Best Spice Racks Reviews 2017

Spices are a food group in their own right. Not only do they add flavor but they can also add life to an otherwise bland food. Thus, keeping your precious spice jars in a corner of your cupboard is just not going to cut it. Spice jars need a place of their own in your kitchen.

Here are some of the most creative spice racks for sale.

YouCopia Chef’s Edition Spice Stack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer

Best Spice Racks

Considered as the best spice rack on sale, this item can help you store and organize up to 30 full-sized spice jars instead of leaving them in disarray inside your cabinet. The drawers are compact and will fit nicely in a 13-inch wide cabinet.

This affordable spice rack also includes 48 printed and 48 blank removable drawer labels to help you locate your spices easily.

This item is more than perfect for those use different spices, from Anise to Vanilla Bean, in their cooking.

SpiceStor Organizer Rack 20 Cabinet Door Spice Clips

Best Spice Racks

This cheap spice rack is not really a rack per se, but more of an adhesive to attach your spices on your cabinet door or wall to save space. It includes 20 patented clips with pre-applied double sided-tape mounting tape and five slim, long strips that can hold approximately five spice containers.

The adhesive is quite strong and can be attached on metal cabinets, ceramic tiles, and even your refrigerator door. This is important as you wouldn’t want your spices to fall off from where they are attached.

Overall, a new spice rack concept that you should try.

Spicy Shelf Patented Spice Rack and Stackable Organizer

Best Spice Racks

An inexpensive spice rack that gives you an allowance to expand you spice collection with this item’s patented design, which is stackable. The spice shelf’s dimensions are also adjustable to fit any cabinet without a snag.

This spice rack brand will surely unlock your creativity as all the parts are removable to make everything fully adjustable. Building it can be a fun puzzle to solve.

Spectrum Diversified 43710 Scroll Spice Wall Mount Rack

Best Spice Racks

Nothing can really beat the classic. This top spice rack’s simple and elegant scroll-style design have won the hearts of the many. It features three durable metallic shelves welded on top of each other and mounting hardware to help you post this up on your kitchen wall.

This is a good spice rack to mount six spice bottles per row or eighteen bottles per rack.

Organize It All 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Best Spice Racks

A steel-wire open designed spice rack that can be mounted inside your cabinet or kitchen wall. This spice racks costs a lot cheaper than the other brands and can hold five spice bottles per row.

The open design eliminates the need for a label as you can already choose your spice from one glance. Also the metal wires are thick enough that you don’t have to worry about things falling off your rack.

A great purchase for those who wants to buy a spice rack with no frills or additional dramas.

DecoBros Spice Rack Stand holder with 18 bottles and 48 Labels

Best Spice Racks

A spice rack deal that includes a steel rack, 18 glass spice bottles and 48 spice labels. The only thing missing in this combo pack are your spices. Just fill the bottles and put them in the rack. The rack’s unique design has a status of pending patent with the USPTO.

This spice rack does not only saves you some space, it also saves you time in buying your own jars too.

What are Spice Racks?

For many experienced cooks, an arsenal of spices is as important to them as a battery of guns and bullets are essential to soldiers. These spices can come from anywhere – seeds, dried bark or leaves, nuts, buds, and berries. Spices can serve as garnish, flavoring, and even food coloring.

The sheer number of available spices had spawn a variety of spice racks for commercial and household use. Though they have different forms, these spice racks have only one purpose: to organize and store your spices.

What to Look For

Most spices are delicate so they are usually stored in tiny, secured jars to minimize exposure from humidity and air. Depending on how many spices your cupboard holds, you are going to need a special storage area for all those little bottles. This is where a spice rack becomes useful.

The first thing to consider before trying to purchase a spice rack is where you intend to put it. Spice racks can be mounted to a wall or cabinet. It can also be stored inside a cabinet or kitchen cupboard. Therefore, you must have a specific place in mind where you will put your spice rack.

Also, the space where you are planning to put a spice rack can help you determine what type you should buy. For those who don’t have enough space in the kitchen, a wall-mounted type should do. For those who have plenty of space in the cabinet, a stackable or a drawer type will do the trick. For those who have spaces under the cabinet or on their counter top, a free-standing type will work best.

Some spice racks require you to measure the area first before you purchase to ensure that it will actually fit. Also, you would like a spice rack that can placed somewhere strategic where you can easily reach it as you cook your family’s meal.

The next thing to consider is the dimension of your spice rack. Not all spice racks can hold the same amount of spice jars. If you are using very few spices, it won’t make sense to buy a 30-bottle rack just as your 6-bottle rack won’t be much of a help if you have hordes of spice jars waiting to be organized.

Furthermore, some racks are even selective with the shape of jars that can fit within its racks. Some would hold round spice jars but not square ones so you have to choose carefully.

And lastly, you need to consider the material in which your spice rack is made. The most common for all types is metal since it is both durable, cheap and lessens the risk of breaking because of the spices’ combined weights. Just make sure that all joints are well-welded and not just clipped to prevent any accidents.

There are also spice racks that are made of wood, plastic, chrome, acrylic, and the more recent sleek magnetic strips. Again, the choice of composition wholly depends on the type of rack you are want to buy. Just make sure that it is not too flimsy or too heavy.

Some spice racks come with free spice jars to help you store additional spices. If you are going to avail this deal, don’t forget to also inspect the jars. Spice jars should be mad of glass to lessen the chance of your spice reacting with container. Also, glass jars will ensure that no moisture will seep through it as long as the lid is tightly sealed.

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