Best Skateboarding Shoes For Women Reviews 2017

Skateboarding shoes may feel similar to other normal shoes, but it is actually designed to fully support skaters. Yes, skate shoes typically look like a fashion statement and can be worn on casual days, but there is something these shoes can offer than looks. For most skaters, performing tricks will depend on the type of skateboard, terrain and more importantly, their skating shoes.

Since skateboarding typically gives impact to the foot, which often leads to injuries and stress in the ankle, heel and arch, skate shoes provide padding and protection over the foot, so it can accept less impacts. Skateboarding shoes normally uses polyurethane sole, composition leather or vulcanized rubber to make a perfect fitting for the skater.

Are you looking for skate shoes or planning to buy one? In this article, we gathered some of the leading skateboarding shoes that will improve and support you in your skating tricks. Read the list we collected below and see it they fit your criteria. Also, before buying, make sure that you read some of our tips!

Vans Unisex Authentic Solid Canvas Skateboard Sneakers

VANS Unisex Authentic Black Canvas VN000EE3BLK Mens 8, Womens 9.5

The Authentic Solid Canvas Skateboard Sneakers by Vans is perhaps one of the leading and best skateboarding shoes brands in the market today. One of the classical and authentic skateboarding shoes today, this is probably the safest you can go for. It uses a rubber sole and features a full body canvas to create a simple yet durable skateboarding shoe.

Moreover, want to have variety of color options? No worries because this one is widely available in different colors such as black, white and unique colors such as Bordeaux, pewter blurred floral and brindle. It is also available in different sizes for men and women, so as one of the cheapest skateboarding shoe deal, we certainly endorse getting the Authentic Solid Canvas Skateboard Sneakers by Vans.

Vans Classic Slip-on Round Toe Canvas Sneakers


Another product from the top skateboarding shoes for women is the Vans Classic Slip-on Round Toe Canvas Sneakers. Compared to other shoes, this one is very simple and easy to use as it is a slip-on sneaker. Like its predecessor, this one uses a full body canvas with a synthetic sole along with its signature waffle outsole for an improved board feel.

It has a vulcanized construction so you can have extreme comfort and use a product that is 100% durable. Moreover, it is available in plain colors such as black, white, gray and printed designs such as checkered, polka-dots and Hawaiian floral. It is has available sizes ranging from 5 to 12.5 women. The Vans Classic Slip-on Sneakers is definitely the good skateboarding shoes for women.

Dc Trase Slip-on Tx Skate Shoe

DC Trase Slip-On TX Skate Shoe, Black/White, 4 M US

Are you looking for cheap skateboarding shoes for women? Then try the DC Trase Slip-on Tx Skate Shoe. This one is available in different designs and colors such as: black, navy, blue and grey. This one uses imported materials and fabrics to make your shoes as durable and tough especially while playing.

It comes with a rubber sole and features an elastic gore and padded collar with wraparound midsole. Aside from the fact that it can be used by women, this one can also be used by men as it is a unisex kind of shoe. As one of the most inexpensive skateboarding shoes in the market, this one comes is going to be worth every penny.

DC Women’s Chelsea X TR Skate Shoe

DC Women's Chelsea X TR Skate Shoe, Rose, 5 M US

Interested getting affordable skateboarding shoes? Then you will love getting the DC Women’s Chelsea X TR Skate Shoe. The Chelsea TX SE is widely available in different colors such as mint, rose and black print. This one uses an imported rubber sole and textile to make sure that it will last long and stay durable for a long time.

Moreover, this one also uses a canvas upper along with a chevron printed panels and embroidered DC logo to make its design and details noticeable and clear. To feel the enhanced signature board feel, this one uses a vulcanized rubber sole. All in all, if you want new skateboarding shoes for sale then you must certainly try getting the DC Women’s Chelsea X TR.

DC Women’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Women's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/White, 5 M US

Planning to buy skateboarding shoes? Then try the DC Women’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. This one is available in 2 colors like black and white, so you can have two options. Also, compared to the other ones in this list, this shoe uses 100% leather, which makes it unique. Moreover, it also uses a rubber sole and features a heel that measures about 1 inch.

It also comes with a lightweight mesh tongue along with vent holes to give you breathability while using it. This one also has the trademark DC recessed tread that you will surely love. The DC Women’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe ranges from sizes 5 B to 11 B. As one of the leading shoe brands in the market, we are pretty confident that you would love using this one.

What are skateboarding shoes?

Skateboarding shoes are a special types of footwear designed precisely for skaters and for the sport skateboarding. Most skateboarding shoes look attractive enough to be worn for casual days, but they are more than the attractive design because they are constructed to keep up even with extreme skateboarding.

What to look for in a skateboarding shoe?

Weight – like any other shoe, the weight of your footwear will matter significantly. After all, how can you perform skating tricks if your shoes constantly pull you down? Also, you will need to acquire as much balance as you need so a shoe that is too light may also not help you do some tricks.

Padding – provides comfort and coziness to the shoes, before buying one, make sure that you will like how the padding feels or not. Some skate shoes features padding while some do not, it is also vital to make sure that you would love how the padding feels for your foot.

Material – skateboarding shoes can be made out of different materials. While most of them feature a full canvas body, there are also brands that use leather or suede. Canvas will definitely be okay for normal skates, but may not be suitable for extreme skating tricks. Leather and suede may be suitable for that, but it may feel too thick and heavy for your feet.

Stitching – while we already included the leading brands in this list, it is still important to be mindful how well they are constructed. If you are opting for a long-lasting skate shoes, then go for the footwear that is double stitched and not glued.

Style – while the looks of your shoes doesn’t really matter, it may add further style to your overall look. If you like to wear attractive skating shoes, then you are extremely lucky because these shoes are widely available in different colors and prints. Of course, it is only logical that you must love how your shoes look to feel confident while going out!

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