Best Shower Radio Reviews 2017

If you’ve read the title of this article and are wondering why you need a shower radio when there are various other options of listening to music, then this article is definitely for you.

When in shower, you want your music to be loud and clear enough overcoming the noise of water and you want your music device to be water-resistant. Shower radios are just what you need when you’re showering. In this article, we will discuss some of the top shower radios and their features. You will also know the things you must look for, when buying a shower radio for yourself.

Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio

This is one of the best shower radios brought to you by the leading music system and shower radio brand, Sony. This portable radio can play AM/FM radio and produce high quality sound with the help of a large built-in speaker. It also has an earphone jack just so if you want you can use your earphones to listen to the radio.

The illuminated LED tuning indicator displays the station number. This inexpensive shower radio also features a tone control switch and a carrying handle for your convenience. This is a fantastic shower radio deal that you don’t want to miss.

Sangean H201 AM/FM/Weather Waterproof Shower Radio

Sangean brings to you this top shower radio that has a huge number of users. This waterproof radio comes with a built-in AM/FM antenna with PLL fully capable of digital tuning. For your convenience, it has a bracket and a hangar making it easy to be placed or hanged anywhere you please.

Its water-resistant capability is comparable to the JIS7 standard. This affordable shower radio allows you to preset 10 radio stations and has the auto-seek functionality. The easy-to-read LED display makes it a highly user-friendly radio. This shower radio comes at a decent price despite its top-notch quality.

Conair SR10 Shower Radio

Do you want to buy a shower radio which easily fits in your small budget? Check out this high-quality radio with a decent price. Now, play AM/FM radio from any place you want as the water-resistant feature of this radio is highly commendable. Operating on 4 AAA batteries, this shower radio has a user-friendly design.

You can conveniently hang the radio with its hook from the shower pipe, curtain rod, or even from the soap dish. There is an easy-push On/Off button and a separate button for volume control. This relatively cheap shower radio comes in three colors, Black, Blue, and Pink.

Sangean H202 AM/FM/Weather Waterproof Shower Radio with Bluetooth

Sangean brings to you yet another amazing shower radio which is not just a radio but also your weather guide. This shower radio is Bluetooth enabled which allows you to listen to your music wirelessly. It comes with a battery power indicator. It is capable of having 10 preset stations, 5 each for FM and AM.

This radio has a 2W speaker which is completely water-resistant making it one of the most popular shower radios. The front panel of the radio has systematically arranged control buttons that facilitate easy operation. Although this shower radio costs more, it’s worth the price.

Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

Sony once again brings to you this high-performing new shower radio which is made specifically to be used during showers, when swimming, or when you’re just having a good time in water. It is splash-proof and comes with a detachable rubber strap which makes it convenient for you to hang it anywhere you please.

This shower radio is known for its exceptionally long battery life of around 100 hours. It comes with an indicator and has 5 preset buttons for your FM/AM stations. You’ll be surprised with its incredible sound quality which is clear and loud even in the shower.

What are Shower Radios?

Most of us love singing songs and listening to music when in shower. That’s how the term “bathroom singer” came into existence. Music lets you enjoy shower and sets the mood for you.

However, there are so many challenges when we try to listen to music in the bathroom. First of all, the door is closed and we cannot listen to the music being played in the music system in the living room. If you try to take your mobile phones inside the bathroom, there is a very good chance of them getting wet no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Also, the sound output of the mobile phones is not loud enough to be heard in the sound of water. And there’s no chance we can use an earphone or headphone when showering. So, what do you do as a music lover? Simple! Buy, a shower radio.

Shower radios are radios that can play your FM/AM stereo. They are water-proof which means water will not hamper their performance. They are lightweight and handy; they can be easily hung anywhere in your bathroom.

The audio quality of a good shower radio is loud and clear so that you can listen to and enjoy your music despite the noise of the water. Whether you are young or old, shower radios are your best shower buddies and will instantly lift up your mood when you’re showering.

A shower radio is not only built for your bathroom use, you can also use them when you’re sitting by the beach or hanging around in the swimming pool, or having fun in a water park.

In the above section, we discussed some of the top shower radios present on the market. In the following section, we will list down some important factors you must consider when buying a shower radio. Read on to know more…

What to Look For

When you buy any music device, whether it is a high-end music player or a shower radio, the most important factor that you should check is the quality of sound output. This is all the more important in case of a shower radio because when you are taking a shower, you need a music device that will surpass the loudness of water and still manage to produce crystal clear sound output.

If you are satisfied with the sound quality, move to the next factor, which is how effective the shower radio is when it comes in contact with water. A good shower radio should have a high tolerance for water, meaning, it should be splash-proof and water-resistant. Make sure you are not stuck with a radio that stops working after coming in contact with water only a couple of times.

Next, see if your shower radio comes with hanging hooks. You usually do not find a table to place the radio in bathrooms. The best option would be to hang them from the shower pipe, curtain rods, etc. For this, the radio should have hanging hooks.

The next factor is to see how easy it is to operate your radio. See the number of preset stations it can include; the more the better. Check if there is an LED indicator to show the current station.

Additional features such as Bluetooth compatibility and earphone jack will also give you an idea about the different ways in which you could listen to the music coming from your shower radio.

Finally, we come to the price factor. Most shower radios are not expensive; they are reasonably priced. To get the best deals, it is always better to glance through the various buying options including the different shower radios for sale options.

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