Best Soldering Gun Reviews 2017

Looking for a high performance soldering gun but not yet quite sure on which to purchase? Worry no more! In this article we have the information you need on products that will help you pick the right one just for you! So have a good read and decide for yourself which is the best soldering gun for your needs and purposes!

Hobbico Soldering Iron 60 Watt

This Soldering Iron from Hobbico comes with an AC cord, a table stand and two flat chisel tips. It doesn’t come with a solder, but for specific connections you’re going to have to purchase acid core or silver solders. This soldering iron is lightweight for easy control and has a reliable grip imprinting on the handle to prevent accidental slips while working with it.

It takes only 60 watts to get this thing going and requires a 110 volt power source. The flat chisel tips this comes with is around 80mm long and 5.75mm wide. This thing heats up like crazy and it’s best used for touch up work that doesn’t require long uses at a time, unless you’re using it on heavy duty materials where the heat energy has more material to transfer to. This can’t be kept on heat for long periods on its own or used with small wires as it will generate too much heat and could damage the components. So if you’re going to be using this for purposes like that, make sure you let it rest and cool down in between soldering. This product is a high performance iron so it’s great for big projects!

Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

Another 60 watt soldering iron this time by Vastar, this kit comes with the soldering iron and an extra solder tube, 5 tips, a table stand, a pump for desoldering, and tweezers. Soldering convenience in a case! The soldering iron is 7 inches long and its cable is a nice appropriate length of 59 inches. There are controls on the iron that allow you to adjust the strength of the heat which is somewhere between 200 degrees to 400 degrees centigrade to give you more options and allow flexibility for an array of different soldering jobs.

The solder it comes with is a resin core which is great for mechanical connections, the desoldering pump works great, just heat up the soldered portion you want to remove and this pump will suck it up so you can start over easily. The tweezers work against friction and is a really useful addition to the kit. This iron heats up really quickly and stays hot, just like the Hobbico soldering iron, this is great for at home heavy duty soldering!

Weller D550PK 120-volt 260/200-watt Professional Soldering Gun Kit

This amazing 260/200 watt soldering gun heats up in 6 seconds! Less time waiting and more time of productivity! Other than the awesome soldering gun, this kit comes with three tips; one for soldering, one for smoothing, and the other for cutting. This kit also contains a tool for solder aiding and a coil of solder.

This brand is so confident in the durability and reliability of their product that they provide a 7 year, yes 7 year, limited warranty along with the product. The grip is imprinted with finger molds for easy handling and you can choose between to heat levels- either 260 watts or 200 watts for more options in its use. To adjust heat, just pull the trigger to one click for 260 watts, and two clicks for 200 watts. The tip is tin-plated copper which will really put in work so you can do less and solder more!

Tabiger Soldering Iron 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron

This 60 watt soldering iron kit is complete with all your soldering needs! It comes with a desoldering pump for any mistakes or changes you want to make, a pair of anti-static tweezers, a Y stand to keep your the hot parts of your iron from touching anything when put down, 5 soldering iron tips at 0.25 inches in diameter and around 1-2 inches long. This kit even includes a bonus 0.8mm diameter tin coil of solder wire, better known as a rosin core solder, and it’s all in a pretty nifty toolbox! It also comes with a user manual for beginners and to show you how to care for your iron properly to make it last longer!

You can adjust the temperature on this tool, with a heating range from 200 degrees to 450 degrees centigrade. The work voltage is at the standard 110 volts and strictly only for that, do not try to plug this into a 220 volt outlet, it will definitely hurt your soldering iron. The steel pipe design brings a revolutionary effect on keeping the heated parts even and the transfer of heat energy smoothly and more reliable than ever before!

SOAIY 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Gun

This brand is very popular when it comes to wood burning and circuit soldering! This 60 watt soldering gun has a state of the art ceramic heater chip that allows it to heat up within a couple of minutes. Along with the soldering gun, some of the other contents in this kit include a desoldering pump for corrections, 6 solder tips from flat chisel tips to thin for precision work, a stand for your iron to rest on when not in immediate use. You can adjust the temperature on this, too, from 200 to 450 degrees which is the standard thermos range for most adjustable 60 watt soldering irons.

The kit also includes a proper cleaning sponge for your iron and a user manual that shows you how to get the most out of your soldering gun and care for it. The soldering wire that comes with this package is free of lead. The grip is great and you can really feel the great quality of this item just by holding it. It heats up quickly and remains hot to assist in continuous and smooth sessions. This kit comes in a durable case with an inner foam mold to keep everything in place for easy organization and access!

Weller 8200PKS 120-volt 140/100-watt Universal Soldering Gun Kit

You might want to bring out the secret south american in you and whip out your mexican hat while you solder as this tool kit is manufactured in Mexico! This dual heat gun allows you to choose your heating power with the click of the trigger between 140 watts being the first click or halfway triggered position or 100 watts being the second click or full triggered position! Heats up in only 6 seconds so you can get straight to work! The tips are tin plated and the handle on this thing is molded for your fingers to get snug and have a reliable and controlled grip to prevent slippage. The voltage needed for this tool is 120 volts.

Something really cool about this soldering gun is the built-in torch so you can light up the specific area you want to target with your gun! Other components included in this kit is a coil of free soldering wire, 3 tin tips; a standard soldering tip, a cutting tip and another for smoothing purposes. It also comes with a tool to easily allow for interchanging between tips and an instruction booklet that includes soldering tricks and proper care instructions. Weller provides 7 years of warranty with this product so you can be sure of a good buy on this one!

Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit

This Sywon kit comes with everything you need, solder-wise! Providing you with state of the art tools that’ll make soldering so much more easier and enjoyable! 60 watts and a strict 110 voltage, you can adjust the temperature as the thermostat range is between 200 degrees to 450 degrees Celsius which is 392 to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. This soldering iron along with its additional tools included in the set is absolutely perfect for work on circuits.

This kit includes a 6 item additional tool set specifically created to assist in soldering work, in this set is a knife for cutting, a fork, a squeeze head for pressing together components, a hook, a brush to keep the specific target area clean, and a needle that helps in clearing barricaded holes and groves.
Along with a soldering stand and a cleaning sponge, 2 tweezers ESD 10 and 15, a tin wire solder tube, and 5 extra soldering tips varying from wide flat edges to thin pin points that you can switch up according to the task. For corrections and changes, a desoldering pump comes with the kit as well to ensure all soldering needs are met. All of these awesome tools are wrapped up in a PU leather zip case with elastic loop attachments for you to keep your tool kit organized and easy to access.

Apex Tool Group Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Gun

This soldering gun brought to you by Apex Tool Group rolls solo. This is a dual heat gun with 2 clicks for 2 choices of heat power. The first click brings you 300 watts while the second produces 200 watts. The handle is molded and imprinted to ensure a good, comfortable grip and the housing is has a strong heat resistant factor to it. With most soldering guns you will feel the handle heat up a little bit, or a lot, depending on what kind of soldering gun or wand you purchase, but with this, you’ll hardly feel the heat on your hands that you might end up questioning if it’s actually heating up, don’t take the risk of touching the heating parts though, because this thing can really get hot and will burn a hole right through your finger!

This soldering gun is dual wired and its power cord that is incredibly heavy duty, accidentally stepping and tugging on the cord won’t have an effect on it. For a product that comes alone, it definitely proves its durability with a 7 year warranty from Apex Tool Group.

What To Look For

Before purchasing a soldering tool, you have to really think about what it will be used for most. Think about what its main purpose will be. Whether it be for circuits, jewelry, simple DIY projects or quick fixes, even wood burning. There are all sorts of different soldering guns that work all around yet still have been specifically enhanced for certain projects.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend getting a kit, most, if not all of the tools that you’ll be needing will be included. Pick a kit that you think best suits your personality, style, and the project you’ll be using it for. If you are making this purchase just to have it handy at all times, the kit is a great choice for you as well! Maybe you’re a bit more experienced with soldering guns and will be needing components that might not be included in the kits, or you have a reliable source for tips and other soldering accessories, when it comes to tips and solder wire, you can be a lot more specific in your choices, if this is so, a kit is still a great investment, just in case you ever need the parts, but you can always just purchase the best soldering gun or iron wand and order other components separately.


Most soldering guns/ iron wands and kits come with a user manual and instructions on how to properly care for your tool. It’s always wise to follow the instruction to avoid damage, mistakes and accidents. You can even take it a step further and do some google research. Whether you are pretty experienced or just a beginner when it comes to soldering, the products listed here are sure to excite you for your next project. Happy soldering!

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