Best Shampoo for Kids Reviews 2017

Having kids also means getting the best for them as well. Products that adults use are usually filled with chemicals that are too harsh for the soft and sensitive skin of children. Shampoos that we normally use also have those harsh chemicals that give them the smell and the treatment we need but children do not so it’s best if you get a shampoo that’s specifically for kids. Aside from having natural or mild ingredients these shampoos usually smell really good and makes taking a bath enjoyable for children. Most of them also have really colorful packaging and might even feature their favorite character. With the numerous kinds to choose from it’s tempting to reach out for the first one you’ll see on the shelf but making sure that your child gets the best should be on top of your list. Below is a list of the best shampoo for kids.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

Is your baby or toddler always a bit uneasy when you give them baths? Then this Burt’s Bees shampoo might be the solution to keep them calm and soothed when taking a bath. It has a lavender and vanilla smell which both helps relax your child and even you. This shampoo and wash is 99.98% natural so there’s almost zero chemicals and harsh ingredients. It’s also tear free so even if a few drops gets in your child’s eye accidentally they won’t experience any pain or feel uncomfortable.

This received great reviews from its consumers who all loved how smooth it makes their child’s hair. They also loved that it’s all natural and yet can clean really well. It also rinses well and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue in the hair. However, since it is natural it doesn’t lather as well as other shampoos so you end up using more product. This would mean that one bottle won’t last as long as with other products.

Jason Natural Cosmetics Kids Only, Daily Detangling Shampoo

Jason’s daily shampoo has natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, lavander, and sunflower extracts that keeps your child’s scalp clean and moisturized. These natural ingredients are also great to keep your child’s safe from any harsh chemicals that normal shampoo might have. Its also perfect for those with sensitive skin. If your child usually has unruly or tangled hair after a day in school or playing then this is great for de-tangling those pesky tangles and giving your child silky smooth hair.

This shampoo is perfect for those looking for a great, nourishing shampoo for their children. It contains no parabens and sulfur so there’s no danger of irritating you kid’s skin. It also comes from a great brand that’s been around since 1959 and is known to produce products that are designed to heal and protect sensitive skin of children.

Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo

Aquaphor’s baby wash and shampoo is another great product to keep your child calm and relaxed while you give him or her a bath. Unlike the other relaxing shampoo from Burt’s and Bees this one is infused with chamomile and pantheole to relax and soothe your child. This makes it a great alternative for those who aren’t fond of the lavender smell. This shampoo also has a light lather which makes it safer for children since there’s a lesser chance that the foam would get to their mouth or eyes. However, if it does get to their eyes you won’t need to worry about them feeling the sting of the product since this is tear free.

This shampoo from Aquaphore is an overall great shampoo to clean hair withhout compromising the sensitivity of children’s scalp. It’s also recommended for those who have skin problems such as eczema or skin asthma. It received great reviews from consumers who all loved the smell of the product as well as how easy it got to relax their babies whenever they use it.

Leona 3-in-1 Baby Shampoo Bubble Bath and Body Wash

Tired of having to buy numerous products and wish you can use just one product while giving your child a bath? Then this 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath, and body wash is a great fit for your needs. It’ll give you the freedom to wash you child’s ahir and bosy using just one great product. This is also vegan free and all natural so you’re not only given great functionality but great quality as well. It contains to harsh chemical so your child’s skin is safe from getting any type of irritation. It’s also tear free so no more sting and pain whenever it accidentally gets to their eye.

Leona’s shampoo is a great vegan product that doesn’t only give your child protection but also supports responsible stewardship since its cruelty-free. It received mostly positive reviews from its consumers who all loved how convenient it is to use just one product for all the bath needs of their child.

Johnson’s No More Tangles Extra Conditioning Shampoo

Johnson’s is probably one of the go-to products for anyone looking for toiletries fit for children. They produce products that are mild and perfect for the sensitive skin of children. It’s also an overall great brand which produces quality products like their No More Tangles shampoo. This is the perfect product to prevent any tangles from forming in your child’s hair and from eliminating any tangles that’re already present. It’s dermatologically tested and has a no tear formula.

Coming from a well known brand you’re sure that the quality would be great since its been tested by time. You also won’t have to worry about having a hard time looking for it since it’s readily available in any of your local stores. It received mostly positive reviews from its consumers; showing that they don’t only talk the talk but also walks the walk

Fresh Monster 2-in-1 Kids Shampoo & Conditioner

Looking for a great way to involve you kiddies more when during bath time? Want to make bath time more fun for you kids? Then this Fresh Monster shampoo is a great way to do just that! It’s pump gives your child the freedom to put as many or as little shampoo they want. It also allows for a fun and exciting bath experience that’ll make them want to take more baths. This is a 2-in-1 formula that lets you condition and clean with just one product. It’s toxin-free formula makes it perfect for kids who have sensitive and milder skin.

Fresh Monster shampoos are great way to condition your child’s hair to keep it smooth and silky. It has has natural coconut extracts that gives the shampoo a natural coconut smell so if you’re not fond of coconuts then it’s best to not pick this product up. It received mostly positive reviews from its consumers. They loved that their child’s hair felt soft and silky after every use and their hair never tangles anymore. They also really like the smell and how the scent stay on their child’s hair for a long time.

L’Oreal Kids Strawberry Smoothie 2-in-1 Shampoo

L’Oréal is another brand which is well-known for its shampoos, hair care products, and cosmetics. It’s been in the industry for years so it’s been tested and has stood the test of time so it’s no wonder why it’s shampoo for kids is included in our list. This shampoo is another 2-in-1 product which combines the cleaning properties of shampoo with the softening properties of conditioners. It also has a great raspberry smell which would keep you kid interested and excited for bath time. This scent will also keep them smelling good and fresh all day. It’s not only dermatologically tested but also tested by ophthalmologists to prove that it really is tear free.

This shampoo from L’Oréal received great reviews from consumers. They loved how thick the formula of the shampoo is making it more long lasting and prevents over spilling even when your kids are he ones who gets the shampoo from the bottles. This shampoo form L’Oréal is an overall great product that gives you the scent and smoothness that you want from any shampoo. It’s also really cheap so buying it won’t create a whole in your pocket

Suave Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash

Suave is another brand that’s recognizable to a lot of people. This kid’s shampoo from Suave also has a raspberry smell that entices kids and makes them want to actually have bath time. Aside from the scent, the characters in the bottle of the shampoo would also give your child added incentive to take a bath. It’s also a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that’ll give your kid’s hair the clean and smooth hair that they would hopefully have until they grow up. This shampoo is also hypoallergenic making it a great fit even for those who have sensitive skin.

This kids shampoo from Suave also received great reviews from its consumers who all loved how gentle it is. They also loved how it smells and how it makes their child excited for bath time when before it was so hard for them to convince and to give their child a bath.

What to Look For

Even with the list above there’s still probably a few of you who are confused on which one to choose. Maybe there’s also a few of you of still have a few top choices and still need a few more tips to narrow it down. So we’ve listed down what to look for in a really good shampoo for kids that would narrow down your list and hopefully you’ll be able to choose the best one for your children.

  1. Mild ingredients. The first thing that you should look for in any great shampoo are the mild ingredients. Kid’s scalps are really sensitive and would normally not have the strength to fight against the harmful effects of the really harsh ingredients of some shampoos. Looking for a shampoo that’s made of ingredients specifically for sensitive skin would protect and moisturize your child’s scalp.
  2. Scent. A lot of kids aren’t really fond of taking baths so anyway to get your children to enjoy getting clean is a huge plus. Shampoos that have a great smell are known to bring out even the most reluctant of children out of their hiding place and making the bee line to the bathroom. You just need to find that scent that your children love and you’re good to go.
  3. Hair type. Even if most younger children don’t really have a full set of hair yet, toddlers and school age kids do and its best to know what type of hair they have. Even children’s shampoo have specific hair types that they cater to and using one that’s for your child is a great move to giving them great hair that would last them a lifetime.
  4. Price. When we say price it doesn’t have to be the cheapest it just has to be cost effective. This means taht you should get what you pay for or even more than what you pay for. The price should also reflect how long you’d be able to use the product. So if you pay more but the bottle would get used up in a longer period of time then it would be cheaper in the end.


Shampoos are a staple to any daily routine so it’s only right that you get the best one for your child’s needs. It’s best to look at the overall benefits of the shampoo and not just what looks to be great. It’s also great if you could include your child in making the decision once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the one’s you’re sure will be great fro them. Knowing how important giving the best to your kids is, we hope that the tips and list we’ve given you would help you in your hunt.

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