Best Screw Extractor Reviews 2017

Do you have a damaged screw in any of your equipment? We know it’s so hard to unscrew something especially if the screw has been embedded for a long period time. Rust and other environmental elements might’ve also caused the screw to get stuck and hard to take out without completely breaking the furniture or equipment. The only possible way for you to take the screw out is to use a screw remover. But with the numerous brands, type, and make of the screw extractors available it might be hard for you to choose the best one. We know how hard it is to research and compare the different extractors so to help you out, we listed the best screw extractors below.

Product Stop Inc. Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set

Looking for something that could take out even the most stubborn of screws? Then this Product Stop Inc. damaged screw remover might just be what you need. It’s specifically specialized to take out those stubborn screws that might’ve been broken, blistered, or rusted over time. It’s a 2-in-1 drill bit and extractor that is compatible to most drill sets so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting the one you have at home.This screw extractor is also double tempered making it extremely durable and so it won’t break after just a few uses.

This screw extractor from Product stop is great for those looking for a heavy duty extractor that doesn’t only do quality work but is also long lasting. If in case your extractor breaks or if you’re not satisfied with how it works then you can get your money back with the three year warranty that this product offers.

Alden 8440P Pro Grabit Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor

For anyone who has used a drill even just a simple screwdriver you know how hard it is to keep your tool from wandering and keeping it centered. If you’re tired of this problem then this screw extractor from Alden might be the perfect tool for you. It has a self centering tip that prevents it from walking off or getting off your screw. This is also two-step so you can extract and drill without having to buy another tool. It’s tempered twice to increase its hardness and durability. This kit gives you not only one but four screw extractors so you won’t have to worry about loosing one and not having a backup.

This screw extractor is a great durable tool that doesn’t only does the job but also helps you do the job properly. It can also extract even stripped screws that have been degraded by time. However, this screw extractor received mixed reviews from its consumers.

Aisxle Damaged Screw Extractor and Remove Set

This Aisxle screw extractor also promises customer satisfaction and back it up with a 100% money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product or if it breaks. It also offers quick extraction that has no fuss due to its serrated extraction end that bites into the damaged screw. It’s compatible with most drills and can extract almost all types of screws.

Despite all the promises that the manufacturers have, this extractor seems to have disappointed a lot of its consumers. Although by there were those who were satisfied with its quality there are more who had not so good experiences with it. There were a couple of complaints about the base shredding and not being able to extract tougher screws.

Moody Tools 58-0670 6-Piece Slot/Phil/Screw Extractor Combo Reversible Driver Set

If you’re looking for something to extract screws from your smaller equipment, then you might want to consider getting this screw extractor from Moody Tools. It has six interchangeable anodized heads to you can switch between using this tool as a screwdriver and a screw extractor. It’s made of hardened metal which ensures quality and durability. It’s handle is made of aluminum making it durable and lightweight.

This screw extractor is one of the only ones on the list that doesn’t need a drill. It’s also a great handy tool to have since you’ll have a screw extractor and screw driver in just one tool. Since this screw extractor is small, it can unscrew even the smallest screws that wouldn’t be possible with the bigger screw extractors on this list. This Moody Tools extractor also received great reviews from its customers. Showing that this extractor is not just all talk but actually delivers.

Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set by Hitecera

This screw remover from Hitecera specializes on removing those screws that are stripped, broken, stuck, or damaged. It can also remove screws that are rusted and can’t be removed using normal screw extractors. This is made of hardened steel and was tempered twice so it’s extra hard and you’re sure that it’ll be durable enough to last you a long time. One set also contains four screw extractors so you’ll have three extra spares if you lose one.

This screw extractor received mostly positive reviews from its customers. They were all impressed at how well the extractor works and that it does what is advertised. There also those who’ve tried using various extractors but only this kit was able to unscrew the stripped or rusted screw.

Irwin Hanson Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set

If you’re looking at extracting more than one type and one size of screw then this Irwin Hanson extractor might be what you need. This kit has 25 heads that you can choose depending on what size you need. If you’re also not sure about which attachment to use you don’t need to scratch your head and try them all since each attachment has a specified size to guide you. It’s designed to remove broken studs, bolts, and socket screws.

This extractor also received great reviews from its customers. They all loved how easy it is to use and how it was able to extract screws easily and with no problems. This screw extractor is a great choice for those who need to extract screws from tight places where drills would have hard time reaching. It also gives you the freedom to choose between various heads that would fit the screw you need to extract.

Rioa Damaged Screw Remover Set.

This screw extractor set from Rioa has four different extractors. The extractors fit any drill and any size of screw. This makes it a great alternative fort hose who don’t necessarily want all the 25 heads that Irwin Hanson has. This extractor is also made of quality steel that is durable and won’t break even when faced with the most stubborn and rusted of screws.

This is a great quality product that does the job and is still extremely affordable. It also received rave reviews from its consumers. They were impressed at how easily it’s able to extract screw and how well it works even on the most rusted and damaged screws. Above all, they really loved that the extractor is able to do the job and is able to extract screws that other extractor had a hard time with. The biggest thing that they were impressed about is that it’s able to do all these despite the affordable price that it has. This just shows again that price doesn’t equate to durability nor performance.

Speed Out Extractor HSS Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor

This extractor from speed out offers fast and easy screw extraction. It can extract broken, damaged, rusted, and split screws that are hard to unscrew using normal means. It’s a tough durable extractor that will last even after numerous use. It’s a 2-in-1 device that can not only extract screw but also attach it. This extractor also received great reviews from its consumers. They were impressed that the extractor did what is advertised and is able to extract quickly and easily. The price is also a huge plus for this tool since it’s extremely affordable but still gives you quality performance.

What to Look For

With the list that we’ve provided above, a lot might still be confused on how to choose the best extractor tool for them. There might even be some who already have a choices but can’t seem to choose just one or maybe you just don’t know what qualities to look for in the first place. Don’t worry anymore because we’ve listed below the top qualities that you should look for in a great screw extractor that would hopefully help you choose the best one for you.

  1. Type – There are two types of screw extractors: spiral fluted and straight fluted. Spiral fluted screws are also known as easy out and are normally left-handed for use on right-handed threads. A slight drawback to these spiral fluted screws is that it can actually tighten the screw instead of loosening it due to its wedging action. Straight fluted screws, on the other hand, has no wedging and has less chance of tightening the screw even further. The drawback to this, however, is that it needs a drill and tool that is exactly the same size as the screw making it less convenient and even sometimes needing to have their own drill included in the kit.
  2. Type of screw –There are numerous types of screws, there’s the Philips, the hex, and others. When purchasing your screw extractor you must first determine what kind of screw you have. Afterwards, you should check if the screw extractor works on the type of screw you have. This would help you narrow down your choices and you won’t waste time in getting one that doesn’t fit your need.
  3. Durability – With every product that you buy, durability must be one of the top things that you should consider. Durable screw extractors shouldn’t get any scratches or bends even when extracting screws that are stuck or extremely damaged. Durability would also be tested if you accidentally drop your extractor, if it doesn’t have any debts then you purchased a good, quality product. Another thing about durability is the misconception that having a high price tag would also mean the best or most durable product. With the numerous advances, this doesn’t hold true in all cases anymore. So you must weigh the price as well as the durability of the product.
  4. Effectivity –The screw extractor must not only be durable but must also perform as promised. It should also be able to extract even the most damaged of screws. The ease and how quick the screws are extracted is also another sign of the extractor being effective. If the screws are extracted easily and without much strain and effort, then it’s a great tool. It should also be able to accomplish this without getting any damage or worse damaging the surface of your equipment or furniture.


We hope that with the tips and lists we’ve provided you’d be able to choose the best screw extractor for your need and for your screw. When choosing the best extractor screw you should remember to take all things into consideration. Don’t just focus on one feature but look at all of it as a whole. You should first consider the type of extractor you have that would fit the type of screw that you have. The price should also match the quality and durability of the product. Getting an expensive extractor doesn’t ensure that you’re getting a durable one or one that works as promised. However, getting cheaper ones might actually be more expensive in the long run if you always find the need to purchase a new one because it often breaks.

Overall, having a screw extractor is a great thing. It would save you from having to stress out over those stubborn screws. It will also save you time and money that you always waste when you hire professional contractors just to finish your projects that have been stalled by damaged screws.

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