Best Shaving Soap Reviews 2017

Shaving their beards and mustaches has been a part of most men’s shaving routine since puberty. In fact a lot of young boys imitate their fathers shaving because they know that that’s what grown ups do. There are numerous ways to shave some people use safety razors while others use automatic ones. But what a lot of those who shave experience are nicks and cuts due to not using the right moisturizer or lubricant. Shaving soaps are one type of lubricant in the market. Its a great way to moisturize and ready your skin for shaving. However, with the countless kinds and brands of shaving soap in the market it gets hard to choose the one that’s a perfect fit for you and your needs. Of course you’d want to do your research but you probably don’t have time for that so we already did it for you! Below is a list of the best shaving soaps in the market.

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Refreshing and Toning

Porasso shaving soap is a top notch shaving soap. It has premium products like eucalyptus which purifies the skin and menthol which gives you that refreshed feeling. It also provides a rich and creamy lather that’s great in preparing your skin for shaving and avoiding getting nicks and cuts. What really sets this product apart is its manufacturing process. It’s made with a special “hot soap” process where soaps are made in small batches and are left for 10 days. This period will bring out any excess oil and the moisture evaporates making it solid.

This brand has been around since 1945 and has been tried and tested by time. If longevity of the brand is what you’re looking for then this is perfect for you. Aside from coming from a great brand, the product itself received great reviews from its consumers. They all praised how great it lathers making their shaving experience better and makes their skin prepared for a nice clean shave.

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter

This shaving soap from Henry Cavendish is a great moisturizing product which prepares your skin for a great shave. It also creates a rich creamy lather which soothes skin for silky smooth results. Its ingredients include glycerine, a known ingredient that helps make shaving easy and hassle free. It also contains shea butter which moisturizes and revitalizes dull skin. The soy extracts it contains is also great in preparing your skin for a great shave by comforting and conditioning your skin.

Being the most popular on the list, you’re sure to expect a lot from this shaving soap and it didn’t fail to deliver since it received great reviews from its consumers. A lot of them couldn’t help but gush about how this product really prepares their skin for a great shave. They also loved how easily it lathers up and how long one puck lasted them.

Poraso Shaving Soap with Green Tea and Oats, 5.2oz.

Proraso Shaving Soap with Green Tea and Oats, 5.2oz.

Another product from Poraso, this shaving soap with green tea and oats and is a completely different experience from using the original Poraso variant. The green tea and oats are perfect for those with inflamed or sensitive skin. The nourishing oils and botanical extracts it contains are sure to give you protection before, during, and after you shave leading to an irritation-free shave.

This shaving soap is especially formulated for people with sensitive skin. It gives you that extra layer of protection you need when shaving. Consumers with sensitive skin vouched that this product moisturized and protected their skin and that they didn’t have anymore problems with bumps and cuts after using this product.

Col. Conk Shave Soap 2.25 Ounces

Col. Conk Shave Soap 2.25 Ounces (Variety 4 Pack)

This Col. Conk shave soap is a shaving soap that’ll surely moisturize your skin for a great shave. It’s one of the only shaving soaps that comes in packs of four so you’re getting a really great deal out of it. If you’re thinking that these four shaving soaps are of the same frangrance and are scared thy you might like it then worry no more cause this is a variety pack. This means that you get four different fragrances. This also helps you find the scent that’ll suit you the most. It produces a thick and rich lather which is a must in all quality shaving soaps.

This shaving soap received high praises from its consumers. They loved how easily it lathers up without compromising the quality. It was also mentioned that this soap protected them from any form of nick and cut even after using a dual blade safety razor. They also like how the smell goes away after a while but they did note that it’s very noticeable when applied. So if you’re not fond of getting a product that has a noticeable scent then this isn’t for you.

Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap

The Men’s Soap shaving soap contains all natural ingredients and is free from any toxins or preservatives. It’s perfect for people with all skin types including those with irritated or sensitive skin. It’s non-harsh formula also makes it perfect for everyday use. It also lathers in seconds making it a quick and efficient product. It includes shea butter, which moisturizes and softens the skin; and soy which comforts and conditions your skin. Since it claims to be a premium quality product the brand is dead set on making sure all their customers are satisfied so they’re offering a money back guarantee if you’re ever left unsatisfied by their product.

This soap received great reviews from its consumers. They love how well it moisturizers the skin and how it doesn’t leave it dry in any way. They were also impressed at how quick it lathered up. Since this product is made of glycerin it’s possible to melt it in the microwave so you’ll get an even faster lather.

The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap, “Smolder”

The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap, "Smolder"

This Blades Grim shaving soap in Smolder scent is warm and toasty mix of mandarin, orange peel, coriander leaves, star anise and Venezuelan Tonka. This also produces a nice thick lather in just a matter of seconds for a perfect glide with your razor. It’s a top notch high quality product that’ll leave your skin smooth and moisturized but what really makes this product truly special is the fact that it’s handmade.

This received favorable reviews from consumers. A lot of the reviews centered on how nice and smooth this product made their skin and how well it lubricates for shaving. It was also mentioned that the product provides enough slickness for all types of razor that you may prefer to use. They also couldn’t get enough of how good this makes you smell. It’s not an overpowering smell but it’s a very masculine scent.

Williams Mug Shaving Soap

Williams Mug Shaving Soap, 3 Count

This Williams mug shaving soap is a great soap that provides a long lasting lather. It doesn’t dry your face at all but instead leaves it feeling smooth and soft. However, what’s probably the biggest selling point of this product is its price. It is very inexpensive and it lubricates well despite how cheap it is. This is another case that proves that inexpensive things don’t always give poor results. But do take note that the product like most on the list contains chemicals so if you have a more sensitive skin then this might not be the perfect match for you.

This product received generally positive reviews from its consumers. There were a lot who loved how cheap it is an yet it still made their skin feel soft and moisturized like the other expensive products. Do take note that although it lubricates well, it takes longer to lather than the other products. So if you’re someone who’s always in the rush and is looking for something that’ll lather up quickly then this might not be the perfect fit for you. The scent is another thing that put them off a bit. It’s not that overpowering but it doesn’t have a flavored smell and smells more like the Pledge spray according to one reviewer.

Lather Wood Shaving Soap – Sandalwood

Lather & Wood Shaving Soap - Sandalwood - Simply the Best Luxury Shaving Cream - Tallow - Dense Lather with Fantastic Scent for the Worlds Best Wet Shaving Routine. 4.7 oz (Sandalwood)

This Lather and Wood shaving soap is one of the most expensive ones in the market. It promises premium quality lather that not only softens skin but also prepares you for “the best shave you’ve had”. This product also lathers up pretty quickly, usually just after a few swirls of the brush. If you’re worried about the scent, then they’ve got you covered. Their soaps are of a masculine scent that’s delicate and not in-your-face like some scents out there so you’re sure to have a pleasant olfactory experience.

This product received excellent reviews from its consumers. A lot of them were happy about how it really does give them premium quality shaving. They were also extremely satisfied by the ingredients that this brand used and even agreed that spending a little more on this product will take you a long way. The scent is also something that they really liked since it’s not overpowering and even goes away after a while.

Sir Hare’s Premium Shaving Soap for Men

Premium Shaving Soap for Men By Sir Hare - Barbershop Fragrance - Shave Soap That Smells Great and Provides a Smooth Shave

Do you wish you cold be transported back in time and experience being an old school barbershop? If you answer yes, then this shaving soap may be the best fit for you. It has that old barbershop smell that’s not overpowering but is instead extremely refreshing. This Sir Hare’s shaving soap is tallow based and is made of natural ingredients making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and those that prefer not using any harmful chemicals on their skin. It’s also handcrafted and hand poured. Its container is also big enough that you wouldn’t need a bowl anymore to lather the soap. This product also received great reviews from consumers who love how well and quick it lathered.


We hope that the list above helped you decide which shaving soap is the best for you and your lifestyle. In choosing the best fit for you you must consider a couple of things. First, it must not just moisturize but it should also lubricate, this would ensure that you won’t get any unwanted nicks and cuts on your face. Second, it should lather well and quick. If it lathers well it’ll be able to be more visible for you making it easier to pinpoint which area you’ve shaved already and which one you must still go over.The last thing to consider is the price. Of course, price doesn’t dictate quality but it does say whether or not the item you bought is cost effective or not. Maybe it’ll actually save you more money to buy a soap that’s slightly more expensive one than the cheapest one which runs out quickly. Or maybe its best to throw a couple of bucks more for a package that has four in the package than one that comes in singles only.

Shaving soaps are great to have and use especially for those who normally gets cuts and nicks. Aside from the things already mentioned you should also know the skin type you have. Its best to find out if you have sensitive or irritable skin beforehand so you wont fumble around and be disappointed when you get unexpected rashes or cuts. Knowing your skin type also allows you to narrow your choices since there are certain products which cater only to specific type of skin.

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