Best Salt Lamps Reviews 2017

More than just a decoration, salt lamps have long been widely believed to have health benefits for those who own them. People who buy salt lamps believe that heating the salt can release negative ions (also known as anions) that purifies the surrounding air.

Salt lamps are synonymous to the Himalayan salt that is mined in Punjab, Pakistan, though new salt lamps are also mined in Europe and Asia. These salts are off-white to reddish in color and gives off a lovely light when used as a lamp.

Here are some of the best and most beautiful salt lamps for sale.

WBM Himalayan Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base

Best Salt Lamps

This top salt lamp has been hand carved in Pakistan and is supported by a neem wood base, which makes it termite-proof. Encased inside the salt is a 25W bulb to emit a calming amber color to complement the air-purifying capabilities.

Both the lamp and cord are UL-approved so even if you are not a believer of its air purifying techniques, this affordable salt lamp can still function as a wonderful night light.

HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Best Salt Lamps

This salt lamp costs a little bit more than the other lamps in this list, but only because is weighing heavier than most. With a weight of almost 7 pounds, this handcrafted product features a UL/EC certified cable with CE and RoHS certificates to boot. When lighted, the lamp produces a soft orange glow that can calm your mind and purify your thoughts as well as the air you breathe.

The 15W bulb comes with an on/off switch if you don’t want your lamp to work 24 hours a day. Overall, a good salt lamp to have on your living room table.

Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch

Best Salt Lamps

A cheap salt lamp that features a 6-foot UL-listed cord, dimmable rotary switch, and a 15W bulb for a serene, warm glow to fill any room. The salt lamp comes with a wooden base so there is no need to worry about how you’ll put it on any table.

The dimmable switch is certainly a nice touch and can be used in your bedroom with no problem.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

Best Salt Lamps

An inexpensive salt lamp that comes with a metal basket of your chosen design. There are ten different designs to choose making this a sweet salt lamp deal. The salt lamps can double as meditation or prayer light as it creates a unique, gentle ambiance with its dimmer switch.

Air purifying capabilities aside, these lamps are just gorgeous, and can work as an added detail or tasteful décor in any home.

HemingWeigh Handcrafted Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Rock Salt Obelisk Lamp with Wood Base

Best Salt Lamps

A different take for this salt lamp brand, this item is shaped like an obelisk and features a high-quality polished wooden base and a UL/CE certified cable, and a 15W bulb.

This salt lamp is handcrafted and may look unnatural for a salt lamp but its smooth, polished surface provides a soothing glow and aura to relieve you from a stressful day.

IndusClassic LN-08 Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifying

Best Salt Lamps

Probably the heaviest salt lamp in this list, it is made of 100% natural Himalayan salt and weighs a staggering 17 pounds. This item is specifically created to be put in smoking rooms to purify the air.

Each purchase will give a lamp completely unique in color and shape as no two lamps are alike. Put it anywhere in your house or in your office and watch your stress quickly dissipate.

What are Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are generally made with a large chunk of carved Himalayan salt perched on top of a wooden base with a heat source coming from an incandescent bulb encased inside the salt.

The salt’s chemical composition is mainly 98% sodium chloride (common table salt) and 2% polyhalite (hydrated combination of potassium, calcium, and magnesium). The color is brought by traces of iron oxides in the composition. The brighter the red color is, the more iron oxide your salt lamp contains.

Though completely edible, Himalayan salts are made into salt lamps rather than serve it in dishes. Though the belief that salt lamps can purify the air is strong, there really is no conclusive scientific evidence that can prove this claim. Still, these lamps are attractive and can create an ambiance to any room.

What to Look For

The first thing that attracts buyers to salt lamps (aside from the supposed health benefit), is the color. Despite the fact that pure salts are naturally translucent to off-white, the pink to reddish salt lamps are more sought-after because it gives off the most beautiful color, especially when it is lighted.

Since the white salt is pure, their use as a salt lamp is also rare. The light from a white salt lamp can be blinding, though you can always use a colored incandescent bulb to offset the whiteness if ever you can across a white salt lamp that you like.

Pink salt lamps contain the smallest amount of iron oxide. They are also the prettiest as they can emit a soft light reddish light that is gentle to the eyes. Unfortunately, the lighter the shade of pink is, the more likely that it is mined from an inferior cave and would most likely be brittle, thus prone to breakage, sweating, or worse, melting of the salt.

Red and orange lamps are more common in the market. Nothing screams salt lamps than these two colors. The downside is, sometimes, the color is too dark that the light cannot penetrate the salt lamp anymore. These colored salt lamps are most perfect to use in bedrooms or prayer and meditation rooms as it can give the most subtle, calming lights.

The next thing to consider is the weight of your salt lamp. Though natural salt lamps are all unique (no two lamps are the same in shape or size), it is still possible to measure the approximate size proper to your room. At 3 to 5 pounds salt lamp can only be used in an 8 x 8-square foot room while a 21 to 25 pounds salt lamp can air purify a 16 x 16- square foot room.

The size and weight of your salt lamp are important, especially if you are purchasing it for the health benefits with the color and aesthetic values being added bonuses.

The last, but certainly not the least important, factor to consider is the electrical side of things. Just because a salt lamp is pretty or has health benefits does not mean it is already safe for use. Always look for UL-approved electrical fixtures that come along with your salt lamp. If it is not indicated in your purchase, contact the manufacturer and confirm whether the item you purchased is safe to use at home or in the office.

Nobody wants to have a fire starting just because you wanted a natural air purifier in your place.

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