Best Scalp Massagers Reviews 2017

Whether you have a headache or you are simply stressed out and tired, nothing feels better than a nice soothing scalp massage. But, can you visit a spa or a salon every day for a massage? Most certainly, not. Then what is the alternative?

What if we tell you that getting scalp massages everyday could be a possibility? You won’t believe us, right. But, you will definitely believe these amazing scalp massagers that we are going to introduce you to, in this post. We will be discussing the features and benefits of some top scalp massagers so you know exactly what to look for, when you’re buying one for yourself.

Kikkerland Hand Held Scalp Massager

Hand Held Scalp Head Massager - Pack of Two (Colors May Vary)

The leading scalp massager brand, Kikkerland, is proud to present this incredible product which works wonderfully well. Among many of its extremely useful features is the fact that it is a remarkably cheap scalp massager. It increases the blood circulation and provides you the much-needed relaxation. Each pack comes as a set of two massagers.

It is a compact product which can be conveniently carried around. The rubber tips of the massager softly massage the acupressure points and stimulate the nerves present in your scalp. Clearly, one of the top scalp massagers out there to instantly relax and destress you.

Body Back Company’s Scalp Massager

Body Back Company's Scalp Massager 2-pack (Colors May Vary)

This is one of the best scalp massagers present on the market and brought to you by the Body Back Company. This simple tool will relieve you of the excruciating or mild headaches and stressful pains. This massager begins its work immediately even while you’re using it. The inexpensive scalp massager relaxes your muscles and makes you feel good and recharged.

Gently let this massager glide on your scalp, and experience the magic yourself. Coming in a pack of two, each massager can have any combination of bright colors. Easy to carry with you wherever you go.

DCI Rainbow Head Massager, Assorted Colors

DCI Rainbow Head Massager, Assorted Colors

DCI brings to you this colorful scalp massager with assorted handle colors. This lightweight massager can be used any time you feel to relieve your stress or headaches. It stimulates the blood circulation which eases your stress to a great extent and helps you relax.

Push this massager gently on your scalp and let I do its job. You will be surprised with the instant feeling of relaxation. This massager could be used by all your family, and even by your kids. It also works as a great gift idea. Looking for a good scalp massager? Do check this out.

Marvy Scalp Invigorator Flinn Rubber

Marvy Scalp Invigorator Flinn Rubber

Marvy’s scalp massager is made of rubber which means it will be easy on your scalp. This gentle massager can be used to scrub your scalp while having a shower or while shampooing. The tips are absolutely user-friendly and can easily help lather up. It is pretty easy to clean them afterwards.

This small scalp massager will easily fit into your hands. Increase your blood circulation and also get a refreshing hair wash that completely cleans your scalp. If you want to buy a scalp massager which can be used for scrubbing and massaging, this should be your product.

Bath Essentials Scalp Massager

12" metal BODY scalp Back scratcher massager THERAPY head Massage STRESS reliever

This affordable scalp massager by Bath Essentials has been specifically designed to relax your stressed muscles and ease your headaches. The side-ways unique design enables you to use this massager like a comb. Only different being, the tips are not as rough.

This massager goes a step further in that it could also be used to relieve muscle stress in any part of your body including knees and back. With being lightweight and the perfect size of 12 inches, you could take this massager anywhere you go. This is truly an incredible scalp massager deal.

TOUCHBeauty Scalp Massager

TOUCHBeauty AS-1178 Electric Scalp Massagers Detangling Hair Brush Prevent Hair Loss

Touch Beauty’s brand new scalp massager is a very different and innovative take on massagers. With the vibration hair brush and magnetic therapy, this massager also goes a long way in preventing hair loss. It doesn’t end there, this versatile massager also improves metabolism, increases blood circulation, and vitalizes your skin cells.

It features an anti-static brush which effortlessly untangles your hair making it shiny and smooth to touch. This foldable battery-operated massager also doubles up as a hair brush. This scalp massager costs more than most others, but its features are simply outstanding. You won’t regret buying it.

What are Scalp Massagers?

Scalp massagers are truly one of the most loved inventions of mankind. Everybody would want to thank the inventor of massagers because they are a blessing. Scalp massagers make it convenient for you to massage your scalp anytime and anywhere you liked. All you need is a massager and you are ready to go.

Whether you are just back from work or if you have a bad headache, you could simply move your massager gently over your scalp and you will start feeling good in only a few passes. Now, you can get a massage every evening. You can easily get rid of the stress and relax your mind and body.

Scalp massagers can be used by everyone without any restriction of gender or age. Of course, it is best to keep it away from infants as their scalps are very delicate. But, it could be safely used on your children over 7-8 years of age if the bristles or handles of your massagers are soft.

Let’s move to the following section to understand what factors you must pay attention to deciding to buy a scalp massager. By the end of this post, you could easily tell a good massager from a bad one.

What to Look For

The important features that all good scalp massagers should deliver on are improved blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, and helping in relieving stress and pains. Any massager that doesn’t deliver on these things cannot be called a massager.

A scalp massager should be essentially lightweight and portable. It should be lightweight because in most cases, we have to hold them over our heads with one hand and the last thing we want is our hands to start paining due to the weight. We also said that the massager should be portable. If you want to carry your massager anywhere you go, make sure the length is perfect so it fits easily in any bag, even in the small hand bags.

Secondly, the tips of a good scalp massager should be soft and preferably made of rubber. If the tips are made of metal or plastic, it might end up doing more harm to your scalp than good. For a good massage, the tips should be flexible and able to glide smoothly along the scalp.

The next factor is the overall design of your massager. Using the massager should not be difficult. It should have a handle preferably with a good grip. The overall design also speaks a long way in deciding your comfortable your massage would be. Also, pay a close attention to the material used to make your massager. Some manufacturers make them using metals, plastics, or rubber.

Price is the last factor that we haven’t discussed yet. Most massagers are reasonably priced, however there are some that offer a higher number of features and understandably are priced more than others. When buying such massagers, a good practice would be to check out all the different scalp massagers for sales options.

You never know when you could stumble across an exciting deal or offer.

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