Best Security Alarm Reviews 2017

In today’s world, we can never be 100% secure anywhere in the world. We never know when we’ll be at the receiving end of a security threat. While there is no guarantee about safety, we can always try to minimize the risks involved.

One such method is using the security alarms. They make sure you are aware of what’s happening around you, outside your homes, in your offices, or just about any place where you’d like to keep an eye.

In this article, we will discuss security alarms in detail. We will list down some of the top security alarm systems and kits available on the market and talk about their features and functionality. By the end of this post, you will know the things you must look for when buying a security alarm kit for yourself.

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

One of the most popular security alarm brands, 1byone, brings to you one of its latest products. This new security alarm is basically a driveway alarm capable of motion detection. You can choose from over 35 different melodies for the alarm and it has a communication range of up to 100 meters.

With the detection range of around 5-8 meters, this security alarm makes sure you are aware of everything happening around your house at any time. This affordable security camera has 3 mode choices such as Sound, LED, or both; and 3 alert choices from high to low volumes.

Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm

This driveway security alarm is brought to you by Mighty Mule. One of the top security alarms out there, this device instantly alerts you when a vehicle enters or leaves your driveway. It is designed to detect mass metal moving within a radius of 3-12 feet of the Electromagnetic Sensor Wand which is buried right next to your driveway.

As soon as a vehicle is detected in your driveway, the transmitter wirelessly communicates with the internal base station located inside the house within 400 feet distance. It runs on 2 AA batteries and comes with a low battery indicator.

Guardline Driveway Alarm w/ Lifetime Warranty

Guardline brings to you one of the best security alarms present on the market. With this outdoor motion sensor and detector alert system, you can rest assured that your property will be safe at all times. This easy-to-install security alarm has 30 ring tones that you can choose from.

The set comes with one sensor and receiver having range of over 500 feet and allows addition of extra sensors and receivers for added security. Although, this security alarm costs more than others, it is truly one of the best and comes with lifetime warranty.

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Emergency Alarm

Vigilant Personal Protection Systems introduces you to this great security alarm deal with one of their top emergency alarms. With the sound of around 130DB, this alarm is perfect to ensure complete safety whether you are walking, jogging, working, and for self-defense.

It can produce a piercing alarm for up to an hour and is powered by AAA batteries. This user-friendly device is a cheap security alarm specially made for college and student security. It also comes with an LED flashlight that will help you in low light. This security alarm is backed by the trust of the US military.

SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set

This inexpensive security alarm is brought to you by the trusted alarm brand, Sabre. This easy-to-install wireless alarm can produce a volume of 120dB which is audible up to 750 feet away. You can also select the chime mode in this device to notify you every time the door is opened or closed.

This security alarm has been tested for its efficiency at the time of production making sure your safety is not compromised due to any glitch. It derives its power from 4 LR44 and 3 AAA batteries and comes with a low battery indicator.

What are Security Alarms?

Can you ever overemphasize the need of being secure and vigilant? We can never say when and in what form danger will strike. Every now and then our security is threatened by terrorists, thieves, criminals, and murderers.

Security alarm is our weapon that notifies us about what’s happening around us so that we have the time to avert a mishap. Security alarms are basically your way of ensuring your safety.

It is a way of calling for help and also a means to help others when you get a notification from your neighbors or friends. It enables us to take the right steps even while there is time to stop something bad from happening.

They are usually motion-detection sensors and sometimes have a security camera as a part of their system. The alarm rings as soon as the system detects any motion. It alerts you that something is happening in the driveway, in your office lobby, or wherever you have chosen to place the security system.

If the alarm rings in the middle of the night, there could be something suspicious going on or perhaps someone is seeking your help. The reality could be anything, but the most important thing is that you are alerted.

We recommend that every driveway or the entrance of a house or office should have a security alarm. It will not only provide you with a greater sense of security but it also gives you a sense of peace, which is rarely found today.

In the beginning of this article, we discussed some of the best security alarms that you could purchase from the market. In the upcoming section, we will see some factors that you must consider when looking for a good security alarm.

What to Look For

So, you have decided to take the first step toward your security. You have decided to buy a security alarm. But, before you do that, here are some of the things that will help you select the best alarm that is in-line with your needs.

First up, understand where you need the security system to be installed. Do you want to set an alarm for your driveway, inside of the house, or do you want a personal security alarm that you can take with you wherever you go? This will help you decide on the type of alarm you should consider buying.

Once you know that, take a look at the installation of the security alarm. Most security alarms are pretty easy to install, however, if you have an alarm with complex installation, then you might have to seek external help. It is good to know this before you make the purchase.

Next, think about how the system works. Is the alarm sensitive to motion or does it have some other trigger. If you need an alarm for your driveway, then a motion sensor alarm would be the best bet. Likewise, if you need an alarm with you anywhere you go, it is best to have an alarm that can be triggered manually.

The next step is to check the type of melodies and sounds that will be produced by your alarm. A good security alarm gives you quite a few melodies to choose from. Also, check the audibility range of your alarm. A driveway alarm should be audible in every part of the house.

Next, find out how the security alarm derives its power, whether it runs on electricity or batteries. If it runs on batteries, check the life of the batteries. Also, see if the alarm comes with LED flashlight. This gives you visibility during the night time.

Finally, compare the prices among the different security alarms based on the above mentioned factors. Analyze the features and functionality and make an informed decision. When comparing the prices, do not forget to go through buyers that have security camera for sale. You can grab some amazing deals and offers there.

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