Best Sketching Pencils Reviews 2017

Whether you’re a budding artist or a professional, getting the perfect set of sketching pencils is important. The pencils are your tools that’ll give you great images in your drawings. If you end up using a poor kind of pencil it might even ruin your work or make it look unlike how you initially intend them to be. With the numerous pencils in the market these days, it can be a bit confusing regarding which one to get. It might be an initial reaction to reach out for the cheapest or the most known one. However, this might result to you missing out on better and more cost effective pencils. With the tight schedules that a lot of people have, it may be hard for you to do an in-depth search for that perfect set that’ll help you create your masterpiece. We are aware of this common dilemma so we went ahead and listed down the best sketching pencils in the market.

Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

Are you a beginner looking for that great first set that almost has it all? Then this Pro Art 18 pieces sketch pencil set might just be the one to help you sketch your first artwork. This sketch pencil set offers you not only the ability to sketch great bases for your work but it also gives you the ability to draw stand alone works. It also has almost all the tools you need as a beginner artist. It has eight graphite pencils and four charcoal pencils so you’ll have the ability to experiment between mediums and different techniques. It also has one graphite stick and one graphite sharpener as well as a charcoal stick and sharpener. To ensure that you have steady wood and precise cuts, this kit also contains holding and toggle clamps.

This is a great piece for those looking at getting an affordable first set of art equipment. Experts and professionals would also enjoy the fact that it has practically everything you need and would surely be a great addition to their paraphernalia. The best thing about this set is its price. It gives you at 18 pieces without breaking the bank. It also received great reviews from its costumers. They loved how great the pencils transferred on paper and how the erasers are able to erase even darker shadings. They also highly appreciated that the numbers below the pencils which tells you how dark the pencil is, is written clearly.

Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketching Pencil Set, 21-Piece

If you think the Pro Artist is still not such a great deal then you might find this Royal & Langnickel sketching set a better one. This set gives you 21 pieces and all for a really low price. These 21 pieces include eight graphite pencils, three checking sticks, and three charcoal sticks which gives you the freedom to choose the one that fits what your work calls for. It also has a rubber eraser and kneaded eraser that can correct your mistakes and save you from having to redo your whole piece.

This sketching pencil set received great reviews from its consumers. They were impressed at the quality of the sketches that they produced using this set. They also loved the color and darkness that it gives their work. It also gives them great control when it comes to drawing and shading. However, there were a few complaints about the sharpeners that comes with the kit. There a few instances that it didn’t sharpen the pencils and even worse broke them.

Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set

This deluxe sketching pencil is perfect for those who are looking to amplify and develop their skills further. It’s also great for professionals that are looking to replace their old sketching materials. This set also comes from Royal & Langnickel but this one is encased in a wooden storage case that’ll surely keep your your supplies neat and organized in a stylish way. This contains a variety of pencils that you can choose from depending on your sketching needs. It also includes erasers and sharpeners so you won’t have to go out of your way to buy them. It also gives you a sketch pad, a mannequin, and a ruler.

This set is a great affordable choice for artists of all levels. It received great reviews from its costumers who loved the variety of supplies included in the set. They were impressed at the quality of the pencils and the range that this kit has. However, there were a couple of complaints with regards to the storage box since there were a lot of costumers who found theirs falling apart or the hinges coming off after a couple of uses.

Castle Art Supplies Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set

Want a complete package that gives you easy access to your supplies? Then this sketching pencil set from Castle Art might be what you’re looking for. It offers you a clear and easy case that doesn’t only keep your pencils and other art supplies in order but also saves you from having to dig for what you need. It also has a wide variety of pencils that you can choose from depending on what you’re comfortable with or which best suits your work. It has 12 graphite pencils and 3 charcoal pencils.

This received great reviews from its customers. They loved the high quality pencils that are included in the kit the gives them the correct shade and feel for their art work. They also loved the portability that the case provides them. This is perfect for beginners and those who want to rebuild their art supplies.

Derwent Graphic Drawing Pencils

If you’re just looking for pencils and already have the other supplies that the other kits offer, then this Derwent drawing pencils might just be what you’re looking for. These graphite pencils are provide great smudging and blending. It also gives you the control and freedom to experiment with different kinds of shading. It contains 12 graphite pencils which will help you create different textures and shade depending on your preferences. This gives you the opportunity to create lines from fine to thick too smudgy. It’s also made of quality graphite and clay so you’re sure that the pencils won’t break while you’re using them.

This received positive reviews from customers who were impressed by the quality of these pencils. They were also loved that the set offers 24 pencils with a wide variety of hardness and degrees. The smoothness and the fine details they could create with these pencils were also a major plus for the customers.

NUDGE Da Vinci 33 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils Studio

This NUDGE sketch drawing pencils studio is great for those who would like to have reassurance and insurance when they buy products. This is because it ffers a lifetime guarantee for the whole set. This means that if your pencil accidentally snaps and breaks you can easily return it or have it replaced. This kit has everything you need to learn how to sketch. Its graphite pencils are resistant to light weather so you won’t see them fading even if they were exposed to environmental elements. A lot of pencils have problems with spreading when they are erased but that’s not the case with these, it’s able to erase mistakes without creating an even bigger problem. It also contains a charcoal pencil which is excellent for blending and giving texture to your sketches.

It received great reviews from its previous customers. The quality of the pencils as well as the lines it created, impressed a lot of them. They also loved the canvas tote that comes with the set since it organizes the pencils well with the slots it has. This is perfect for more experiences artists who would like to explore the and experiment with different shadings and hardness of the pencils.

Prismacolor Ebony Graphite Drawing Pencils

If you’re looking at focusing on one darkness degree; then these Prismacolor pencils might be what you’re looking for. These have ebony graphite lead that’s really dark and yet subtle. It has a hardness degree of 2B, so you can create really striking lines with these. The lead has a strong core that resists crumbling so there’s no danger of your pencils going brittle and having fallen pieces while you sketch. The lead may also be sharpened to a sharp point that’ll help you sketch those finer details. If you ever make a mistake this pack also include kneading erasers which erases neatly.

The great reviews that these pencils received prove that they’re not just all talk. Customers generally loved how well the pencils transfer to the paper. The pencils are also dark enough to give you the texture that you want but it also has the ability to become lighter depending on how light your shading is. They were also impressed at the ease of sharpening of the pencils without them experiences any breaks or crumbling. This is a perfect pack for those who want to practice and build their skill first on one hardness degree.

Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil, Assorted Degrees

If you’re still looking for various degrees but don’t want all the extras that comes with a set nor the price tag; then this Tombow drawing pencils is for you. It’s made of refined and high density graphite which is resistant to breaking and crumbling. The graphite doesn’t leave any clay particles as well so your artwork won’t be compromised. It also gives you quality lines and sketches. It’s smear-proof and has long lasting capabilities that help you maintain and keep your sketches looking the way the same way. This pack contains 12 pencils of varying degrees of 6B to 4H.

Tombow is a brand that’s been around for 100 years, this means that their quality has been proven and tested. This is backed up by the excellent reviews it received from its customers. They were all impressed by the smoothness of the lead and how it doesn’t break easily. The graphite also doesn’t need constant sharpening so they found that their pencils lasted longer. Despite having a wide range of degrees, the pencil is still consistent when it comes to its quality, smoothness, and transfer across all the degrees.

What to Look For?

Even with the list above it might still be really confusing on which pencil is best for you. Since a lot of the brands have similarities it might get even more frustrating to narrow down your choices to get to “the one”. Below are the qualities that you should look for in a great sketching pencil that would hopefully help you choose the perfect one for you and for your style.

  1. Smear-proof – The sketching pencil should offer you smear-free writing so you won’t need to scratch your head around markings and sketches that mysteriously changed. This quality would also ensure that your sketches would last long and would not fade or weather.
  2. Number of pencils – Having a higher number of pencils would be more cost-effective and convenient. It allows you to have a number of choices in just one purchase. The pencils included should also have the degree that you want or need; and hopefully it’ll also contain degrees that you want to experiment with.
  3. Strong core – Pencils that have strong cores are resistant to crumbling and breaking easily. This would be beneficial since, aside from not having your artwork compromised, this would also mean that you won’t need to constantly sharpen your pencils. They should also not leave clay particles while you draw since these might change and eventually ruin your work.


With the list we’ve provided as well as the tips and tricks above, we hope that you’d be guided on the best sketching pencil for you. Remember to not just focus on one aspect of the pencil but instead focus on the overall quality of it. You must keep in mind that you need all these qualities to work in order to be certain that the sketching pencil you’re purchasing is the right one.

Overall, sketching pencils are great to have. They are the primary need of most artists and they would set the foundation for your masterpiece. Using one that was poorly manufactured might just frustrate you since you might not get the same depth and shading that you need for the particular artwork.

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