Best Shave Gel Reviews 2017

When you take a shower and decide to get your legs back to being presentable, shaving is the way to go. But usually we resort to soaps for that efficient razor glide we want but they aren’t enough because most often than not, they leave our legs dry aggravated by the inconvenient razor friction. If you want an effortless and cleanest shave possible, then the best shave gel is something you can count on. A lathered shave gel gives your skin a smooth surface for the razor to glide on without too much friction needed.

Nivea Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel

From one of the leading homes of skin care and beauty care products, Nivea Men’s Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin is right where it should be in the list.

Most men aren’t finicky by nature. In fact, they aren’t after the brands of anything they use. For example in the groceries, when they see something that says soap, then that’s it. No more looking around and comparing which soap bubbles better than the other or which one comes from a popular brand with commercials that are always up on TV. They’re all about the general purpose so let’s give this one to them.

Nivea Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel is for men with sensitive skin. This shaving gel has an extra-thick texture, giving the skin a smooth surface for the razor to efficiently glide on without too much friction necessary. At the same time it protects sensitive skin from razor burns and other minor irritations that may come from shaving. Not only does it help men in having an effortless shaving but also guarantees to leave their skin smooth and soft with its moisturizing and soothing effect courtesy of its aloe ingredient. The product comes in a 7-oz spray bottle and also includes other active ingredients such as Chamomile extract and Vitamin E which are essentially good for the skin and can keep it healthy-looking. In addition to its gentle effect, it’s also alcohol-free so it won’t leave the skin dry.

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel is also from one of the most reputable homes of body care and skin care products. This shave gel, as its name suggests, has a therapeutic effect which goes beyond after shaving and even when you step out of the shower.

Coming in a 7-oz canister, this one is actually cheap for a shave gel that exceptionally delivers on its main purpose and has so much more to offer. This shave gel turns into a rich foam once lathered and gives the skin a smooth surface where the razor can effortlessly glide on. It leaves the skin satisfyingly stubble-free and soft as well. Talking about its therapeutic effects, this shave gel is filled with all the essentials which are good for the skin. It has a soothing natural oatmeal ingredient, moisturizing lubricant that hydrates the skin, and many more. The protection it offers also ensures sensitive will be spared the razor bumps and dryness plus it has no added fragrance. This is mainly intended for women but men can also enjoy it, too. Shake a little before use and it’s good to go.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shave Gel

Gillette is one of the largest and most reputable brands of men’s shaving solutions but is popularly known for its razors. It’s even somehow acceptable to say that razor is almost synonymous with Gillette. And this early on, we can expect so much from Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shave Gel.

This shave gel comes in a 5.9-oz soft bottle. It has a transparent texture and doesn’t bubble or create foam when applied to wet face. Men can effortlessly and accurately shave their facial hair because this gel has a non-foaming feature. The added advanced lubricant is also very convenient because it minimizes the friction of skin surface and reduces razor touch for an incredible shaving comfort. It’s uniquely formulated as well with active ingredients that leave the skin smooth and hydrated after every use. One useful ingredient that can be found in this gel is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice that provides moisturizing and soothing aftershave effect.

Edge Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel

Edge Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel is another shaving gel for men with sensitive skin. Other than making shaving a whole lot easier just like most shaving gels in the market, this one doesn’t leave skin dry with red bumps.

The product comes in a 7-oz canister. The shave gel itself has a foamy texture and is packed with moisturizers and more lubricants that reduce friction to get your razor gliding on your face without much effort. This leaves the skin smooth with guarantee no razor burns after. It also has a cooling conditioner included in the ingredients so your face becomes refreshed every after shaving. The aloe content also adds up to the protection effect of this gel because not only does it leave your skin hydrated but it’s non-irritating on sensitive skin as well. It also guarantees to protect your face and help prevent nicks, cuts, painful razor burns, or possible irritation. The cool and fresh feeling right after you shave is a good kick to start the day.

Gillette 3x Action Shave Gel

f regular shaving irritates your skin or causes small bumps to appear after, Gillette 3x Action Shave Gel can help you with that. For extra sensitive skin, this shave gel can guarantee you a smooth-sailing shaving without the extra friction and leaves skin smooth after.

This shave gel has a 3x action formula that hydrates, protects, and refreshes skin. Its hydrating effect is courtesy of its aloe ingredient which soothes skin and moisturizes at the same time. The protection is covered by the lubricating ingredients that turn your skin smooth for the razor to effortlessly glide on and without the friction, your skin is saved from razor burns, possible nicks, or even red bumps. It also has a light fragrance to ensure freshness every after shaving. This anti-friction gel is packed with all the essentials that are good for the skin so you can have that healthy-looking face all the time.

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, 8oz

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel is another shave gel for the ladies again this time. If you want to say goodbye to long pants and wear shorts once more, this shave gel can help you with that by giving you a shaving solution that isn’t rough on your legs. Literally.

This new and advanced shave gel is uniquely formulated with more essential ingredients that make shaving more effortless and leave your skin nourished. It gives razor a seamless glide on your legs by making it smoother and minimizing the friction between your skin and the razor itself. This effect can also protect you from cuts or post-shaving irritation such as nicks, red bumps, or painful razor burns. Not only does it offer protection but it also hydrates and moisturizes your skin each time, leaving it healthy and glowing with all the essentials working on it. You can also use it on other areas that need shaving like bikini area, underarms, and other intimate portions of your skin as it offers maximum coverage.

Gillette Fusion Shave Gel

Gillette is really dominating our list this time. Gillette Fusion Shave Gel is for someone who has an extra-sensitive skin that gets irritated at the slightest friction.

This shave gel is formulated with an advanced glide technology. You can pour a generous amount of the gel on your palm and gently rub over wet skin to create a rich foam for a surprisingly smooth, close shave. It leaves your skin clean and stubble-free even, and has active ingredients that also hydrate and moisture for healthy-looking skin every after shaving. Its technology also ensures no red bumps, nicks, or painful razor burns after. This shave gel has a slight fragrance that’s isn’t irritating even to the sensitive skin. The product comes in a sleek canister of 7 ounce.

Gillette Body Non Foaming Shave Gel

Gillette Body Shave Gel is a maximum coverage shave gel exclusively for men. This product comes in a soft bottle of 5.9 ounce. This shave gel is intended for use when shaving any part of your body, and has a rich gel formula which makes it great for use during shower.

It also has the advanced lubricants of other shave gels so it’s easier for you to shave without the inconvenient friction of the razor against your skin. This gel is formulated with the vital essentials as well to make your skin look healthy and feel healthy every after shaving plus the refreshing feeling as you step out of the shower will absolutely satisfy you.

Gillette Venus Violet Swirl Shave Gel

Gillette isn’t just about making men happy. Gillette Venus Violet Swirl Shave Gel is for the ladies out there who want to shave those leg hair off without the hassle of a rough glide.

This shave gel has a touch of Olay so we’re guaranteed it’ll leave skin smooth and flawless after every shave. It’s formulated to protect skin against dryness and has five times more moisturizer than most shave gels. Since your skin is prone to losing moisture when using razors because they’re hard on the skin along with the friction, this shave can protect you from that. It also has an ultra-creamy formula which prevents nicks, redness, bumps, or even razor burns. It comes as set of two canisters of the shave gel and 7 ounces each. With the combination of Gillette and Olay, you already know you’re getting the best solutions with satisfying results.

What to Look For

Shaving is essentially one way of boosting one’s self-confidence. This is generally for both men and women. For men, shaving is a big part of their lives because hair growth is apparent on their faces in the form of beards, mustache, or even sideburns. It is a regular routine for them which some men do daily and some others only every now and then. There are even men who grow their facial hair into long beards. But for men whose jobs require a clean and neat look without the extra facial hair that usually attracts attention, shaving is important.

On the other hand, women find it unattractive to have hair on their legs because for them, one standard of a great and beautiful pair of legs is being flawless. And by flawless, they mean without the annoying hair because a smooth and soft skin isn’t just enough when your sexy legs have the hairiness of a man’s legs. Women are naturally into fashion as well so they dress in different styles and tank tops aren’t out of the possible options. To pull off a sleeveless top without having people bulging their eyes at you, not because you look good in it, but your armpit is quite attractive (not in a good way though), shaving your underarms is important.

But shaving has its ups and downs. Sometimes shaving can cause irritation to sensitive skin because of the razor’s friction. This is the reason why shave gels came into the market and right now we already have plenty of shave gel options to choose from. It’s necessary that in picking out what shave gel to use, put your skin sensitivity into consideration. If your skin gets irritated after regular shaving, then it’s best to choose shave gels that make your skin smooth during shaving so razors can glide easily and at the same time leave your skin refreshed, hydrated, and moisturized.


We’ve already got many variants of shave gels in the market and each one claims to be better than the others. There are shave gels exclusive to each gender and some offer an advanced formulation that’s safe on sensitive skin. It’s very important to read the ingredients available in each shave gel (details about the product are usually printed on its canister itself) because there might be an active ingredient in which you’re allergic or sensitive to. You’re going to apply it on yourself in the first place so safety should be the first priority in choosing a shave gel.

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