Best Snowboard Goggles Reviews 2017

If you love the cold, snow, extreme sports and adrenaline, then I’m pretty sure that you’re a snowboarder. Snowboarding is such an exciting and enjoyable sport but it also takes skill and patience in order for you to flawlessly execute. But once you get the hang of it, you would surely enjoy going down the uphill, with the cold, snow and a great view of the whole place.

But just like with any other sport, it’s crucially important to get the best sporting equipment and gear to ensure your 100% safety and also to avoid any unwanted injuries. With snowboarding, one of the most important things to consider is finding the best snowboard goggles to use as your eyes are greatly exposed, especially with the wind and the cold directly hitting your face. So what exactly are the best snowboard goggles to use? Let’s find out together.

Bolle Mojo Snow Glasses

It’s very important to know which kind of lenses to use during a snowboarding trip. Most especially if you plan to snowboard all day long. The colour and kind of lenses greatly affect the clarity of your vision which differs between night and day. Good thing for you, the Bolle Mojo Snow Glasses is one of the best snowboard goggles there is. You can choose between 3 colours of the frame: shiny black, matte black and white. What’s great about this is that it comes in 4 different coloured lenses: citrus, clear, lemon, and vermillion. Lemon, citrus and vermillion are best used during the day and the clear one during night time. Keep in mind that prices vary slightly due to your chosen lens.

They have a classic fit that can easily be worn but are not sized for kids to enjoy. These goggles are for medium to large fit only. The lenses have great technology for users to enjoy optical clarity and won’t be bothered with the lenses fogging up. This is because of the Flow-Tech Venting design of the goggles itself. It also prevents snow and ice to clog up, especially when you tend to fall in the snow. Because Bolle greatly focuses on coming up with quality lenses, all their lenses have a less likelihood of gaining scratches throughout your snowboarding experience. Oh, have I mentioned that there is a warranty for up to over a year?

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

If you’re looking for a goggle which has a greater anti-scratch lens technology, then Bolle’s Carve Snow Goggles is perfect for you. It costs around double the Mojo Snow Glasses but it’s because Bolle used Carbo-Glas for the lenses. This means that your lenses have an extra protection against scratches. Bolle also offers more colour options for the frame for their carve line. Colours include: shiny green, matte black, black/blue fade, silver, crystal purple, white, black, black/red fade, and black/green fade. They offer 3 lens types which are: vermillion gun, sunrise and green emerald which are recommend for day time use.

They use the similar anti-fog technology they use in most of their lenses which is the P80+. With this technology, you’re sure to always have a clear view all of the time because it reduces the build-up of moisture when used. You won’t feel any discomfort on your face as they double the layer of their foam, giving you a very comfortable experience. A cold day won’t bother you as well, as it is the perfect size and it is perfectly designed to keep your face warm every time you use them. Be sure to enjoy the view as you go down the slope because the lens design of this snowboard goggle gives you the opportunity to maximize your viewing space.

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro

OutdoorMaster’s Ski Goggles Pro snowboarding goggles is considered as one of the more expensive snowboarding goggles available in the market. This is because the guys behind OutdoorMaster came up with the best design that would give the best experience, greatest convenience and full functionality to its users. For every purchase of their snowboard goggles, users will get the frame, lens, a carrying pouch, protective case and half a year’s worth of warranty but a lifetime worth of awesome customer service! You can actually mix and match frames and lenses as the lenses are interchangeable, you could also opt to add and buy only the lens along with your purchase of a goggle.

It’s fully customizable as the frame comes in 9 different colours: black, black/red, blue, blue/orange, green, light blue, light green, pink, and yellow. They also have a wide variety of lenses depending on the weather condition. For sunny days, you can opt for the black and grey lenses. For partially cloudy to sunny days, there’s a choice between the blue, colourful, green, grey/orange, gold and pink lenses. They also have options for cloudy and dusk days (orange) and for night riders (green). Each lens comes with 100% UV and anti-fog protection. Even though it comes with a hefty price tag, you’re sure to enjoy mixing and matching each frame and lens.

Wolfbike Ski Goggles

If you’re not the type of person who likes to customize and mix and match, then the Wolfbike Ski Goggles is just for you. It’s very direct and it does what it’s supposed to do. For their higher quality line, which also has a bigger size and better design than their cheaper line, they only offer 4 different types you could choose from: black frame with blue lens, black frame with silver lens, green frame with blue lens and white frame with blue lens. The blue lenses are perfect for sunny conditions while the silver lens may be used at night. The lenses are actually of high quality as they give UV, fog and even glare protection. You’re sure to get one of the best optical experiences because of the high clarity and wide vision.

The frame design was thought of well because of its elastic strap that can be adjusted in order to avoid a slip off, especially during maximum speed. The head band is also adjustable so that you can fit it perfectly on your head without feeling any discomfort. Because of its wide lens design, you’re sure to stay protected from any flying debris as you go down the slope. If you want something fast and gets the job done, then this is absolutely for you.

Zionor Snowmobile Ski Goggles

Zionor Goggles are the most expensive snowboard goggles on this list. This is because of its high quality design and full functionality. Each user is given with the base Lagopus X frame and has an option to choose between different types of lenses. The lenses perfect for a sunny and hot day are dark brown and mirror silver. While those for a sunny but with a few clouds day, the perfect lens may be one of the polarized silver, brown revo blue, smoke black, brown revo mirror gold or coffee. If the clouds start to form more, then you should opt to change your lenses to brown, revo mirror red, brown mirror silver, brown revo mirror blue, green, orange, brown revo mirror green or orange revo mirror gold. For night time, the best option may be yellow, light purple or revo mirror red. You can easily interchange the lenses as Zionor designed their goggles to be used easily.

What’s great about Zionor is that they already came up with sets of the Lagopus X frame along with 5 lenses that users can use for any time of the day. They are very comfortable to wear and very safe to use as it gives maximum protection from flying debris, UV rays, fog and glare. It is also one of the few goggles which give a wide view for users to enjoy nature more.

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses but want to try snowboarding but can’t seem to find the best snowboard goggles, then lucky for you, the guys behind OutdoorMaster came up with one of the most highly regarded Over-the-Glasses (OTG) goggles there is in the market. You can also easily choose the perfect one for you as they only offer 4 different colours, without the option of customizability. The colours available are: White 1 which has a pink lens – perfect for medium sunny exposure on a sunny yet partially cloudy day, Black 5 which has a colourful lens – serves well on a sunny yet partially cloudy day as well, Black 4 with an orange lens – perfect for your evening snowboarding run, and Black 1 with a blue lens – perfect for a sunny day.

These goggles give the best optical clarity even though you have your glasses on. You won’t feel any discomfort as it is perfectly designed to have great performance and flexibility to suit its users’ needs. It can be easily adjusted to reach the perfect fit for every user. Even a kid can wear these and snowboard comfortably. There is a warranty for 6 months if ever you won’t be happy with the product and rest-assured, you will have an easy time talking to their customer service as well. In this case, you can’t use your glasses as an excuse not to try snowboarding anymore!

Minalo UV Protection Outdoor Goggles

The Minalo Outdoor Goggles are the perfect choice for first timers who want to try snowboarding. It will save you so much time and hassle from choosing a snowboard goggle depending on the different colours and frames available. These goggles are simple and straightforward. You only have to choose between 10 different colours: blue, coffee, grey, lemon, light brown, multicolour, tawny, transparent, white, and yellow. Brown, blue and multi-coloured lenses are perfect for sunny days; white yellow and lemon ones are perfect for days with an increase in fog or snow. While the clear coloured lenses should be used during night time.

Even though it is one of the cheapest snowboard glasses available in the market, it is very durable because of its design and the materials used to construct it. Just as most snowboard goggles in the market, you can also expect great protection from UV rays and fog from this one. It is highly adjustable to give you the maximum comfort you need when snowboarding. You’re sure to be fully protected against any flying debris of ice, snow, water or even wind because of its perfectly designed flow vent technology. If you’re not happy with the product, Minalo offers a full refund. With its cheap price but good quality, you can even collect all colours so that you’re prepared for any weather condition on your next snowboarding trip.

Sbeedo Tactical Windproof Cycling Goggles

If you’re looking for a simple snowboard goggle without the hassle and without breaking your bank account, the Sbeedo Tactical Goggles is exactly what you are looking for. It’s pretty simple as the frames only come in 3 colours: black, blue and red. For the black frame, you can choose between a blue or colourful lens. While for both the blue and red frames, you can opt for the colourful #1 or #2 lens. Don’t think twice because of the price tag, it also offers some of the best features that other snowboard goggles which come with a heftier price tag. But the best part is, it’s very easy on the pocket.

The guys behind Sbeedo also made sure that each person who buys their tactical glasses will have a 100% protection against UV rays. Which is one of the most common concerns of any outdoor sports player is. It gives high transparency and even protects the lenses from scratches. They invested well enough in the design of the goggles in order to give its users the maximum protection needed against the weather and debris. Who said comfort comes with a high ticket price?


When choosing for the best snowboard goggles, a lot of factors must be considered such as the weather condition, day time or night time, environment, lens colour, lens shape, UV protection, fit, and so much more. The key factor is to not be afraid to research and ask questions, most importantly if you are a beginner and want to try snowboarding for the first time.

Don’t be afraid to fit and try different types of items. It’s nice to consider the price and added features but make sure to consider safety as your top priority. Getting the perfect fit may be troublesome, but remember that safety always comes first.

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