Best Scented Candles Reviews 2017

Aside from giving light and other ceremonial uses, candles are also used to create a mood, an ambiance, or alleviate stress. Special candles that are scented are specifically made for this purpose.

Though it may seem simple, not all perfumed candles are equal. A good scented candle should have an aroma that is soothing and relaxing. The too sharp a scent can be counterproductive. Sadly, there are too many scented candles for sale that have this unfortunate problem.

Here are some of the top scented candles available in the market.

Man Cave Scented Soy Candles, Set of 3

Best Scented Candles

This themed set of candles is made as a gift set for the men in your life. Handmade in the USA, its muscular scent is truly the trademark of this scented candle brand. The candle itself is made of soy with self-trimming cotton wicks, which makes these eco-friendly. The candles are packed is a simple glass jar that doubles as a candle holder.

A good scented candle with subtle manly scents to give during occasions and holidays.

Scentsy Wickless Candle Tart Warmer Wax

Best Scented Candles

These cheap scented candles are wickless and are available in 11 different scents. It features break apart sections that you can use to mix and match the scents into different candle warmers. Its feminine scents are so mild and subtle that even the male population can enjoy its scents.

All you have to do is break down a bar, melt it, and bathe in all the glorious aroma this new scented candle can give.

Scented Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles

Best Scented Candles

A scented candle deal that is available in packs of three and available in a wide range of scents, this affordable scented candle set boasts to relieve all the day’s stress and anxieties with its relaxing scents ideal for meditations.

The candle wax is made from non-GMO soybeans, which makes it eco-friendly. It also comes with a tin plate packaging so you won’t have to purchase expensive candle holders.

Certainly, buying a scented candle will never be this relaxing.

Root Scented Seeking Balance Relax Candle

Best Scented Candles

With scent names Relax, Awaken, Detoxify, Seduce, and so much more, anybody will get curious and will try to spend some money on this inexpensive scented candle line. The 6.5-ounce jar candle can burn up to 65 hours and contains essential oils that can stir the necessary emotions and actions as stated on their scent’s names.

The candle is made from all-natural soy wax blend and sustainable wooden wick. The candles are colored using vegetable-based dyes, making it 100% environmentally friendly.

NEST Fragrances Scented Classic Candle

Best Scented Candles

As they say, nothing beats the classic. This scented candle may cost on the high side but it’s 8.1-ounce weight can burn up to 50 hours to fill your room with sweet, fruity scents, which more than compensates for the price.

The cosmetic grade wax is packaged in an elegant glass vessel to complement the classic design suitable for any modern décor.

The price seems not to deter its loyal customers to buy more, so that should tell you something.

Jolie Sustainable Luxury Candle

Best Scented Candles

This scented candle can bring the freshness and mystery of the woods right inside your home. Its sensuous, titillating scent blends are enough to tease both your mind and nostrils.

This scented candle is labeled Paris, the land of perfumes and a thousand scents, so you are guaranteed for first-class, world quality smell that will permeate your whole house in no time.

What are Scented Candles?

Ordinary candles are usually made of wax or tallow with an ignitable braided cotton wick embedded in the center to give off that small ball of light. Though candles were originally made to provide light (as there was no electricity in ancient times) and heat, modern times have seen the additional purpose of lighting candles – that is to also provide a good, wafting smell.

Scented candles are ideal to provide a relaxing mood and ambiance to any room wherein it is lighted. The wax is mixed with essential oils, which provides the smell, prior to the candle making process. As the blended wax is melted by the burning wick, the essence or fragrance is also released, making the smoke smell.

What to Look For

As with ordinary candles, scented candles are usually made either with paraffin wax, beeswax, or plant wax (i.e. soybean wax).

Most health advocates stay away from scented candles made of paraffin wax as it is basically a petroleum by-product and the smoke is thus, dangerous to health. This means a scented candle made of paraffin is counterproductive, at the most, since you are inhaling a potentially harmful smoke into your system.

Furthermore, regular candles usually have wicks dipped into lead to make it ignitable. Though there really are no conclusive scientific studies that can back the potential harmful effects of burning a regular scented candle, most have opted to play it safe and boycott these candles just the same.

Fortunately, there are so-called healthier alternative for scented candle lovers. The most common material for scented candle is the soybean wax though there are candles made from the waxes of other plants. Soy candles are usually sold in containers since they melt faster than the regular paraffin wax. It also commonly features a self-trimming braided cotton wick for the ignition.

The first thing you need to consider is the scent itself. There are four major scent categories: floral, citrus/fruity, woody, and oriental.

Floral scents are usually used to relax and soothe the mind. The sweet, subtle smell of flowers can relive anxiety and help relax stiff muscles, which is why this is the go-to fragrance of those trying to meditate or those who are into aromatherapy.

Citrus or fruity smells creates an elevated mood or feeling. The smell of fresh fruits is generally uplifting to the spirit, which is why these scents are usually used during the holidays to complete the festive ambience. For example, the sweet, fruity smell of baked cinnamon apple simply makes you think of Christmas while pumpkin-scented candles will remind you of the Halloween season.

Woody scents such as sage, teak, and sandalwood are crisp and can make you think of only one thing: cleanliness. Scented candles that have this fragrance are usually great for bathrooms and bedrooms as the soothing, spicy smell can rock you to sleep. The woody scents can also make you feel warm and toasty, which is really perfect for those nights that you are tightly tucked underneath your bed covers.

Finally, oriental smells like those of sweet spices, orange blossoms, frankincense and vanilla can certainly create a mood in any room and can be lit in the living rooms as you can change the oriental scent depending on the occasion or the ambiance you are building.

The number of light scented candles should depend on the size of the room where the candles are being held. Just remember to NOT light, too, much as even the most subtle smell can be annoying when released in huge, conspicuous amounts.

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