Best Shower Caddy Reviews 2017

So you’re looking for a shower caddy! What you know is the efficiency and convenience it brings, what you might not know though, is the array of products in different designs that suit all sorts of shower and bathroom situations is available on the market. So before you purchase, it’s super important that you find the best shower caddy perfect for your needs and style!

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Zenna Home 2130NN, Tension Corner Pole Caddy

This shower caddy was created to be perfect for the unused space in the corner of your shower. It’s made of steel and coated in satin nickel and the maximum height is at 8 feet and 1 inch. This corner pole caddy is height adjustable, you can also adjust the buckets to whatever height you prefer them. There are four bucket shelves, the top 3 measuring 2.5 inches in depth and the bottom shelf measures 3.5 inches.

These bucket shelves are rack types which prevents water build up in the shelves, another awesome feature of the shelves are that they are in the shape of an “L” to perfectly fit in the corner. This shower caddy is 100% rust proof and can be cleaned with just a wipe. The durability is great and the assembly is easy and takes only 5 minutes!

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Zenna Home 7803SS, Over-the-Shower Door Caddy

Another ZPC Zenith shower caddy, this time it hangs over the door rather than being fitted into the corner. You can choose from two colors of either Chrome or Heritage Bronze. This caddy has two non-scratch hooks to hang on any standard shower door and has two suction cups in the back to prevent it from sliding or swaying and help keep it in place. This caddy is 12 inches wide, around 9 inches in diameter with a height of 23 inches.

There are two adjustable shelves that allow you to adjust the height and space in between to fit any of your bathroom items, along with some convenient additional hooks for toothbrushes, razors, wash cloths and more. For sliding doors, this caddy is great to work with, since it only hooks on the rail and not over the whole door, it will not affect the sliding of the door. This caddy is another rack type that allows for draining and quick drying.

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Zenna Home 2104W, Bathtub and Shower Tension Corner Caddy

ZPC Zenith Products is at it again with their 2104W shower caddy! This time a metal option that is coated with enamel that gives you a rust proof caddy experience! This is for the corner and has an adjustable pole height that has a max of 8 feet and 1 inch, the shelves are L shaped best fitted for shower corners and have a net-like pattern of numerous holes to allow for drainage. The four shelves are also adjustable for you to personalize according to your bath items.

This whole caddy weighs only 2.5 pounds and is certified frustration-free. The clean, white finishing suits any bathroom. There is a tension spring that keeps it in place, and rubber caps on the ends of the poles so there are no worries about knocking it over and creating a hassle while you shower.

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Senna Home 7446SS, Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy

This corporation is really on a roll with shower caddies. This 7446SS model gives you the option of being hung over the shower head. So if you have shower curtains that can’t accommodate the 7803SS, or you’d like to keep your corner free of corner pole caddies, this is the product for you. You can choose from the colors Chrome and Oil Rubbed Brown.

A cool feature about this over the head caddy is that the baskets slide out to the side which is great for those whose shower heads include head hoses and adjustable shower head bars. This caddy has been blessed with the Swivel Lock non-slip collar and also has suction cups on the back that prevent sliding and swaying as it hangs over the shower head. There are four small hooks on this that allow you to hang other smaller items such as razors, tooth brushes, and wash cloths or gloves. This shower caddy has a chrome finish and is rust resistant!

InterDesign York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy

Here’s a fresh brand- InterDesign brings you their York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy with color options of silver, matte black, satin, pearl white, and bronze, so you can jazz up your shower area with a nice clean looking caddy that best fits your style! It is rust resistant and is coated with ThermoBond Coating.

This caddy hangs over your shower head and has two suction cups at the back to keep it in place and prevent swaying. It has two rack style drying shelves, the top shelf is for big bottles like shampoos, conditioners, body wash bottles, and the lower shelf is perfect for soap and other small items. There are two large hooks for items like wash cloths and loofahs and 4 smaller hooks that are perfect for tooth brushes and razors. This caddy has 10 inch width, 4 inch diameter, and a 22 inch height all weighing barely two pounds!

Maytex Mesh Bath Organizer with Pockets

If your shower uses shower curtains, this is such a great find for you! Just like your shower curtains, this Mesh Bath Organizer by Maytex hangs to curtain pole with four metal rings that you’ll have to purchase separately, that allow the organizer to be pushed away to the side or pulled out when in use. It has six mesh pockets that allow for draining and drying in between uses and is 17 inches wide by 26 inches in length.

This rust proof mesh shower caddy is durable and won’t tear, it’s made of 100% polyester and it’s super easy to wash as it’s washing machine friendly! Try not to put more than a pound worth of items in the pockets to keep it lasting a long time. If you’re not down to buy additional shower curtain hooks or rings, you can always just attach it on the the rings that hold the shower curtain, it won’t affect the use of the shower curtain and allows it to slide away into the corner when you open the shower curtain!

Honey-Can-Do SFT-01103 Quick Dry Shower Tote

If you’re in a situation where you share bathrooms but want to keep your personal bathroom amenities away, this is a great product! It’s a super cute shower tote bag that comes in blue, green, pink, and white. It’s made of breathable polyester mesh which allow it to drain and dry quickly keeping your bathroom items organized and dry, you won’t have to worry about mold! It measures 9 inches in height, 8 inches in width and 6 inches in depth.

This portable shower caddy has 7 pockets for organized bath amenities storage, with a weight of only 5 ounces this is great for both home and travel purposes. This stylish shower caddy tote bag is super durable with a durable handle and can be hung anywhere- towel hooks, other caddies, shower heads, shower knobs, etc. Convenience, portability, style, and durability in one shower tote!

InterDesign Raphael Bathroom Shower Caddy

We’ve heard of InterDesign before with their York Lyra Bathroom Shower Caddy, this is a little similar to that product. It comes in 5 colors which are satin, matte black, pearl gold, silver, and bronze, and comes in 3 sizes to choose from, X-Large, Regular, and Tall. In this article we’ll be talking about the regular size. This is a rack styled shower caddy which allows for proper draining to avoid rust, mold, and water build up.

Just like the York Lyra, it comes with 2 shelves- the top a large one meant for bottles, and the bottom a smaller one fit for soap and smaller items, with the 4 small hooks, and 2 large hooks that aren’t as large as the York. What really sets these two apart, is that the top shelf meant for bottles on this Raphael model, has two openings, that allow you to place bottles upside down to get the stubborn last few drops of that shampoo, and you’ll never have to slam the bottle against your palm several times to get the product. Such a convenient and money-saving feature!

Simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy

Here’s another tension spring pole shower caddy design with an adjustable pole length and an above standard maximum height of 9 feet, with a minimum of 6 feet. The shelves are also adjustable on position on the pole and over all there are 3 shelves and a towel hanger at the top best for wash cloths and small towels.

This shower caddy is made of stainless steal and anodized aluminum and is rust proof. The rack style shelves make for quick drying and just like the Raphael Bathroom Shower Caddy by InterDesign, bottles can be stored upside down on any of the shelves to save you money, time, and energy!

What To Look For

What’s cool about shower caddies is that there are different sizes and shapes for different placements and purposes. If you need one for on the go amenities storage, or you’re a student who has to share bathrooms or in any situation in which you share a bathroom with others and you would prefer to keep your bathroom amenities for personal use only (which is highly recommended especially with wash cloths, loofas, tooth brushes, razors, and even body soap), you’ll want to invest in a more portable option such as the SFT-01103 Quick Dry Shower Tote by Honey-Can-Do. If the shared bathroom has shower curtains you can also opt for the Mesh Bath Organizer with Pockets by Maytex in which you can roll up after use and store in a water proof bag (you’ll have to drain it though to avoid molding) or wipe it down dry first and store in any bag.

If you have a big empty space in the corner of your shower area that is not being used, take a look at the corner pole caddy solutions such as the 2130NN and 2104W models by ZPC Zenith, Simplehuman’s Tension Shower Caddy, or the Interdesign York Tension Caddy. These caddies are great and easy to assemble with tension springs and rubber end caps to keep them in place, the poles are adjustable and the baskets have lots of space!

However, if you’d prefer a shower caddy that fits over shower heads, check out the 7446SS models by ZPC Zenith and the York Lyra and Raphael models of InterDesign. Make sure to take a look at the specs and your shower because if you have an individual shower heater installed, most of these come with shower hoses and bars in the center to hold and adjust the height of your shower head, make sure that the one you choose will not interfere with the build, ZPC Zenith’s 7446SS is a good choice as it has expandable baskets that split in half to leave space in the middle.

For over the doors, especially sliding shower doors, opt for the 7803SS as it won’t get in the way of sliding the door, and for curtain builds grab the mesh shower caddy by Maytex. If you want one for the bath tubs, best bet would definitely be the 2104W as it can be adjusted for bathtub placements.


There are plenty of different designs and styles for you to choose from, take a look at the set up of the bathroom first if you’re planning on getting a relatively big shower caddy that will be staying in one place, unlike the tote bag or mesh shower curtain caddies. Over the shower heads and tension poles are great investments as long as you pick the right one that best fits your bathroom. Now that you’ve seen some cool choices and learned a little more about shower caddies, it’s time to pick the one that will make organizing your bathroom amenities as easy as possible!

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