Best Sifters Reviews 2017

Sifters work wonders to your basic baking ingredients. If you are the type of person who stores flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and other ingredients for baking, you have to own your own sifter.

If you have a hard time doing so, considering the amount of sifters on the market, reading reviews on your considered brands will be a lot of help. Do you want a basic sifter or one that operated with a battery? Consider some options below, of the top sifters available for your convenience.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Hand Crank Flour Icing Sugar Sifter, Stainless Steel, 3-Cup

Mrs. Anderson’s cranks sifter is a surefire way to remove clumps from sugar, flour, or any ingredient you wish to fluff. While there are a lot of automatic sifter these days, this top sifter is operated using its crank handle. As one reviewer pointed out, you can’t get more basic than this.

This sifter can easily make any ingredient better, especially if it’s already compact for storage. Whether you want to use bread flour, all-purpose flour, coconut flour, or cake flour, this amazing sifter will work wonders.

The best thing about Mrs. Anderson’s crank sifter is that, albeit made of steel, it is rust resistant, durable and sturdy. It is also very easy to clean using warm water and soap.

Norpro 136 3-Cup Stainless Steel Crank Flour Sifter

Here’s another crank sifter for you. It might seem like hard work, especially if you’re the type who is always in a hurry, but this top sifter from Norpro is one of the most highly rated and often reviewed. The reason? Customers are happy about it. It can sift through your ingredients like a pro and makes the flour, sugar non-clumpy, like you want it to be.

One of its best features is that its indicator or markings can be found inside out. Meaning, you won’t have a hard time measuring your ingredients. It is made of stainless steel and can be easily washed with warm water and soap. Dry it up and you can use it again for another ingredient as you wish.

Norpro Battery Operated Sifter

Here’s another one from Norpro, but this time it’s a battery-operated sifter. This is perfect for those who have trouble operating a crank sifter. It is very easy to use and it only needs a C battery to get it working.

Like its crank counterpart, this top sifter works wonders to your baking ingredients. It works wonders and gets your flour and sugar in its best fluff state. Although an electronic device, it is fairly easy to clean. Simply remove the mesh and wash it with lukewarm water and soap.

The Norpro Battery Operated Sifter has the capacity of cups, is made of stainless steel and also BPA-free.

Bellemain Stainless Steel 3 Cup Sifter

This crank sifter from Bellemian is one cool-looking sifter. It is made of stainless steel, and it looks like one too. For those who grew up watching their grandmas in the kitchen, this inexpensive sifter may bring back memories because it certainly looks the part. However, do not underestimate this sifter by its looks alone. This one’s a keeper.

You’d be surprised how incredibly light this sifter is; it is ideal for bakers at home. You can easily store it in your cupboard or kitchen cabinet. Because it is non-electric, it is very easy to wash as well.

The measurement markings can also be seen inside and outside. For faster results, it has a double loop agitator, making your sifting duties as easy as pie.

OXO Good Grips 3 Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

Unlike most sifters in the market, the OXO Good Grips sifter works differently. Instead of cranking a lever or squeezing a handle, this top sifter does its job by simply shaking it. Once you do, the sifting mechanism inside is activated. This is perfect for those looking for a sifter with less hassles and work in order to operate.

The manufacturers get a plus point for ergonomic purposes. You just don’t come across a sifter like this or use one for the matter; everybody else is into cranking. However, if you are the type of person who hardly has time to bake, let alone sift, this sifter should be your perfect partner to your baking moments.

What are Sifters?

A sifter is a device used to separate unwanted or course elements of a certain material. Another term for sifter is sieve. In baking, a sifter is used in order to get rid of clumps or hardened particles caused by storage or a change in temperature.

In baking, ingredients like flour, sugar, cocoa powder and such need to be fluff enough for it to be mixed well. When a certain ingredient is sieved, this reduces the time used in mixing the ingredients and will make sure that there clumps of flour or sugar are avoided in order to even out the mixture.

What to Look For

Firstly, you have decided whether you would want a crank sifter or an electric sifter. The crank version, to some, is hard work. However, others believe that this is the most effective way to separate the course particles. An automatic sifter on the other hand is much easier to operate and reduces sifting time. You merely have to make sure that the device you’ve chosen works rigidly.

Because of the many sifters found on the market today, you have to ask yourself some questions in order to purchase the one that’s perfect for you. Consider the durability of the product first before looking at the size, color, material, and of course, price.

You also have to consider your budget when it comes to purchasing a sifter since you don’t wanna end up with something that’s giving you a hard time. Start with a sifter that’s built for hard work, but is light and easy enough for you to operate.


Whether you have decided to you buy a crank or electric sifter, it would work to its full potential if you know how to operate it. The best advice for you to follow is to try it out before making the actual purchase. How do you so?

Shop around within your locality for some sifters. Once you find something to your liking, but find it quite hefty, scour the internet for some cheap sifters of the same brand. It is possible to find the same thing on the web since discounts are dime a dozen. Or you could do it the other way around.

Look for credible product reviews, weigh on it, and choose from around 3 sifters. The last deciding factor would be convenient. If you feel that you can sieve through ingredients the easiest way, then, that is the right sifter for you.

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