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For tiles and windows, the best way to clean them is through a squeegee. A squeegee, also called as squilgee or squimjim uses a sturdy rubber blade attached on a handle to make cleaning moreefficient. A squeegee is known for cleaning flat surfaces such as glass, it is also used in silk screen printing to distribute the paints evenly.

Squeegees weren’t originally made for windows, it was first used by fishermen to scrape off the dirt and grimes that their boats accumulated while fishing. The squeegees back then were made out of wooden and blade materials. In fact, it was even referenced in a famous book called Moby Dick in which they referred to a tool that “operates like a leathern squilgee.”

If you’re looking for the cheapest squeegees for sale, then this might be your lucky day! In this one, we have listed not just the best, but also the top squeegees brands in the market today. Interested to know more? Read the list and facts below about squeegees!

OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

The OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee is an inexpensive squeegee you’d want to have. Despite its price, this squeegee uses a flexible yet durable rubber blade that is made to last. This one is very lightweight and comes with a slim profile that any users would love using. It is made out of black rubber and strong plastic to guarantee durability.

With its egg-shaped and non-slip handles, using this squeegee will not just give you a comfortable grip, but also efficiency in cleaning. It has a dimension of 6.9 x 10.8 x 2 inches and weight of less than .50 ounce. If an affordable squeegee is what you really need, then you may settle for the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee.

Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit

From the company of the first ever modernized squeegees, the Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit is here to prove you it is the best. This one uses a 10 inches silicone blade that is guaranteed to be long-lasting. It has a measurement of 2 x 16.5 x 13 inches, so users will have better maneuverability. Moreover, for tighter and better grip, this one uses a 12 inches strong rubber handles.

To secure the tool into the extension pole, this one is also equipped with a click-lock handle. For a much better cleaning, this product also comes with a washable microfiber washer sleeve. There’s no doubt that the Ettore 65000 Professional Progrip Window Cleaning Kit is a good squeegee you won’t regret having.

Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass – 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades – Foam Handle

The Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass by desired tools is a multi-purpose squeegee that can be used for walls, tiles, windows, windshields and shower doors. This package comes with 3 8-inches dual-edge blades, which makes it equal to having 6 squeegees. It uses a flexible silicone blade, which means that it has a streak-free water control.

Currently this one has size of 10 x 7.7 inches and is available in 3 colors such as blue, white and gray. It has a durable foam handle and the body uses a solid ABS plastic to guarantee sturdiness. Buying squeegees may sound like a tough decision for you, but if you’re still undecided then we certainly recommend getting the Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass by desired tools.

Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning Kit-13.5″ Squeegee & Microfiber Washer for Glass

The Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning comes with a 13.5 inches squeegee with scraper and a 13.5 inches professional window washer, made out of premium grade microfiber materials. With its large and flat cleaning surface, with this squeegee, removing and cleaning windows will be much efficient and effective. It comes with 2 tools that can be nested together to give users different ways to clean.

It has a measurement of 10.4 x 8.8 x 3 inches so cleaning won’t be as hard. The Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning uses long handles enough to reach farther areas. It can be used to clean cars, windows, tiles and walls. As a summary, if a new squeegee what you’re looking for, then look no further.

What are squeegees?

Squeegees are mostly known as a tool for to clean flat surfaces such as windows. A squeegee may be made out of a plastic or metal handle, but they all come with one similarity, they use a rubber blade. Moreover, most squeegees, may it be home-used for commercial-used are very handy and easily fits any size of hands.

Like many inventions, squeegees weren’t mean to clean windows in the beginning. The squeegees before was used to clean the sides of boats and decks, scraping filths such as fish scales etc. Like what we said earlier, it was referenced by Herman Melville in his book Moby Dick that a tool somehow functions like a “leathern squilgee.”

When the 20th century came, around 1936, modern squeegees were invented. The squeegees back then were so heavy because it was made out of heavy steel with two rubber blades along with 12 screws. It wasn’t until Ettore Steccone noticed something was wrong. Steccone was an Italian who travelled all the way to America and started a window cleaning business together with his wife.

Steccone was known to go around his town offering cleaning window services in his motorcycle, with a ladder dangling over his shoulders and buckets from end to end. Steccone was happy with his job, but discontented with the tools he is working with. He began weighing his options and fiddled the Chicago squeegee he is working with.

Eventually, he came up with a better and much efficient type of squeegee. It was a T-type of squeegee we still use and see today. Steccone thought it was a good invention and that it would really help a lot of cleaners, especially janitors do their job, so he began looking for manufacturers to sell his invention.

Steccone later realized that no business was interested in his invention so he started manufacturing them on his own. Today, we can still see Ettore Steccone’s name, especially in squeegees brands. There’s no doubt that Ettore is one of the best squeegees deals anyone can ever find.

Today, squeegees aren’t just used to clean windows, but also used in bathrooms, in car windows (automotive squeegees) and in silk screen printing. We’ve already provided you a list of cheap squeegees, now read below the benefits of having one.

Benefits of owning squeegees

The first benefit of owning a squeegee is that it helps maintain the overall look of your home. If majority of your house has huge glasses in it, a squeegee will help significantly compared to other means of cleaning such as dust cloth or a regular towel. Also, cleaning your glass windows regularly will maintain its quality.

By getting your glass windows cleaned, you lessen the chances of having to buy another one or having to restore them in the near future because they are often taken care of. Besides, who likes foggy and dirty windows? No one likes looking at that, you don’t want it as well, for sure.

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