Best Star Projector Reviews 2017

Do you want a starry, starry night right under the comfort of your roof? Or are you up for an amazing starry show outside your home? The best star projector will bring the wonderful galaxy a little closer to you and your family, and awe together in a spectacular, dreamy display.

BulbHead Star Shower Laser Light Projector

BulbHead Star Shower Laser Light Projector is our number one bestseller in the list. It’s intended for indoor use or outdoor use to light up your home with a starry show that even your neighbors can enjoy, too. It projects red and green stars which you can watch twinkling in motion or freezing in all its shining glory. Its controllable motion display is made possible with just one click on its exclusive motion activator button.

This projector has an automatic on-and-off feature which uses a light sensor that turns on at night and turns off in daylight. You also have an option to choose either red and green display or an all-green laser lights show. It includes a base for indoor use and an extended stake for outdoor use. It can project from over 100 yards away and cover 3,200 square feet. Durable and weather-resistant, this star projector is made to withstand rain or snow for a perfect starry show any time.

Cloud b Lady Bug Twilight Constellation Projector

Our second best is something that kids will definitely love. Cloud b Lady Bug Twilight Constellation Projector is a handy star projector that can work as a toy for the little children as well. It comes as a cute lady bug with a soft bottom just like a regular stuffed toy so they can hug it while they sleep. On its back you can find the push buttons for easy control.

This projector gives off a soothing holographic display of actual star constellations in three color options which are blue, green, or red. It also features a 45-minute timer to ensure complete darkness during sleep. Bring joy to your kids with this friendly little lady bug that’ll fend off the monsters in the dark.

1byone Star Laser Light Projector

If you want to have festive vibes inside your home or out in the lawn but don’t want the hassle of using ladders and straining to reach high walls just to hang Christmas lights, 1byone Star Laser Light Projector can brighten up for you. You just got to place it wherever you like then plug it on. No more tangled wires and dead bulbs.

This laser light projector offers broad application and can cover up to 2,100 square feet at a 25-foot distance. The display is mainly red and green stars in a green backdrop. You can choose to have it flashing or freezing with the use of its exclusive remote control which also features a built-in timer function. Its body is constructed out of a high-tensile aluminum alloy material and even weather-resistant to withstand all elements so you can enjoy an uplifting show the whole year round. It’s perfect for any occasion such as parties, holidays, or as a decoration as well.

MOKOQI Rotating Cosmos Projector

Night Lighting Lamp [ 4 LED Beads, 3 Model Light, 4.9 FT(1.5 M) USB Cord ] Romantic Rotating Cosmos Star Sky Moon Projector , Rotation Night Projection for Children Kids Bedroom(Purple)

MOKOQI Rotating Cosmos Projector is from the newest generation of improved star projectors by MOKOQI. New versions keep coming and they’re more brighter and spectacular each time, so by that we already know this one will stand out as well.

It has four LED beads of warm light, blue, green light, and red light. The control panel is right at the front bottom of the projector and is easy to use with its three push buttons. Each button has a specific function: A is for yellow light mode, B is to alternate the color options, and C is to turn the rotating motion on and off. You can also choose to have a one-color display or multiple colors show. The high-power LED beads are more powerful in this one so the projection illuminates much more. It’s battery-powered or electrically operated through its USB cable connector. Its rotating feature makes it more romantic and dreamy, too. Enjoy a warm light that will surely put you to sleep. You can put it on the dresser or hold it as you tell your child a story about how beautiful our universe is.

Soaiy Aurora Night Light Projector

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the north pole or south pole just to see the enigmatic view of auroras? Then hold on to the edge of your bed as we bring it to you. Soaiy Aurora Night Light Projector gives you the nostalgic scenery of the beautiful auroras right under your own roof. You’re spared the travel and you can enjoy the show together with your family, too.

This one doesn’t project actual star shapes but instead streaks of soft, warm light imitating the auroras themselves. It’s complete with the diffuse blue, red, and green lights all over, giving us the heavenly feel of being under the calming northern or southern lights. The set features an innovative design of a night lamp with an adjustable display angle of up to 45-degree tilt so you can have it straight up or illuminate in a different direction for a panoramic effect. The control panel is also at the front bottom portion with three push buttons for color and display manipulation. Another unique feature that makes this projector stand out among the others is its audio cable which allows you to plug in your phone, MP3, or other devices to play music as you watch the show. You can enjoy its eight different light shows as you go to sleep without having to worry about turning it off since its automatic shutoff system will do that for you after an hour it’s turned on. This is something our kids and the kids in us will surely want every night.

Deneve Aurora Borealis Star Projector

Aurora Borealis Star Projector Lava Lamp Night Light - Mood Lighting Lamp Trippy Ambient Color Changing LED for Baby Teens Boys Girls Starry Galaxy with Music Player

Here’s another one for the love of auroras. Deneve Aurora Borealis Star Projector gives us the beautiful sensation of being under the northern lights. It imitates the galactic scenery in its wonderful holographic display that will leave us in awe each time.

The whole set comes as an innovative, modernized version of a traditional lava lamp. The head portion can be tilted up to 45 degrees for broad application of the display. It has a control panel that’s easy to use with the push buttons and can be found on its bottom portion upfront. It uses high power LED beads so with its 12 different colors, you can enjoy a solid duplicate of the actual aurora borealis in the comfort of your home. You can also connect your MP3 or phone to it and play lullabies or soft music. Plus with the streaks of patterns and diffuse colorful lights which give off a vibrant yet calming effect, you’ll surely be lulled to sleep in no time and its auto shutoff technology will turn it off for you. It’s a great gift for teens or children, too.

ANTEQI Star Projector Night Lamp

ANTEQI Star Projector Night Lamp has a sleek black and cute design that makes it a good home decor by day and an incredible lamp by night which lights up with more than just a traditional illumination but will bring the entire galaxy right under your roof.

With its automatic shutoff system, you can set its timer between 5 to 95 minutes and it’ll eventually turn off on its own as you sleep. It has four push buttons upfront for easy control: A for definite time, B for rotary control, C for color conversion, and D for night light mode. A small screen in the middle will also show you the minutes as you set the timer, and behind the projector is the on-and-off switch plus USB port. It projects a powerful illumination for a solid, spectacular astronomical display, thanks to its four LED beads that give off a warm light, blue light, green light, red light or different combination of colors. With the rotating base of this star projector, you can enjoy a panoramic display of the wonderful galaxy.

HPI Hong Kong Limited Laser StarIndoor Light Show

HPI Hong Kong Limited Laser Star Projector is quite pricey but remember, paying more always means getting more. It comes as a set with an actual star shape on a round base so you can put it on a flat surface such as above your home dresser or side table. But aside from that, it also has a built-in key hole for optional wall mounting. No more accidental nudging and breaking the lamp. Conveniently space-saving and efficient, now it’s easy to fill your bedroom with a dazzling shower of stars.

Uncle Milton In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Light Projector

Talk about not only bringing the stars inside your home but also getting a whole view of our Mother Earth complete with the Moon and the Sun. Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro can turn your home into your very own planetarium, and we can be just like astronauts in the comfort of our pajamas.

This star projector at one glance is a like a fleeting view far into the future. Sleek black and incredibly innovative, it comes as a globe-shaped projector on a simple base. It can swivel smoothly into any position so you can choose to point it anywhere for a panoramic effect or simply upright. The main control panel, which is right on the front portion of the sphere, is easy to manipulate as well with its push buttons. You can view the spectacular astronomical show as it slowly rotates around your room or as it freezes into a still image. Either way you can surely enjoy the display.

This star projector has two discs included for its unique projection system: a Starfield disc and an Earth, Moon, and Sun disc. The discs can be inserted into the projector itself. Its other add-on features are automatic shutoff system, focus dial, optical-quality lens, and the option to use AA batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included). Get that planetarium experience any time you wish.

Uncle Milton In My Room 3D Star Theater Pro

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than having your own night sky at home, Uncle Milton In My Room 3D Star Theater Pro will give you a more (almost) tangible astronomical experience.

This star projector includes 3D glasses that let the celestial bodies bounce off the wall and appear right before you. It’s like having the whole universe around you and a little closer this time. The projector itself is a sleek globe held by a simple base so you can put it on any flat surface as you wish. It can also swivel around for a panoramic effect or illuminate upright, but either way you can enjoy a spectacular show of the wonderful galaxy.


The traditional way of stargazing, which is under a real night sky, is surely breathtaking. We get to see an ecstatic view of what lies beyond our Mother Earth, and we’ll somehow feel a sense of belonging to the world. But given the erratic condition of our weather, we can’t just go outside at night and sprawl on the ground any time we wish. Dark, heavy clouds don’t make way for stars to shine through, or we can’t afford to have ourselves frozen down to our toes on a chilly night.

Since life is about making the most out of it, we can’t miss out on anything beautiful in it. Thanks to the great minds who have come up with the idea of bringing the constellations right under our own roof. Star projectors welcome us into a whole lot different world of celestial bodies. They create a spectacular map of the astronomical geography right on our walls or immediately before us through a holographic effect, turning our homes into our very own planetarium. It’s like a quick travel into the space and around the universe.

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