dometic 310 Series Toilet

The second on our list of best RV toilets is the Dometic 310 Series Toilet. The toilet comes in different variants- a standard height toilet, a low profile toilet and both variants with hand spray. Why do a lot of consumers choose this toilet from Dometic? First of all, it can be installed perfectly on any RV. Have you been to an RV with an awesome bathroom with elegant toilet bowl? Well, if you use the Dometic 310 Series Toilet, your guests and family might stay longer in the bathroom because of the toilet bowl! The Dometic toilet has been researched and designed to be perfect and ergonomic. This means that the toilet was designed for the user to have utmost comfort as he uses it.

How does the Dometic toilet flush? It is a typical gravity flush but with powerful swirl action to ensure complete rinsing of the toilet. It can easily be installed on any RV because of the two-bolt insulation. Once installed, the toilet is sure to be immovable. It is a low maintenance RV toilet that is very reliable and sturdy. Indeed, a bang for your buck!

Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

The third on our list of the best RV toilet is the Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet. Easily, you can recognize the difference of this toilet to typical toilets in the RV market. The Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet incorporates a pedal flush for easy access and maneuver. When you use the Thetford Toilet, you feel like you are just like home. The seat was purposely designed to have a taller height for ergonomics and comfort for the user. You can choose from either a white toilet or bone-colored toilet.

What makes this Thetford toilet design different from other toilets? The pedal-flush can be pushed halfway to add water to the bowl. If it is fully pushed, then the toilet provides water with whole bowl coverage. It also has a specially designed lid to remove all excess water. The Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet is economical because of the flush design. You will only use the water that you need. Any other water flow is controlled by the pedal flush. This means savings in water, savings in time, and savings in toilet purchase because of the toilet quality.

Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet

We have another Thetford toilet on the list. It is the Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet. The design is very different from the one with a higher rank on the list. It is designed with a different style pedal on the side of the toilet as opposed to the front pedal flush of the Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet. Once flushed, the water in the bowl of the Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet has full coverage. This is quite an important feature because the water needs to rinse all parts of the bowl of the toilet to clean it. More water coverage means more water time rinsing and less manual maintenance cleaning.

The Thetford 42062 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet is made of quality China. Surprisingly, the bowl is lightweight! Being lightweight means easy transport of the toilet to the designated RV and easy installation of the toilet in the RV. Another feature of this toilet is the antimicrobial and antibacterial toilet seat that eliminates odor by preventing growth of the bacteria and germs. The design of the toilet is the same as most residential toilets so you will feel at home with the size of these toilets from Thetford.

Thetford 31120 Bravura Toilet

Well, what could I say? The design of the Thetford 31120 Bravura Toilet is quite compact! The toilet is primarily designed to fit to any RV. But the Thetford 31120 Bravura Toilet doesn’t sacrifice comfort over size. The toilet offers the contemporary look. It has a single flush pedal placed at the front of the toilet for convenience. The flush of the toilet has a pulsating effect which thoroughly washes down the whole bowl. Is the toilet cleaning difficult? Definitely not. The toilet has an easy removable seatso that you can detach it anytime if you want to wash it.

It is good to note that it is a permanent toilet RV. It has a universal floor flange which allows it to be easily fixed on any type of RV. You just mount the toilet bowl with the bolts along with the pedals.Because of easy installation, high quality material, and flushing capability, theThetford 31120 Bravura Toilet is one of the best RV toilets today.

Dometic 301097206 Portable Toilet

It seems like aside from the top brand of our list which is Camco, we only have two other brands competing in our list of best RV toilets. We have the Thetford RV toilets on one side and the Dometic RV toilets on the other. You can never go wrong with these two. The choice mainly depends on the features that you want your toilet to have. Both brands are known to perform well in the RV toilet department. Both boast of high quality toilets and great designs for long and rigorous use.

The Dometic 301097206 Portable Toilet is a portable toilet for our RVs. The water that can be contained in the toilet amounts to 2.6 gallons. The great thing about these portable toilets is that these kinds of toilets implement pressurized water for flushing.

The Dometic 301097206 Portable Toilet has a push button to flush this toilet. How awesome is that?! Just push a button to flush, right? Every flush uses only one pint of water. If you are wondering what this toilet is made of, it is constructed from high-density polyethylene that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It is also scratch resistant, which means that your toilet will look new even if used continuously for a long time!

Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

Second to the last of our list of best RV toilets is the Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet. It is made of high density polyethylene just like most known brands. It is a portable toilet that can easily be used on RVs and other camping sites and trips. Century designed the toilet to be be full-sized, which allows comfort and ease of use.

The Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet has a removable holding tank. This makes for easy cleaning and disposal of contents. The material of the product is very durable. The toilet design also prevents unwanted toilet leaks and odors. The exterior of this toilet is also well thought of and elegant. The texture of the product is a matte finish to prevent slides and slips. It can hold up to 3.2 gallons of water and the disposal tank has a volume of 5 gallons.

Thetford 92859 Porta Potti 260B Portable Toilet

The last RV toilet on our list is the Thetford 92859 Porta Potti 260B Portable Toilet. Not surprisingly, it is an RV toilet from a quality brand- Thetford. The company has gained reputation for creating high quality sanitation and cleaning products. Aside from toilets, Thetford has different lines of products that range from tire cleaners, awning cleaners, bug stain removers to brooms, garbage bag holders and bathroom hooks.

Thetford 92859 Porta Potti 260B Portable Toilet is the last in our list and the fourth from Thetford. This portable toilet is very durable and sturdy. The flushing technology of the toilet is by pressurized water that cleans and rinses the bowl. For easy cleaning, you only need to remove the seat and the cover. After removal, you can start washing this portable toilet. You also won’t have to worry about odor and leaks because it contains a sealed valve to seal the smell of the tank.


RV travel is so much enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about anything else except having fun. One of the most concerns of families during long travels in an RV is the right toilet that will accompany them during the whole trip. Some would rather not go on this trips because of a dirty toilet bowl or a broken toilet seat. Others would get sick because the toilet smells. You do not want unwanted odors in the RV as you drive.

You should pick an RV toilet that will suit your needs in your travel. Choose, of course, an RV toilet that is within your budget. If you spend more than what you can afford, then that RV would not go anywhere but be parked forever in your garage because you need to pay for the toilet first. You also need to decide if you need a fixed toilet or a portable one. How would you decide on this? Easy. If your family likes to travel and go to places without ever have to camp, then choose a fixed RV toilet. You do not need a portable toilet. But if your family is the one who likes to go on camping, I recommend choosing the portable toilet. Of course, a portable toilet is easy to replace in case you need a new one. But with the technology nowadays, a fixed toilet and a portable toilet may just have the same quality and durability.

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