Best Shaving Cream for Men Reviews 2017

Men, admit it or not, want to use the best shaving cream in the market. We just don’t readily pick up and use the first available shaving cream on the grocery store anymore. We, men, take care of our bodies, too! We want to protect our face from irritable chemicals. We don’t want our skin to have rashes and redness after shaving. Say it! What we want is to look good on our dates, to be confident on our business meetings and to be feel awesome even at home!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Prepare yourself to be pampered with the highest- rated shaving cream on the list of best shaving creams for men. It is the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream. Known to be a reputable brand of shaving creams, the Taylor of Old Bond Street not only offers shaving creams but also style and quality. At the top of the heap is the Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

The Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream is a product specially formulated to give every bearded man the feeling of being taken care of. The product moisturizes the face as you start to shave. It also prevents irritation on the skin. Because the product includes the bowl, you won’t have to worry of having to look for different tools for shaving. All you have to do is lather up and start shaving with your favorite razor!

The Sandalwood Shaving Cream combines the scent of sandalwood, cedar, lavender and rosemary. Picture this: you are sitting on a rotating chair in a ‘50s barbershop and then a subtle smell of the shaving cream floats through the air. Can you imagine that? Well, that is the smell of the product, but only better!

Cremo Original Shave Cream

Another known brand in the shaving world is Cremo. The company says that it is “astonishingly superior”, and indeed, it is! It ranks the second highest on our list of best shaving creams for men!

The Cremo brand provides performance, value and convenience for its customers. You may ask why. Well, for performance, the Cremo Shaving Cream is formulated to create a seemingly effortless shaving. The cream also gives protection to the skin and reduces redness and nicks. The combination of oils and plant extracts enhances the experience of having a clean shave. For value, the Cremo Shaving Cream lasts a long time because all you need is a small amount of the product for every shave. For convenience, Cremo makes sure that it is readily available to customers who crave for a hassle-free shave.

If you want shaving with almost no effort, then you want to use Cremo Shaving Cream. Like most brands, it has lubrication that makes shaving easy. The company boasts that it is foam-free, assuring its customers that what they get is actual shaving lubrication and not useless air. The end product? Clean shave with no nicks and cuts! You will surely look awesome with this product!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

The next three on the list belongs to one brand- Taylor of Old Bond Street. Brief history: the founder of the brand is Jeremiah Taylor. He created the company in 1854 and gained popularity among the British for its products. Its flagship store can be found in London.

The Taylor of Old Bond Street brand provides elegance and quality to all its consumers. They have created a line of beauty and skin care products for those who seek luxury, comfort, convenience and great experience. One of their most known products is their shaving creams.

The second Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream on the list is the Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin. As the name says, it is the cream for the truly “sensitive” men, sensitive skin, that is. If you know that your skin gets easily irritated and dries fast when you put facial products, you have to use this product. It is made of a combination of ingredients to protect your skin and to help you use the razor effortlessly as you shave. You will also like the fragrance of the product, a combination of lemon, lime, lavender with a touch of patchouli, musk and amber.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Shaving Cream

The next Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream on the list is the Eton College Shaving Cream Jar. This product gives a touch of citrus notes of lemon, orange and mandarin. The scent is not overpowering, just enough to give the user a masculine fragrance. The product also contains essential oils to soothe the skin.

A debate has been on-going about which smells better- the Eton College Shaving Cream or the Sandalwood. Well, it really depends on the user. It is very much subjective on which scent you want to smell like after shaving, the scent of Sandalwood or the scent of Citrus. Since the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood ranks first on this list, I will assume that more men like the smell more, probably because sandalwood scent is just like the smell of the shaving creams used in old barbershops. Either way, you can never go wrong with either of the two, coming from the same brand. You can try both and decide for yourself what you want more.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint Shave Cream

Read this: if you want the mint scent, get this product. Period.

Taylor of Old Bond Street has really gotten the formula right with their shaving creams! It is the fourth TOBS brand that we have on our list of best shaving creams for men! It’s all about choices, right men? After we use sandalwood, we can use the Eton College Collection. After Eton College, we then try Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin. Then, we try something new. We choose the Peppermint Shaving Cream.

The Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint Shave Cream contains essential oils to soothe and keep your skin smooth. It also has moisturizing qualities to maintain your soft skin. It also provides excellent lather. The main difference in the other TOBS brands is the scent it gives, which is peppermint.

You like brushing your teeth. And most, if not all, loves the minty taste after. The same experience is given by the TOBS Peppermint Shaving Cream. The peppermint scent gives that clean and refreshing feeling of shaving! You may or may not use a brush to lather the cream on your face. The exhilarating effect is the same. You will still have that manly shave and manly scent after.

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream

If you like the smell of sandalwood, then one other choice for that scent on the list is this Shaving Cream from The Art of Shaving brand. Although it is second to the last in our list for the best shaving cream for men, don’t underestimate it. Lots of consumers rave about this product because of the shaving experience they got when using the cream.

The sandalwood, or “old barbershop” smell really gets a lot of loyal users because of the feeling they have after shaving. The smell is also not overpowering. The Art of Shaving Cream also contains coconut oil to soothe skin. The product also moisturizes and softens the skin.

Same as other products on the list, the Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream is rich with glycerin that keeps your skin smooth and clean.

HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream, Mentholated

Are you thinking of shaving those locks? Looking for that alternative look? Is having a shaved head the way to go? Then the HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is the product created just for you! This shaving cream is made for the scalp so that the razor blade slides effortlessly on your head. It not only helps in shaving but also cares for your skin because a lot of its ingredients include different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and Vitamin D. It also has essential oils that help soothe the skin. It also has aloe vera gel that cures different conditions of the scalp like dandruff, itchy scalp and others.

The HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is a no-fuss product that has no perfumes and no dyes. You just get a small amount to shave your head and you are good to go! The product can last for a long time, depending on your hair growth and frequency of shaving. But on average, you can get a great number of uses with this product.

If you both shave your head and your beard, then look no further! Although the The HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is specially designed for the scalp, most consumers also use the product in shaving hair on other parts of the body! So if you really want to look clean-shaven all over, then the HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is the product for you.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

Sometimes, our body reacts differently to certain chemicals contained in skincare products. We may have allergies to some artificial ingredients of shaving creams. We may become irritated. Our lips and skin may swell. In the worst case scenario, we may become hospitalized. Good thing, we have a lot of natural options in the market. An example is the last on our list of best shaving creams for men. It is the Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream. It contains only ingredients that are guaranteed natural, some of which are seed oil, fruit extracts, glycerin and flower extracts.

The Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream is light on the skin and keeps it healthy and soft. It also helps you save a lot because you only need to use a small amount per shave.

What to Look For

First, look at the ingredients first. If you are sensitive to artificial chemicals then don’t use that type of shaving cream. Opt to a shaving cream that has ingredients that are all natural. Second, look at the scent of the shaving cream. Chances are, after using the cream, you will still smell the scent of it long after shaving. Choose a scent that you are comfortable with. You do not want to be sneezing all day or all night long. Choose the size that is right for you. If you want a travel buddy shaving cream, choose a small size. Other than that, choose a large size shaving cream because it will be cheaper in the long run.


The fact is, men need to look out and care for their bodies. If not, men will be doomed! We cannot just simply use items, tools and skin care products without knowing the consequences that they can inflict on us. An example on how to care for our bodies is the using the right products when shaving. We should not just pick up a razor, go to the bathroom and start shaving. Our skin needs care. Our skin needs moisturizing. We need to use shaving creams because products like these protect the skin. Redness, nicks and itchiness after shaving can be irritating and sometimes dangerous. We need to be careful in choosing the right shaving creams.

A lot of shaving creams are available in the market today. You definitely have a lot of options. But you need to also be aware of how your body behaves when choosing the right shaving cream for you. Your skin may be sensitive to certain chemicals. You may be allergic to some scents. Do you want to go and use all-natural ingredients? Does the normal skin care products not affect your skin negatively? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before picking up and using a shaving cream.

Having said that, choosing the right shaving cream for you is also a fun and enjoyable experience. You will be encountering different scents and fragrances. You will have different after-shave effects. So go out, get that shaving cream, pick up that razor and start shaving!

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