Best Sea Salt Spray Reviews 2017

Best sea salt spray is a must-have item especially during warm, humid days in which your hair becomes more prone to damage. Do you notice that during the Summer, your hair achieves a certain look and feel of being more wavy and voluminous – especially if you spend the day in the beach? That’s the effect of salt water. The good news is that you don’t need to wait for summertime just to achieve gorgeous, sexy-looking hair that makes you turn heads.

You can add more natural waves so your hair doesn’t look limp and lifeless with the use of a bottle of sea salt spray. Convenient, isn’t it? And what’s even better is that sea salt spray keeps your hair healthy. Below, you’ll find a list of the best ones.

Beauty For Real (SOUTH) BEACH SPRAY Conditioning Texture + Light Hold

Containing sea water extracts that guarantee to keep your tresses soft all day, this spray by Beauty For Real has been designed for people of all hair types. Though it enhances the waves of your hair, you can be sure that it won’t be stiff and dry.

Unlike some sprays that have a synthetic, unnatural smell, this spray leaves a sea scent on you hair. Overall, you’ll feel like you’ve just had a lovely summer day at the beach! If you’re curious about its natural ingredients, it contains coconut oil and sea salt.

Dollylocks Nag Champa Dreadlock Tightening Spray

If you need to maintain your dreadlocks and keep it tight and neat all day, Dollylocks tightening spray will be your ultimate option. I’m sure you know how well you should maintain your hairdo so as to make it look great and avoid any kind of unwanted damage.

Dreadlocks can leave your scalp dry and your tresses looking frizzy. People who love styling their hair leave themselves no other option and go for typical hair sprays. These sprays contain synthetic ingredients that only provide a temporary aesthetic effect. With Dollylocks, your hair will be well tamed and healthy at the same time. It contains organic ingredients like Hawaiian sea salt and coconut water.

I highly recommend this to you if you would also love a baby powder scent that’s just right – not too weak and not too strong. Make Dollylocks on top of your list and you’ll be hooked with its lasting benefits for your dreadlocks. Definitely worth a try.

Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray for Unisex

It doesn’t matter whether you have thin hair or thick hair, or whether it’s super straight or a bit wavy. This salt spray by Davines provides more volume to your hair depending on your personal preference. What makes this salt spray stand out is that its formulation doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your hair, unlike other salt sprays in the market. Nobody likes sticky hair because it just doesn’t look natural!

With Davines sea salt spray, your hair is guaranteed to look naturally wavy. Plus, it leaves a refreshing sweet scent that’s simply irresistable. You can apply Davines sea salt spray on dry or damp hair – definitely for any person who’s on the go!

All you have to do to apply this effectively is to start with the roots of your hair. Instead of using a comb, use your fingers to spread evenly. Containing safe and natural ingredients that’ll give your hair a lasting wavy effect all day long, you’ll surely be satisfied with Davines!

Captain Blankenship – Organic Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Captain Blankenship offers you the magic of the Pacific Ocean – in an amazing bottle of organic sea salt hair spray! You might be asking: What makes this hair spray stand out from the rest? Well, it makes your hair grow even faster in addition to adding more volume, shine, and hydration. For so long, people who experience baldness have a hard time finding the right product. This hairspray obviously caters to multiple needs at once.

And nope – this hair spray doesn’t smell like the ocean. It smells like rosewater. That’s a real bonus for a lot of women. If you don’t like the the smell to linger unlike other sprays, don’t worry because this sea salt spray’s scent dissipates within minutes. This will be beneficial to you if you’ve got asthma problems.

Schwarzkopf Got2b 2sexy Voluptuous Volume Studio Size Hairspray

Got2b 2sexy Voluptuous Volume Studio Size Hairspray, 12 Ounce

Are you looking for a spray that gives your hair an extra hold especially during hot, harsh weather? Schwarzkopf has been popular for its unparalleled selection of hair styling products and this spray is no exception. Although Got2b 2sexy offers a maximum hold to your hair, it’ll look natural. Plus, this one won’t leave any white flakes unlike other hair sprays!

If you have thick, unruly hair, you will find this spray more appealing than other similar products in the market. It’ll cater to your needs – whether you’re going out for a day under the sun or attend an important occasion. This will give you a celebrity look that other people cannot help but really admire.

If you choose to apply this on your wet hair, make sure to comb it first before spraying the product. You can then blow dry your hair to have it styled exactly the way you like. Once you try this hair spray, you’ll have a hard time leaving home without it!

Sun Bum Beach Formula Hair Care

Most of the time, humidity can cause your hair to look frizzy and dull. And when it’s summer, you can’t help but have fun at the beach. You might be wondering, is there any product that’s capable of protecting your hair from the sun so you can have worry-free summer days? Actually there is.

Featuring healthy ingredients you can rarely find in other hair products such as Quinoa, Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, and Banana Blend, this hair care spray by Sun Bum guarantees to lock in your hair’s moisture and vibrant color. This way, your hair will look gorgeous at the same time safeguarded from harmful UV rays.

With this hair care spray, you’ll have naturally healthy waves and curls. There’s no need for you to visit a salon and end up having your hair treated which will eventually leave it damaged after repeated sessions. Also, you’ll be able to easily wash this product off. No need to waste a bottle of shampoo and conditioner anymore. Why spend money on something that doesn’t offer you real, lasting results?

ORIBE Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

Some people are looking for salt sprays that are totally safe for their treated hair. If you’re one of these people, this sea salt spray by ORIBE is what you’re looking for. Whether your hair is wet or dry, you can apply this great product any way you like! After applying ORIBE, you can leave your hair to dry or use blower if you’re in a hurry.

What I can attest with this amazing sea salt spray is that it gives natural waves to your hair, allowing you to achieve a supermodel look – like those you see on commercials with bouncy hair. Definitely a dream come true. Oh and by the way, it adds a beautiful glossy effect without feeling sticky.

And since ORIBEApres Beach Wave and Shine Spray comes in a bottle that’s mess-free, you’ll be able to carry this with you on all your travels – whether you’re going on a date night or have a weekend trip to the Caribbean.

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Some women who have short hair have a difficult time finding the best sea salt spray that would give them the kind of volume they desire to achieve a more stylish, sexy look. No worries – Sexy Hair sea salt spray is the ultimate solution for this hair dilemma. And if you’re fond of combing your hair using your fingers to achieve an early morning look, you can further enhance the effect using this spray.

What you’ll appreciate the most with this spray is that you don’t have to go overboard with its application. Just use asmall amount on your hair starting at the back and it’ll help youstyle it the way you like. You’ll be able to use this great product for a longer time. And if you don’t wash your hair at night (which means that you’ll be leaving this product on), your hair will never feel greasy.

Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Leave in Sun Spray

True to its name, Coco Cabana Leave in Sun Spray by Fair Tales is ideally applied after you have a day of swimming under the heat of the sun! This sun spray is designed to seal your hair from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun while keeping it moist.

You’ll be surprised that this spray is actually gluten-free. I mean, it’s very hard finding gluten-free hair sprays in the market. So this is definitely worth spending your money on. If you like combing your hair with your fingers, you’ll be able to do so without any hassle after spraying this product. Plus, it’ll make brushing your hair much easier to do.

By the way, both kids and adults will be able to use this amazing product. And it’s not only made for people who swim in sea water. It’s also a must-have for those whose tresses are exposed with chlorinated water. It leaves a tropical scent and is really comfortable to the scalp.

Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray

Want a spray that’s infused with natural sunflower oil to give your hair the glow and volume you desire for so long? Wait no longer becauseFekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray is what you’re looking for. You’ll feel gorgeous with this spray because it has been inspired by the celebrity stylist Frédéric Fekkai.

Some sea salt spray products leave your hair messy, dull and frizzy. This product is light and won’t leave your hair to dry out. You’ll be able to use it while regardless of whether your hair is damp or dry. If you often go to the beach or swim in the pool and you’re worried that your hair will eventually lose its luster, you should give this Fekkai Soleil a try.

If you have colored hair that you need to maintain, this product will provide ultimate protection all day long. You’ll be assured that your hair won’t lose its original color and shine. In fact, most hairdressers recommend this valuable spray.

David Babaii For Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray

David Babaii For Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray, 6.6-Ounce Bottle

Have you given up trying so hard to handle your unmanageable hair? If so, I’m pretty sure you’ve switched from one product to another and have been disappointed with the same, unreliable results. Dryness and fly-aways are pretty hard to deal with and causes bad hair day.

If you want to add life an texture to your hair while ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged, you need a reliable styling beach spray with organic ingredients such as David Babaii For Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray. You’ll find this to be the most promising hair product that will give you natural waves and doing more. If you hate strong scented products, this David Babaii spray will be your best option.

You can use this immediately right after having a nice shower or each time you notice your hair getting limp and flat. This mainly lifts very fine hair without feeling stiff – a great life saver!


These great selection of sea salt sprays do wonders for your hair. Not only will each product add more volume to your hair, it will also keep your locks shiny, well-moisturized, and smelling great. You’ll realize that typical hair sprays don’t offer these huge benefits in a single spray bottle.

When choosing the best sea salt spray, it’s important that you check its overall effect on your hair. Remember that your hair has its unique needs. What works for other hair types may or may not work for you. But what makes these sea salt sprays a wonderful deal for you is that they are all infused with organic ingredients which means that they’re totally safe to use anytime and anyplace. These sprays are definitely a bang for your buck.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the heat of the sun while having fun!

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