Best Shredders Reviews 2017

A shredder is a mechanical device that cuts paper and cards into fine particles or strips. Its popularity rose, not just in business enterprises and in government organizations, but also in several households.

Gone are the days when people only care less about their personal information. Now, the alarming increase of crimes associated to stolen personal identity has prompted people to look for ways to secure their personal information and documents with sensitive data.

In this regard, shredders are considered good at quickly disposing confidential information.

With you in mind, we’ve listed down some of the top shredders for sale today. We’ve also briefly highlighted their features so you’ll quickly learn more about them.

Read on to better know which one to buy.

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Paper Shredder (3229901)

Fellowes Powershred is an affordable shredder that’s sturdy and well-built. It also has an attractive design which makes it ideal, not just for home use, but also for office purposes.

Aside from the fact that it easily pulverizes anything that’s fed into it, this Fellowes Powershred works quietly. Its motor doesn’t make a loud noise, thus the most you would hear would be the sound of papers that are being shredded.

It also has a couple of helpful features. What could be its best-selling feature is the Safe-Sense technology which automatically turns off the shredder once it detects heat or motion inside. It likewise shuts off when a body part gets too close to its blades.

Overall, this is a high-quality and safe-to-use shredder that’s perfect for homes and businesses.

AmazonBasics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This six-sheet AmazonBasics paper and credit card shredder has a relatively small size which makes it ideal for light-duty uses. As expected, it has a smaller waste bucket in which you can put on a plastic bag to catch the waste. It also has a feeder shielding on top that prevents papers, cards, or anything from falling straight into the shredder.

Unlike most inexpensive shredders that perform a straight line cut, AmazonBasics cuts diagonally. This prevents papers from jamming in the blades like what we often see on other regular shredders.

In case of a jam, a reverse switch has been made available so as to easily fix it. Moreover, a safety switch has also been added at the back that prevents the unit from working while it’s not in the can.

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough of AmazonBasics, it also has a 12-sheet shredder that functions efficiently and smoothly. Within a minute of getting it out of the box, the unit can be used immediately.

There are two slots available. The first one is for the papers, while the other one is for credit cards and CDs. As expected, the shredder handles things very easily as if it’s powdering a piece of cake.

As designed, it can work on 12 sheets of paper at a time. However, you’ll notice the shredder slowing a bit. If you want things done faster, you can shred up to seven papers at one time.

For optimal use, make sure to oil the shredder at least once a month. This would not only extend the life of the unit, but it would also prevent jams or any other undesired drawbacks when using it.

Bonsaii DocShred Micro-Cut Shredder

This Bonsaii shredder is suitable for those who need a unit that they can use alongside desktops, modems, printers, etc. It’s very portable and very easy to store. Thanks to its well-centered handle on the lid, the shredder can be moved back and forth without paying much attention to its orientation. Rest assured, its parts remain in place everytime.

It also has a window that could allow users to get a good view of papers that have built up. That way, jams may be easily prevented. You’ll also like that it has a larger bag, because that means you wouldn’t have to empty it much often.

Moreover, it’s very quiet while it operates. It also turns on automatically once it detects paper inside.

Aurora AS810SD Paper, CD and Credit Card Shredder

This Aurora shredder is ideal for home use as it’s small, but good enough in accomplishing small jobs.

It’s designed to shred about 8 sheets of papers at the same time, but it can only shred one card at a time. It can also effectively shred piles of papers that are stapled and even those unopened envelopes that contain plastic cards in it.

As good as it is in shredding items, it works very smoothly and quietly. You would even hardly notice it while it’s working, not unless you’re the one operating it.

For the price, this Aurora shredder is perfect for home users who want something that can easily get rid of personal information, worthless cards, and other junk materials.

What to Look For When Buying a Shredder

Type of Cut

There are three major types of shredders you can choose from. They are strip cut, cross cut, and micro-cut.

Strip cuts slice a sheet of paper into long ribbons, while cross cut shredders cut a standard-size piece of paper into hundreds of little rectangles.

Although the cross-cut shredder is good enough for most households, it is still likely to expose sensitive information written in very small fonts. In order to easily address this, the micro-cut shredder has been devised to cut standard-size papers into thousands of pieces.

Speed and Power

The more powerful is the engine of the shredder, the faster is it capable of slicing papers and other items.

Light-duty cross-cut shredders can slice up to eight sheets of paper at a time for about two minutes only.

Medium-range shredders may munch a maximum of 14 sheets of paper in just a span of 4-5 minutes.

Moreover, heavy-duty units may take almost 20 minutes to cut up to 20 sheets of paper.

As good as it is in pulverizing multiple pages at the same time in just a few minutes, micro-cut shredders can only handle few papers at a time.


Some of the helpful features that you can watch out from good shredder brands are some means of preventing paper jams, minimizing noise, and a safety feature that protects users from having their fingers cut.

You can also look for a shredder with a shape and size similar to that of a garbage bin or something small enough to be put on a desktop.

Low-Noise Level

Shredders are naturally noisy due to the grinding work they do inside. It’s good to know though that there are now a couple of shredders designed to mitigate noise. This type of shredder has a motor that’s extremely quiet such that the only thing you hear is the munching sound of papers and cards.


The nature of the job that shredders perform is quite heavy, thus it can take a toll on the motor. While shredders are specially-designed to handle stressful jobs, there are some poorly-made, cheap shredder brands that may not be able to hold themselves for a long time.

Having at least a year of warranty would give you confidence to the quality of the product and to the manufacturer’s effort to make their shredder efficient and long-lasting.


The shredder is indeed a very helpful tool in preventing identity fraud as it helps dispose sensitive information into the garbage more quickly.

It saves us from all the dangers of having confidential information stolen by those who prey from careless individuals leaving their confidential data unattended.

Just be smart in picking the right shredder deal that suits your needs.

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