Best Spin Mop Reviews 2017

Floor cleaning is time-consuming, energy-draining, and of course, a boring chore. This is something everyone can relate to and dreads most of the time. So how do we deal with it? Hold on to your buckets as we bring you the best spin mop in the house! Thanks to whoever always thinks out of the box for us for this amazingly innovative mop that spares us the wringing.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop is our cream of the crop. This thing should’ve come in a package with a cape because it’s basically a hero which saves us from the tedious tasks involved in floor cleaning.

It’s really more than just the cute exterior. The whole set boasts of durability with its overall materials and actually delivers on that. For the bucket, its heavy-duty ABS plastic guarantees to last many mopping years to come. It’s also integrated with large wheels and handles to easily carry across the room, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else. The spin dry basket is even constructed out of stainless steel, unlike most that utilizes plastic or aluminum. The cleaning solution dispenser is built into the mop bucket as well for quick access.

Now let’s talk about the mop itself. When fully extended, the adjustable handle can be as long as 56 inches, making it conveniently easier to reach across the floor without having to move from place to place. The mop heads efficiently absorb water courtesy of its microfiber material which is machine washable and can last for up to 6-8 months. It also includes a scrubber brush attachment for removing stubborn floor stains. Reaching under furniture is even made possible with its 180-degree swivel feature. And most importantly, less effort is needed when it comes to wringing. Say goodbye to manual twisting and hello to spinning.

Twist and ShoutMop Spin Mop

Twist and Shout Mop Spin Mop is the first ever spin mop without foot pedal or plastic spinning axis. All it takes is a gentle push on the handle and you’re ready for another wipe across the floor.

The bucket doesn’t have intricate features that may break or cause leaks. It’s made of durable plastic as well, making it very light to easily carry anywhere in your home but still guaranteed sturdy to withstand excessive use. The adjustable mop handle can be as long as 54 inches when fully extended with swivel joint that pivots 180° and rotates 360°. Now reaching across floors, under furniture, and along baseboards won’t have to be too straining. This also makes it great for cleaning windows, walls, cars, and boats.

The mop itself has a self-wringing feature which allows its head to efficiently spin even twice drier than most foot pedal versions. Its super absorbent microfiber material cleans thrice better than cotton, dries floor instantly, and leaves no streaks for a squeaky clean result. It’s also machine washable and can last for up to 6-12 months. This spin mop will definitely have you twisting and shouting for joy!

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System

Our third best is O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System. Hands-free wringing is now made possible with this product’s exclusively designed bucket and its built-in wringer. You’ll be spared the dirt, and only less effort is required since you just have to step on the high-quality foot pedal. The pedal also allows the level of moisture to be controlled.

The bucket features a splash guard system that contains splash and spray only inside the bucket itself when wringing. Amazingly no inconvenient spills with this one. The mop handle has a plastic portion which ensures optimal, nonslip grip for easy and efficient mopping. Its microfiber cleaning technology deeply cleans any surface (even hard floors), picking up dirt, dust, or hair and absorbing tough stains and grime. The mop head also adopts a triangular design to reach and to conveniently clean deep into corners. Its pivoting head can go around and under hard-to-reach parts of your house, car, or anywhere else. Also, the handle is telescopic (adjustable) and can fully extend up to 51 inches so no bending over necessary to mop across floors. That’s versatility in the face of a reliable household partner.

BulbHead Hurricane 360° Spin Mop

BulbHead is known as “The Home of Bright Ideas”. Let’s have BulbHead Hurricane 360 Spin Mop prove that to us.

The whole set comes in a combination of light blue and white motif. That right there already gives us the bright vibes of its brand. Its semi-transparent bucket lets us see how the water moves inside as it wrings, somehow giving off a fresh feel as you do the cleaning. It’s also made of heavy-duty plastic so you can carry it around anywhere without having to worry about muscle cramps after. It features a centrifugal dryer technology which works by stepping on the foot pedal and efficiently removes excess water from the mop head, saving you the energy while keeping your hands dry as well.

This spin mop isn’t called Hurricane 360° for nothing, too. It actually defines its head’s ability to swivel 360 degrees, reaching all corners of your house and conveniently pivoting under furniture which is usually impossible to clean with traditional mops. Its special microfiber mop head material can absorb ten times its own weight and leaves no streaks on any surface. It can also be removed and washed up to 300 times.

LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System

LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System has irresistibly cute and colorful mop heads which are like pompoms for the floor and cheer you as you clean. But this spin mop surely has more to offer beyond the pep vibes.

It’s one of those kinds without the foot pedal and only needs a little push on the handle to spin the mop head inside the bucket for conveniently hands-free wringing. Sweet, huh? It also features a super absorbent microfiber mop head like most spin mops that can hold up to eight times its own weight. Its handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable and efficient cleaning. Hard-to-reach portions of the house and under furniture can now be reached over without so much bending and twisting. The bucket’s splash guard system ensures no inconvenient spills as well. Easy and less effort bucket mobility is also achievable, thanks to its rolling wheels and handle. You can quickly drain the reservoir, too, by just removing the draining plug at the bottom part of the bucket.

LINKYO is generous on this one. The package also comes with different mop heads to suit different mopping needs: two common microfiber mop heads, chenille one for sensitive surfaces, and scrub brush for tiles.

Woodsam Magic Spin Mop

Woodsam Magic Spin Mop is a best buy among the bunch that proves great things don’t have to be expensive all the time. Maybe that’s the real magic behind this one.

This spin mop’s minimalist design doesn’t restrict its ability to go all out on solving our cleaning demands. It also offers versatility which guarantees no spills upon wringing, no shock, and no damages to the floors. Its unique microfiber mop head works great either dry or wet, leaving any surface instantly dry with no marks or streaks. This spin mop doesn’t utilize foot pedal system, instead hands-free wringing can be done by gently pushing and pulling on the mop handle while the head is on the bucket wringer. It’s still less effort and keeps your hands out of the dirty water. The mop head is machine washable and can last for months if handled with great care.

GoplusSpin Mop and Buckle System

Coming in at an affordable price, Goplus Spin Mop and Buckle System can easily become everyone’s favorite. If you’re looking to spend less time cleaning and want to keep your hands out of the dirty water but can’t because you’re using a traditional mop, then we’re giving you a rest from the hassle. This spin mop will be happy to serve you.

Its mop head can rotate 360 degrees to accommodate as much surface as possible. The handle is conveniently telescopic as well, fully extending up to approximately 47 inches to easily reach across floors, walls, ceilings, windows, or even inside cars without having to bend over or strain too much. Its handle angle can be adjusted from 45 degrees to 180 degrees to efficiently clean under hard-to-reach furniture or along baseboards. Its mop head also adopts an incredible microfiber technology which allows great absorption without damaging surfaces, leaves no streaks or marks on floors, and instantly dries.

The bucket system is easy to use and lightweight, too. Made of durable plastic, you can easily bring it anywhere inside your home or outside to clean cars or pathways without giving away too soon even if filled with water. No foot pedal or pushing the rod, just one manual press and it’s wringed. It has everything you can ask for and at a very reasonable price!

MopRite Spin Mop and Bucket System Deluxe

Mop it right with MopRite! MopRite Spin Mop and Bucket System Deluxe offers additional and more advanced solutions to your cleaning demands. While the qualities of a traditional spin mop remain in its system, it also gives you extra for a less tedious, worthwhile mopping. This quite deluxe spin mop is just reasonably priced to be technical with all the pluses it has in store for us. Generally speaking, spin mops make cleaning easy for you, but this one can make it even easier. It basically offers help in all aspects of the chore.

In this new version, the rod is more efficiently adjustable and can be fully extended up to 52 inches. You can reach high ceilings, windows, or walls without having to put a strain on your toes. Mopping across floors won’t have you bending over in an effort to cover everything anymore. The handle pivots and rotates 180° so whenever you need it under furniture or along baseboards, it won’t be a problem. Plus it’s made of stainless steel, ensuring no inconvenient break under excessive use. The mop head itself is machine washable and utilizes super absorbent microfiber for no-scratch on floors or any delicate surface, not to mention eco-friendly. A scrub brush is also available for tiles and stubborn stains.

The bucket system features dual spinners unlike most of its kind. Its water reservoir is integrated with an agitator to effectively loosen dirt from the mop head, and a spin cycle in the dryer basket for wringing to desired dampness.

Swoppy Spin Mop Deluxe

Swoppy Spin Mop Deluxe is incredibly lightweight, easy to use, and guaranteed durable. This portable mopping system will surely cut down your cleaning time into half while ensuring “dry hands, no sweat” thereafter.

Its handle is fully adjustable to suit your comfort during cleaning. Also with its telescopic feature, you’ll no longer need to bend over and reach across the floors of your kitchen, rooms, under furniture or other hard to reach areas of your home, saving you the strains. Its bucket wringer is constructed out of stainless steel so it won’t easily break and will definitely last for more mopping years.


Dry hands, no sweat, less tedious. Spin mop has become an everyday hero for all of us. An innovative iteration of a traditional mop, it cuts us the strain of bending over with its adjustable rod and keeps our hands out of the dirty water as it can self-wring.

But like anything that comes out in the market, different companies introduce new versions each time and claim theirs is better than all the others. It’s an unending competition where they always feel the need to join. To be fair, in the vast array of spin mops available, one will stand out according to our individual demands and standards in the end. Satisfying yourself with squeaky clean results doesn’t have to mean putting all your dimes on the counter.

The bottom line is, the key solution to achieve the convenience we want in life is choosing wisely.

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