Best Sporks Reviews 2017

Spoons and forks are one of the most important cutleries in our lives. They help us eat our favorite meals without leaving any mess. They deliver our food right into our mouth. However, at times such as camping or picnics, bringing both spoons and forks can be tiring and demanding. So what better way to aid this problem, but by using a spork?

A lot of people are still not aware about sporks, even though they have been invented since the 19th century. A spork is a combination of, you guessed it, a spoon and a fork. Instead of using both utensils, a spork is an all in one cutlery you can use in every meal. They are usually made out of disposable materials and can really be helpful in schools, fast food chains and airlines.

In this piece, we’d like to tell you about the top sporks brands not just in your country, but in the world. There are several kinds of sporks in the industry today. Some are made out of plastic materials and some are uniquely made out of natural resources. If you’re entranced to know more, read our article below.

Cooks Drawer Multi Color Spork Pack Camping Flatware

Cooks Drawer Multi Color Spork 4 Pack Camping Flatware

Looking for the best utensil for your child’s party? Then try the Cooks Drawer Multi Color Spork 4 Pack Camping Flatware! Wonderful for parties, camping and picnics, this product comes in different colors to add liveliness in your gathering! It is extremely sturdy yet super lightweight that you can bring it everywhere you go. These sporks are also very easy to clean because they are dishwasher safe.

You don’t have to worry about safety precautions because this product is made out of environmental friendly materials; it even has FDA and SGS certifications. It is also heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your spork melting over. It is extremely convenient to use, it has a fork on the end and a spoon in the other end. If you’re looking for a new spork, then you most certainly have to try this.

Dixie CMP21C Medium Weight Spork

Looking for the cheapest sporks for sale? Then it must be the Dixie CMP21C Medium Weight Polypropylene Spork. If you’re planning to buy a set of sporks for your upcoming outing or camping or something you’d like to serve in an eating event, then this one is the best choice. These sporks may be made out of polypropylene, but we can guarantee you that they are sturdy than the average spork in the market.

This set comes in a case that contains about 1,000 sporks, so it is guaranteed that your stack of sporks won’t be drained anytime soon. They are shatter resistant and durable to use. As a cheap spork, the Dixie CMP21C Medium Weight Polypropylene Sporks are definitely a great choice.

Baily PPSPK White Medium Weight Spork

Also another cost-effective sporks and this time, it is the Baily PPSPK White Medium Weight Spork. Why get different sets of spoon and forks, when you can have a spork? This purchase comes in with 1,000 pieces of sporks, perfect for cafes, foodtrucks, eateries and campings. They are extremely sturdy, so anyone can use them for dessert or meals such as yogurt, ice cream, lasagna or pasta.

This company has been making disposable utensils since 1996, so you are ensured that they have been giving wonderful products to the public. They are certified “frustration” free, which means that they have met all customers’ expectations. Furthermore, as one of the most inexpensive sporks in the market, the Baily PPSPK White Sporks are certainly something you should buy if you’re in a tight budget.

PPSPK White Medium Weight Spork

Aiming to get the best spork deal? Then you may love the idea of Bambu Veneerware Sporks. One of the most unique and innovative sporks yet, this product is made out of organic bamboo, which means that it is environment friendly. Because it uses natural resources, this one is anti-microbial, stain-resistant and safe to use with all kinds of staple.

It is FDA approved; certified IMO controlled and does not use any chemicals or dyes, unlike most of its competitors. The company Bambu isn’t kidding when they claimed that they are world-friendly because even their packaging is made out of recycled FSC papers and vegetable inks. If you’re buying a spork that is guaranteed to be safe, then getting the Bambu Veneerware Sporks is a smart move.

Fun Eating Devices Sporkstix

Want an exceptional good spork? Then the Fun Eating Devices – Sporkstix (Part Spork and Part Chopsticks) may be the perfect product for you. Wonderful for children, this product is made out of BPA free, so it is extremely safe to use. This product is not just a spoon and a fork, it can also be used as a chopstick! For parents eager to teach their kids the basic eating etiquettes, getting these products are a great start.

This product currently comes in 4 colors such as blue, red, pink and purple. It doesn’t just help your kids eat, but also helps them exercise their fine motor skills. Kids hate eating because they are often bored, fortunately this “sporkstix” can make any meal time fun! It is an affordable spork you shouldn’t miss buying.

What is a spork?

Like many other inventions, sporks also had their own history. Sporks have been around for so many centuries now. In the middle ages, they were used for cooking and eating mainly by wealthy families. A spork was also invented during the Victorian times, although it was not called as a spork back then, they named it an “ice cream fork”.

The first person who designed and developed a proper spork was Samuel W. Francis. He’s not just an inventor, but also a novelist, philanthropist and a doctor. He first designed it using a metal, where he combined both a spoon and a fork along with a knife together in one utensil. Many people saw this as weird, but Samuel W. Francis was eager to constantly invent things to increase people’s way of living.

Samuel W. Francis’ idea didn’t make much appeal to the mass. The term sporks still feels weird for many people in the world. The word spork only entered the dictionary around 1909, and even then people were still foreign to the idea of sporks. Around 1970s, companies such as the Van Brode Milling Co. and the U.K.-based Plastico Limited adapted to the term spork then started selling it.

Today, sporks are mostly famous in cafeterias, canteens, fast food chains and prisons. They are extremely cheap to buy and convenient to use. Instead of using spoon and fork, and spending money on the two utensils, you can get the best of both worlds and pay for one. Business owners love it because it saves them more time and money.

The sporks these days are widely available in plastic, especially in polypropylene. They are tremendously sturdy and not as expensive as other materials. Moreover, they are also FDA approved, so worrying about safety won’t be an issue.

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