Best Staplers Reviews 2017

If you’re an office person, for sure you have used staplers a thousand times.

Why not?

It is an easy-to-use device for binding various documents, brochures, and other forms of publications.

It is even a standard tool, not just in offices, but also in schools, bookbinderies, and print shops.

Because of their variety of purpose, there are specific types of staplers that are designed to bind stacks of paper.

In this article, we will not thoroughly discuss all the types of staplers. Instead, we will show you some of the top staplers for sale today. We will also briefly highlight some of their best features to better help you in your buying decision.

Read on to learn more about them.

Swingline Stapler (74736)

The sides and the top of this Swingline desktop stapler are smooth, thus it is very comfortable to handle. Its bottom is likewise rubberized, so it is very unlikely to slip on your desk or table. As for the weight and size, they are just right for the product so it is very handy.

Unlike other cheap staplers, Swingline’s can easily staple more than 10 sheets of paper. Its staple wires are also very durable such that they do not crunch or cause the device itself to jam. If you want, you can even staple up to 20 sheets of paper smoothly in one click.

Moreover, the balance it has makes it unnecessary to be put on the desk and hit with your fist just to affix a few bunches of paper.

Overall, this is an effective, yet inexpensive stapler that works perfectly in binding several bunches of papers.

Sparco Long Reach Stapler (SPR01316)

This Sparco stapler is a light-duty device with a long arm that makes it possible to reach the center of the paper. Its depth is also easy to adjust, thus it is perfect for making booklets.

Despite its length, it is not heavy. However, it may be quite awkward to use at first as you would have to adjust to the lengthy arm it has. It is pretty the same as other regular desktop staplers. Only, its arm is long. But once you get the hang of it, you will find it convenient to use. This is most especially true when working on the center of the paper.

Although it is built fairly well, it is not one of those top-of-the-line office supplies you can really expect.

Still it is highly-recommended for those looking for an effective, yet affordable stapler.

Swingline Commercial Desk Stapler (44401)

This Swingline Commercial Desk Stapler is solidly-built, thus it is really suitable for those hoping to use it both at home and at the office. It is almost entirely made of metal which makes it extra durable and dependable for various uses.

You can also use this stapler to bundle several papers at the same time. It is designed in such a way that the staple wires do not come out at the same time. Therefore, the chances of jamming are really prevented.

You can likewise use this to staple papers on the wall or on the bulletin board. You simply have to open it apart and push a little bit the stapler on the desired surface.

If you want a good stapler that could withstand any beating without compromising its performance, this Swingline brand is going to be a safe bet.

Swingline Standard Eco Version Stapler (S7054501)

This Swingline Standard Stapler is good to use both in the house and in the office. It is very lightweight, but it is sturdy enough to be used on various paperworks. Its size is also small enough to be easily stored in the pocket or on the desk beside your other office supplies.

Like most staplers, it is very straightforward to use. You can easily affix more than 10 papers with no hassles whatsoever. It staples very smoothly and it shows no signs of jamming even when binding a couple sheets.

One advantage this stapler has over other units is its long reach which means it can staple at a farther extent.

If you need a device you can use to effortlessly affix papers, this stapler is definitely a good choice.

PaperPro inPOWER Desktop Stapler (1110)

PaperPro inPOWER is a high-quality desktop stapler that is easy and comfortable to use. It is shaped in such a way that you can simply grip and press it without feeling awkward. Both its top and back have a small gray rubber piece that is molded so the unit becomes very handy.

Its spring is likewise pre-cocked, thus you require very little power or effort to affix several sheets of paper. Although it is rated the same way as other staplers, it can actually staple more than 20 sheets with relative ease.

This makes it highly-suited to professionals or students who need to quickly organize paperworks at the quickest possible time.

For the price, this inexpensive stapler is certainly recommended.

What to Look For When Buying a Stapler

Type of Stapler

Not all staplers are made the same, thus it is important that you consider the jobs you will likely be doing. It is also necessary for you to think about other factors like volume, thickness, and paper style.

Manual desktop staplers are best-suited for light-binding jobs, handouts, and documents.

Heavy-duty electric staplers are primarily used to bind thick bricks of paper. This is also best used for high-volume stapling tasks.

Moreover, saddle staplers are perfect for binding pamphlets, booklets, and brochures.

Electric or Manual

Electric staplers are straightforward to use. Most importantly, they can handle over 80 sheets of paper.

The good thing now is you can buy a smaller electric stapler which is perfect for individual use. It is a space-saver, thus it is advisable for busy people with abundant things on the desk.

Meanwhile, most manual staplers are now designed such that they are easy to grip. They are also very portable and lightweight. They are therefore perfect for on-the-go people who want to bring along with them anywhere their favorite or most-needed office supplies.

Note that heavy-duty staplers can be in electrical or manual form. Both have similar binding power, but the electric one is obviously a lot quicker.

Design and Durability

Most especially that you are going to use the stapler quite a lot, it should be well-designed, sturdy, and long-lasting. It should be able to withstand pressure or some minor hits.

Like any other tools or devices, it should also be ergonomically designed so that it will be easier to use and hold.


When picking a stapler deal, it is necessary to consider what likely your needs are. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also the efforts you make in going to the stores.

Always invest on a new stapler that is going to last for a long time and can cover several, if not all, of your binding needs.

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