Best Solar Panels Reviews 2017

Are you disappointed that your phone runs out of battery every time you are in an emergency or you need your phone the most? Often, when you are enjoying a nice time by the beach and you want to click a picture, and you come to know your camera is out of power. We want all our gadgets to be charged up all the time. Especially, when we go sightseeing, traveling, camping, or trekking; that’s when we need these gadgets the most. But, those are also the places where it’s difficult to find a power source. But, what you do find there? Sunlight! What if we could harness this free source of abundant energy to charge our phones, iPads, camera, and every other rechargeable gadget?

This is possible with these amazing solar panels. These panels store solar energy and convert them to electrical energy which is then used to charge your phones and other gadgets. For those of you who wish to buy a solar panel, but do not know much about them, relax. This post will come to your rescue, in that it will introduce you to some of the top solar panels that are available on the market. You will see the different features and functionality of these gadgets. Before ending the post, we will clearly discuss some of the important factors you must look for when buying a good solar panel kit.

Solar Charger RAVPower 15W Solar Panels with Dual USB Port (Foldable, Portable, iSmart Technology)

This high-efficient portable solar panel is one of the best solar panels you would find on the market. Coming with dual USB port, this dual charger is equipped to power up two of your devices simultaneously using the freely available solar power. This highly durable device is based on the iSmart technology which enables it to automatically detect and deliver optimal charging current to the devices that are connected to it. The stainless-steel eye-hole and the hooks make attaching it to backpacks, trees, and tents super easy. This inexpensive solar panel is water-resistant and mold-resistant nylon.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

This top solar panel by Goal Zero is so powerful that it is capable of charging a smart phone in an hour’s time. It gives you the option of charging your AA/AAA from the USB or directly from the sun. This compact foldable solar panel is perfect for traveling and is weather resistant. The package includes a Nomad 7 solar panel, Guide 10 Plus power pack, and 4 AA rechargeable batteries. This solar panel can be attached easily to your backpacks or trees and designed ruggedly so that it survives the rough natural conditions without lettings its performance get affected.

ECEEN Solar Panel, 10Watts Solar Charger with Unique Zipper Pack Design for iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, Android Smartphones and More

One of the dominant solar panel brands, ECEEN, brings to you this 10W solar charger which readily uses the solar power to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, and Android smartphones. It is constructed of Sunpower solar cells and has 2 monocrystalline solar panels, which uses the high conversion solar charging technology to provide you with up to 22% energy efficiency. This portable light weight device has a built-in voltage regulator to ensure stable voltage and current supply to your device providing protection to them. This affordable solar panel is ideal for traveling, camping, and hiking.

ALLPOWERS High Quality 12000mAh Dual USB Solar Battery Charger Panel for cell phone, iphone, Samsung, ipad and more (iSolar Technology, Quick Charge, 3.5A Output, Anti-shock, Water-resistance)

This high-quality solar panel from ALLPOWERS is an all-powerful solar charger fit for charging iPhones, Samsung, iPad, etc. It uses the iSolar and Fast Charging Technology to automatically adjust the current and voltage for optimum power. Now, charge two of your devices simultaneously with this exclusive solar panel. The anti-shock, water-resistant, and dust-proof features of this device along with the ribbed case protection make this a perfect fit for all weathers and outdoor activities such as camping, adventure sports, and more. This extremely cheap solar panel has safety features such as auto shutdown in case of short circuit or overload.

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel

This new solar panel by HQST is a 12V monocrystalline solar panel with flexibility being one of its unique features. Yes, that’s right. This solar panel can withstand bending of up to 15 degrees which makes it highly durable for your outdoor camping and trekking trips. It comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can easily mount it. You can also affix it with the help of adhesive, grommets, zip ties, or velcro. The compact design allows it to fit comfortably in crowded places. It won’t shatter or crack when dropped from a height and comes with a one-year warranty.

WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Complete Off-Grid RV Boat Kit with LCD PWM Charge Controller + Solar Cable + MC4 Connectors + Mounting Brackets

WindyNation’s 100 Watt solar panel comes in a packaged kit which also includes P30 LCD display solar charge controller, 40-feet of solar cable, the necessary MC4 connectors, and the mounting hardware. Specially designed for remote power use such as RVs, cabins, homes, boats, etc., this kit is capable of providing 350 Watt hours or 33 Amp of charge per day. The charge controller with display gives you detailed information about the voltage, amperage, etc. so you can efficiently harness the power of solar energy. Coming with an installation manual, this is easily one of the most user-friendly solar panel kits.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are essentially the devices which convert the light energy from the sun to electricity. Most new solar panels, which are portable, come with USB slots which can be used to directly charge your phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, camera, tablets, and any other gadget that you could think of. Now, you are free to travel in to the wild, over the mountains, or practically, anywhere, without having to worry about your gadgets running out of the juice. Sunlight is everywhere and which is why these solar panels also work everywhere. They are designed in a way that they can withstand rough use and almost all types of weather conditions.

If you’re looking for some great solar panel deals, the following section will help you to find out the factors that make a solar panel stand out from the rest.

What to Look For

First up, check the power ratings of your solar panel. How much power can it dispense in a day and how many slots are available for charging – these are the most important questions that should cross your mind whenever you think about solar panels.

Next factor that you must consider is the portability of the panel. The most likely occasions when you would use the solar panels would be when you’re out in the open. So, taking a look at the dimension and checking if it can be carried conveniently can be the first step in determining the portability. Some solar panels are flexible enough to withstand some amount of bending which is an added bonus, because we never know what kind of situations these panels may be subjected to, when we go for treks or camps.

Next, consider the usability factor. A good solar panel must come with hooks or should have some provisions to make it easy to attach on bags, trees, tents, etc. Some of them also come with adhesives or velcro. They should be water-resistant and mold-resistant, and be strong enough to tolerate all kinds of weather conditions.

Finally, we come to the prices. There is a wide range or gap in solar panel prices. Some solar panels cost more than others due to big brands, increased features or high-quality support devices accompanying it in the package. If you are lucky, you could find amazing panels at discounted prices. Occasionally, keep checking various solar panels for sale.

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