Best Snow Goggles Reviews 2017

Snow Goggles are a form of protective eyewear that are enclosed around the head by an elastic nylon band to protect the eyes and areas around the eyes from the snow and glare. The lenses are often tinted different colours to help the eyes adjust to the brightness and glare off the snow and they have double lenses to provide exceptional optics and a superior seal. They are also designed to prevent the interior from becoming foggy with a constant flow of air, preventing the clogging of snow and ice within the Goggles themselves.

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

Considered to be one of the top Snow Goggle brands, Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles are a classic styled Snow Goggle that fits a medium to large user. They offer excellent optical clarity and are fog free, meaning they are ideal for either sunny or overcast conditions. The versatile and unique double lens is fitted with Flow-Tech Venting, which controls the airflow, preventing the build up of snow and ice, creating a thermal barrier and providing clear optics with a superior seal. A good Snow Goggle should have an anti fog and scratch coating and the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggle has exactly that, plus it includes a one-year warranty.

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

These are arguably the best Snow Goggles whether you are skiing, snowboarding, tubing or sledding. These affordable Snow Goggles are extremely comfortable, with double layer face foam and Flow-Tech venting, meaning little to no fog. The Bolle Carve Snow Goggle also comes with P80+ anti-fog, meaning you get a clearer picture of what’s ahead, especially with the Vermillion Gun lens color cutting out the glare. Complete with a double lens and Carbo-Glass anti scratch, these Snow Goggles are perfect for a beginner or someone with more experience as they are extremely durable and come at a fantastic price.

WOLFBIKE Snow Goggles Windproof UV400 Motorcycle Snowmobile Ski

If you’re looking for cheap Snow Goggles then the Wolfbike Windproof UV400 Snow Goggles are a great buy. Available in six different colours, these high quality polycarbonate lens Goggles are designed for comfort and style all while boasting a UV protection of 400. They are basically half sunglasses, half goggles with ample face coverage, generous ventilation ports and a fantastic tint that cuts out the glare coming off the snow. Made and tested to withstand high levels of impact while still providing high levels of UV protection, the Wolfbike Windproof UV400 Snow Goggles are perfect for beginners.

Zionor Snowmobile Snowboard Skate Ski Goggles with Detachable Lens

In buying Snow Goggles it is important to choose a product that will give you the protection you require. The Zionor Snow Goggle prevents cold stimulation of the eyes, can block strong winds as well as heavy snow and have great UV protection. Available in thirty-five different colours, these Snow Goggles are also designed with no metal accessories providing the user with safer Goggles.

Complete with an adjustable elastic band, which is suitable for all sizes and fits easily over helmets, these inexpensive Snow Goggles will keep you warm all the while boasting a trendy look.

YYGIFT® CS Goggles Windproof UV400 Motorcycle Cycling Snowmobile Ski Goggles Eyewear Sports Protective Safety Glasses

Looking to find Snow Goggles for sale? The YYGIFT CS Goggles are one of the cheapest Snow Goggles available and are a great buy for a beginner. Available in four different colours, these Snow Gogglea are made with a high quality polycarbonate transparent lens that protects your eyes from reflecting sunlight. It can also withstand high impact and still provides comfort wearing with soft inner foam that easily fits over glasses. With a nylon fiber elastic belt strap that is easily adjustable, anti fog and a scratchproof protection, these heavy duty Snow Goggles are designed for long-term daily use.

What are Snow Goggles?

Snow Goggles are held in place with elastic straps to allow fitting over all head shapes and sizes and also over helmets.

Snow Goggles also come in various colors. The lenses’ exterior is often bright and reflective, using a color that will cut out the glare. As for the strap that goes around the head, it is usually a brighter color, as it is easier to find against the whiteness of the snow, if you should lose your pair.

Snow Goggles are worn when skiing, snowboarding, tubing or sledding to protect the individual from getting snow and debris in their eyes. They are also used to cut the glare off the whiteness of the snow as this brightness can prove to be dangerous. Whether it is a fairly sunny and clear day or an overcast, cloudy day, Snow Goggles allow a clearer vision through a tinted lens. So when you are navigating down the mountain, riding the chair lift or just enjoying the snow and surrounds, Snow Goggles provide you with the comfort of sunglasses but keep your face warmer and allow for better, safer vision.

The Advantages of Owning Your Own Snow Goggles

When participating in any sort or snow related activity it is extremely important to look after your eyes. The glare and reflection off the snow can be particularly dangerous and blinding, and when travelling down mountains at differing fast speeds it is vital that you can see where you are going and clearly. As well as the visibility aspect of Snow Goggles, they also provide protection from moving objects such as rocks and dust and of course the snow itself, and can play a very important role when the skier or snowboarder inevitably falls over. In addition, Snow Goggle costs are usually very low, so you have the flexibility to look at more expensive models without breaking the bank.

What to Look for When Purchasing Snow Goggles

When the time comes to purchase new Snow Goggles, one of the most important things to look for is the lens quality. Different types of tint are suitable to different levels of glare and the lens need to allow for full vision and comfort.

Snow Goggles are designed to fit all shapes and sizes and take into consideration the extra adjustability needed due to helmet wearing. These Snow Goggle reviews will provide a better understanding of the differences between each of these products and will provide a deeper knowledge in what to look for when obtaining personal Snow Goggles, or if you’re buying for someone else.


Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, tubing or sledding, having a good time in the snow is dependent on having the right equipment to keep you warm and providing adequate protection for the desired need. Snow Goggles are a must when partaking in any sort of snow related activity as not only do they protect your eyes from the snow itself, they also work in providing UV protection. When any sort of activity is undertaken there is no room for error when it comes to your eyes. Finding the right, comfortable fit is important, as you will be spending multiple hours wearing the equipment and in extreme conditions you cannot be second guessing your purchased product. Investing in the right product depends on the sort of use the individual will get out of the Snow Goggles and how often they will be partaking in snow related activities.

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