Best Ski Poles Reviews 2017

Skiing is one of those sports that people really look forward to during the winter months. Its a great exercise and would also give you the chance to sight see and take in the whiteness of the mountains. It’s enjoyable and yet a bit difficult for a lot of people but its even more difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. Below is a list of the best ski poles in the market that you should check out before purchasing your own ski pole.

Swix Techline Ski Poles Techlite

This 2015 ski poles model from Swix is made of aluminum and its handle is of dense material. These lightweight materials will surely help you ski as fast as you can. Despite being lightweight, these are great quality materials that surely won’t break after just a few falls on the slopes. Its basket is medium sized so its perfect for well groomed slopes. This means that if you want to rough it and try the higher level slopes that aren’t as well groomed it might be best to look for something else or just be extremely careful.

These poles are perfect for beginners and also for those who have been skiing for a while but still aren’t complete experts. It gives you the speed you’d want and the stability you’d need in smooth slopes. It’s also one of the cheapest poles on this list making it perfect for those who aren’t really looking at paying too high for something they would only be using a couple of times a year. This received mixed reviews from consumers. Those who loved it were impressed at the quality it gives considering its price point. Those who felt like it missed the spot were disappointed by the aluminum poles and said that it didn’t hold as long they expected.

WSD Ski Poles

These ski poles from WSD are also made of aluminum but what ake sit different is that their basket is built for any type of slope condition. This means that you can use it at any level of slope you’d prefer without worrying about it breaking or not being able to give you stability in rougher slopes. Its aluminum poles have a great weight to strength ratio; so there’s no need for you to fret about putting too much force on the skis causing them to break. Their stiffness will also assure you that they won’t bend if you ever fall on them.

These ski poles are a great, affordable choice for beginners and experts alike. It’s price would allow you to get one for your whole family so there’s no need to fight over who gets to ski first. This received mixed reviews from consumers. There were a lot of complaints about the basket and how they broke after just a few trips on the slope. But there are also those who say that its lasted them a while. These contradicting statements may be due to how they use their poles so, if you like to ski in rough slopes then this might not be a great choice for you.

Zipline Ski Poles 100% Carbon Composite Graphite


If you don’t really trust the durability of aluminum poles then, this carbon composte graphite poles from Zipline might be the perfect poles for you. They are ultralight and the grips are dual density. The handles are also designed to give you a great grip and not feel uncomfortable after a few runs on the slopes. These ski poles are the official poles of the USA team and is the first choice of other top athletes. The upside of being used by a lot of athletes is that you’re sure of the quality and performance of the poles. The downside, on the other hand, is that it’s sure to come with a hefty price tag and that’s the case with these poles.

This ski poles from Zipline is perfect for experts and for those who ski a lot. It’s durable, gives you good grip, and lets you perform well. It’s more expensive than a lot of poles on this list but since the quality is great, there’s a big chance that you’ll have this for a long time making it cheaper in the long run.

Rossignol Experience Ski Poles

These ski poles from Rossignol is made of aluminum alloy making it the lightweight poles that you’ll need for great performance. It’s also strong enough to handle the hardest of falls. The handle is designed for great and comfortable grip that’ll help you keep a hold of the poles and not be scared of it ever slipping off your hands. The baskets are relatively wide in diameter and is perfect for packed snow.

Rossignol ski poles is another affordable yet great quality product. It received great reviews from its consumers who loved how well built these poles are and are extremely satisfied with its performance. They also loved how inexpensive these are and yet they don’t perform cheaply. Despite these great reviews there are a couple of customers who were slightly disappointed with the product; the most common complaint is with the handle. Those with bigger hands found the handles to be too small making it hard for them to have a tight grip on the poles. If you have bigger hands maybe this won’t be the perfect poles for you especially if you plan on going on more intermediate slopes.

Winget Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Ski Poles

This Winget ski pole is made of 80% carbon making it extremely sturdy and yet lightweight. It’s great for experts and beginners alike since this carbon shaft will last you a long time. It has a removable mud basket so you can control when you’d need one or when you’ll be okay without them. It’s straps are designed to be comfortable and to assist your grip on the handle making sure that your poles won’t just fly off from your hands.

These poles received great reviews from its consumers who all loved how sturdy and well built the poles are. However, it’s recommended that you first try the poles out to see the size that’s perfect for you since these poles aren’t adjustable and are height dependent.

K2 Chic Style Ski Poles Black

Looking for poles that aren’t dull and would fit your fun and chic personality? Then these ones from K2 might just fill the bill for you! The shaft is made of aluminum and has a pink, silver, and black stripe design that’ll surely have head turning in the slopes. This unique design would also help you locate your poles in a sea of poles since they would surely stand out. It has a single injection grip and the baskets can handle even hard snow. This product also received great reviews from consumers so you’re sure that it’s tested and recommended by fellow skiers.

Goode G Max Summit Ski Pole

These Goode ski poles are the only composite ski poles on our list. It’s great for those who are training in rougher slopes since composite poles are flexible and won’t bend even after falling on rough patches. It’s straps are made of nylon and are woven making it safe from frays and breakage. Its basket can easily be screwed on and off so if you would prefer to use a different kind of basket it’ll be easy for you to do so. This easy change is also a great feature for times when the basket might not be enough to have a good hold on the snow especially if its snowing and the snow becomes too packed.

These poles don’t just talks the talk but also walks the walk based on its stellar customer reviews. Consumers loved how flexible these composite poles are and how this material makes it more durable and long lasting. They also were impressed at how much spring action these poles gives them which allows them to ski faster but still with great control. These poles are perfect for those who have intermediate skills and would want something they could train with in rougher slopes.

Leki Checker X Ski Pole

Another great ski pole for those who love having wild graphics and designs on their items. These leki ski poles feature a checkered design that’ll surely make you and your poles standout. The shaft is made of aluminum and the handle offers you a great grip. It’s also really lightweight so you’ll exert less effort while you ski. It received mostly great reviews from its consumers who are all in love with the design of the shaft. However, they are a few complaints with the durability and long term use of the product. The shaft did scuff for some customers after only a few uses so this did make the shaft a bit worn. It also broke after a couple of uses for those who used it in more intermediate slopes.

What to Look For

We know that even with the list we’ve provided a lot may still be confused as to which pole to choose. Just remember that when getting a ski pole it’s best to look for four key things: shaft material, basket type, sizing, and gender. Below is a more in-depth list of these qualities that you should look for that would hopefully guide you further in choosing the pole that’s perfect for you.

1. Shaft material. Ski poles come in different types of shafts. The cheaper ones are usually made of aluminum and are still sturdy enough not bend when you fall. These are perfect for children and for beginners. There are higher end aluminum poles that are available for those who want more durability and something that’s more long lasting. If you’ve been skiing for a while you might want to get a composite pole. These wouldn’t break so easily and are flexible making them perfect for those who are trying out the bigger slopes and are falling on rougher paths. Carbon poles are the perfect choice for experts and athletes. These have high strength to weight ration and would aid you in doing a quality performance.

2. Basket type. There are two types of basket and choosing which one would depend again on your expertise and the type of slopes you’re planning to take on. Powder baskets are bigger in diameter and would be great for slopes that aren’t as well maintained or for harder slopes. The bigger diameter makes sure that the basket won’t go too deep in the snow giving you faster speed. Standard baskets are smaller in diameter and are made to be as light as possible; making it perfect for normal slopes.

3. Sizing. The pole should be the perfect size for your height so you can get optimum results from it. To check if a pole is the best size for you, you must flip the pole and grab it by the basket. If your elbow and shoulders make a 90 degree angle while you’re holding the tip of the basket then you found the right size pole for you.

4. Gender. Ski manufacturers produce skis that would accommodate gender differences when it comes to built and size. Men’s ski poles are longer than women’s since most men are taller than women. Of course this is still a case to case basis so it’s best to still try it out on your own. The handles are also made differently, the ones for women are slight smaller in diameter for a better fit for the smaller hands of women.


We hope that with the tips we’ve given you as well as the list above you’d be able to choose the best ski pole for your next skiing trip. Overall, ski poles are nice to have handy so you won’t have to pay for rentals every time you go skiing. It might seem a bit pricey at first but overall it’ll end up being cheaper than renting. If you own one you’ll also be sure of the quality and the wear of the equipment.

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