Best Speakers Reviews 2017

Listening to music is fun. The good thing is you can still make things merrier if you got some quality speakers that could boost the sound of your favorite songs.

There are a couple of good speakers available. A large bulk of them is being used for mobile entertainment like in cars, computer system, home theater system, and more.

In this article, we will list down some of the top speakers for sale now. We’ll likewise highlight briefly their most prominent features so you can quickly decide which speaker to choose for your home entertainment needs.

If these all sound good to you, continue reading.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Mini has a beautiful exterior which would surely fit the bill of those looking for something elegant to put beside their computers. It’s pretty heavy though, thus you can tell it’s made of durable materials.

Unlike other old and cheap speaker brands, Bose SoundLink Mini has a micro USB charging port. This means you can charge it just like your phones or other USB devices

One of its best features is the Bluetooth connection which is easy to establish using phones and other compatible gadgets. It can even save the Bluetooth settings of the last six devices you’ve successfully paired, thus it’s more convenient to use the next time.

Most importantly, the sound it makes is very loud and clear. Even at the highest volume, you can expect its great sound quality to remain.

In the event that the phone connected receives a call, the speaker will ring and take over the audio of the phone.

YL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker

This YL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker is one of the most portable, yet affordable speakers you can have. It’s a bit larger than a golf ball, but it’s small enough to be put inside your shoe.

However, don’t be fooled by its size. As tiny as it looks like, it’s pretty loud and powerful. Both its bass and treble sound very good. Its sound is crisp and clear, but it can still be better. It’s almost the same as listening to a high-quality radio.

Almost all of the modern electronic gadgets can be connected to this speaker. These include Apple devices, Android phones or tablets, laptops and more. Just make sure your device has a 3.5mm audio jack for the speaker to fit in.

Compared to other mini-speakers, YL Portable can be used for about 12 hours when fully-charged. This, therefore, is a perfect companion to ease boredom when travelling.

AmazonBasics USB-Powered Computer Speakers (A100)

These AmazonBasics A100 computer speakers are one of the best entry-level, USB-powered speakers available right now. They’re cheap, yet they’re very functional.

The speakers have a very modern, matte-look design. Their body is made of textured plastic and metal grille with glossy plastic indents. They’re also small, thus they can be put on the desk or on the computer’s system unit without any worries of accidentally knocking them down.

The back of the speakers has a small bass port, while the bottom has a thin pad that helps reduce vibrations. The right speaker likewise has a volume knob that works as an ON/OFF switch.

As for the sound, the speakers are good for their class and power rating. Their treble and bass have good balance, thus their sound quality is spot on.

If you’re still looking for an inexpensive speaker deal, AmazonBasics A100s are some of the top choices.

Anker Classic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aside from the speakers, this portable Anker wireless Bluetooth speaker package comes with a Micro USB charging cable, 3.5mm auxiliary cable, and an anti-dust carrying bag. The speaker is small enough to be held on your hand, yet it seems very well-made and durable.

The speaker has some quality lows and highs. Although the latter is not that loud for some genres like rock or alternative music, it’s good enough for R&B or hip-hop.

The speaker also has a reliable and stable Bluetooth connection. You can even freely move for as far as 30 feet along with your phone or Bluetooth-capable gadget without worrying about some possible interruptions.

If you’re tired of some speakers that always move on the surface while playing some music, then you’re problem’s solved here. This Anker speaker has an anti-slip pad or a nice rubber coating that helps prevent it from moving.

Logitech Speaker System Z313

Logitech Speaker System Z313

Logitech Z313 is an inexpensive speaker unit that’s classified as a 2.1 speaker system. The latter colloquially refers to two satellite speakers plus one sub-woofer. The sound it makes is not as superb as other pricy speakers, but it’s fine overall.

Both the bass and the mid-tones sound good, but the trebles may seem flat-sounding. Thankfully, you can easily make some adjustments in your computer’s equalizer to make the treble sound better and louder.

Just like the power, the volume of the speaker system can likewise be controlled without the computer.

Although this speaker costs considerably less, it doesn’t look such. In fact, it’s almost at par with other speakers that cost hundreds.

Overall, this is a good speaker deal for computer enthusiasts.

What to Look For When Buying a Speaker

Type of Speaker

There are two types of speaker system that you can choose from: component and full-range.

Component speaker systems are very good in terms of sound quality. Their tweeters and woofers are often separated, thus they can be easily moved around. They are also more expensive.

A full-range speaker is an all-in-one speaker system, thus it’s very easy to install. However, it’snot easy to customize. This is perfect for those who simply want to replace their factory speakers.

Sound Quality

If you can spend more, you can settle for high-end speakers that really offer balanced highs and lows. This doesn’t mean you would have to buy something expensive to get the best sound quality.

If you simply want a speaker for your computer, there are a couple of inexpensive speakers with a decent overall sound.


The main point of having a speaker is to get a louder sound. It therefore makes sense to check on the frequency range of the speaker. The higher is the frequency range of the speaker, the more capable is it of producing a bigger sound.

Sensitivity Rating

Speakers with higher sensitivity rating are louder, while those with lesser rating are less louder. Speakers with a sensitivity rating that’s more than 90dB are often excellent.

Multiple Audio Input Interfaces

Initially, you may want to purchase a speaker to work with your PC. On the next month, you might want to connect one to your other gadgets like tablets, smartphones, or televisions.

A speaker system with multiple interfaces would therefore allow you to use it in a variety of ways.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While this is not really necessary, Bluetooth would always be a good addition to any speaker. There are several Bluetooth-enabled devices nowadays, thus it would be great to be able to play music from afar without any wires involved.


Speakers are becoming more popular, not only among adults, but even to the younger generation.

Why not?

Everyday, we hear all sorts of groovy music and they’re often better enjoyed on loud speakers.

As to the type of speaker you should choose, it entirely depends on your needs. Just make sure to focus on things that matter most like the type of the speaker, sound quality, cost, and more.

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