Best Stylus Reviews 2017

Styluses have made a re-entry in the digital market in the recent past. Almost all first generation touch screen devices were accompanied by styluses, but they were made out of plastic and were overly slim. There were quite a few problems with them, such as breaking, people kept losing them, etc.

After this, all digital devices were designed to be used with fingertips. However, with the high-end apps and devices being developed lately, styluses became inevitable. That’s why we have seen some incredible styluses being launched on the market. This post talks extensively about styluses. Read on to know more.

amPen Hybrid Stylus with Interchangeable Hybrid Tip

One of the leading stylus brands, amPen presents to you this hybrid ultra-sensitive stylus which works perfectly well with all types of devices. Whether you are using an Apple, Nexus, or Samsung device, this top stylus will be compatible with all of them. Designed as a pen, it is convenient to carry it around everywhere you go.

This highly responsive stylus features a soft tip which protects your screen from scratches. If the tip becomes worn out, you can easily replace it with another one. If you want to buy a stylus with excellent quality, this product is for you.

AmazonBasics Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

AmazonBasics brings to you this amazing product which also happens to be an affordable stylus present on the market. Being one of the best styluses, it has a smooth tip giving you a pen-like writing experience. No other stylus is as good with drawing apps, as this one.

This stylus is compatible with your devices that have capacitive touch screens and comes in 3 different colors. This stylus is compatible with all types of devices including Kindle, Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and Nexus. This is one of the best stylus deals that you could come across.

BaseTronics Stylus Pens for Touch Screen Devices

This is an inexpensive stylus brought to you by BaseTronics. Having a length of 5.5”, this stylus has a tip of diameter, 0.18”. It is made from stainless steel and aluminum, giving you a real pen-like feeling. The stylus is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices which includes iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, and more.

Each pack includes two styluses and 6 replaceable soft rubber tips. This amazing stylus costs less than most others and is backed with a one-year warranty. If you’re looking for a durable and cheap stylus, this is your product.

Teviwin® Stylus pen for Universal Touch Screens Devices

Teviwin presents to you this 12-piece set of slim ultra-sensitive stylus. These top-quality styluses run smoothly on all capacitive screens, whether it is your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung galaxy phones, and tablets. The light-weight design makes it super easy to use them for writing and even for drawing.

The durable soft tip protects your screen. Each piece in the pack comes in a unique color. This stylus also doubles up as a ball pen. You must definitely check out this responsive stylus which gives you everything you’d expect from a good stylus.

Meko Disc Stylus/Styli

This two-piece new stylus set is brought to you by Meko. In addition to 2 styluses, the pack also includes 4 replaceable disc tips and 2 replaceable fiber tips, so you will have back-up in case the tip you’re using gets worn out. They come in different color combinations such as black and black, black and gold, black and purple, etc.

The tip features a clear disc which makes sure you get the accurate point with great precision. These styluses are perfect for writing notes as well as for drawing. They are compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices.

What are Styluses?

In the previous section, we listed down some of the best styluses available on the market. We also discussed their features and qualities. In this section, we will see what a stylus is.

Styluses are the small pen-like things that can be used to interact with your touch screen devices. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or other strong materials as the ones that were made of plastic before, made them brittle and less durable.

How can styluses be of your help when you can easily access your touch screen devices with your fingertips? Well, sometimes fingers can be dirty, like when you’re eating or are in the middle of cooking in the kitchen or working in your garage. Stylus makes it convenient for you to use your phones when you cannot use your fingers.

Also, taking notes becomes really quick when you’re actually writing on the screen as opposed to typing. You might think what’s wrong with a paper and pen. Well, writing on your touch screen devices allow you to easily save your text for future reference, edit it, and also e-mail them at any time you need.

Stylus also comes as a great relief when you’re using different drawing apps for sketching, drawing, and painting. Fingertips can never be a match for the precision you get with styluses.

They provide protection against scratches. They are light-weight devices that can be carried wherever you go. Also, people who are not able to use their hands due to disabilities can operate their phones through a stylus held in the mouth. Stylus can be used by everyone; you do not have to spend time learning to use it.

In the following section, we will see what important factors you must consider when buying a good stylus.

What to Look For

The first and most important thing is to find out whether a stylus is compatible with all your digital devices. There are some styluses which run only on Apple devices or some that run exclusively on Galaxy. If you own a combination of phones, tablets, or iPads, it is extremely important that you are sure the stylus you are looking to buy will work on all of them.

The next thing you must check is whether the tip is soft. All good styluses have soft tips so as to prevent scratches on the screen. Some tips are made from rubber or fiber; both are soft and last long.

Next comes the body of your stylus. You want your stylus to be durable and one important factor that affects its durability is the design of the stylus. So, make it a point to see if the design seems strong and also check the material used for the body of the stylus. Stainless steel or aluminum would be a good choice to ensure durability.

Finally, we come to the price factor. Styluses have a huge variation in prices with some of them being highly cheap and some being quite expensive. When comparing the prices, make sure to analyze all the factors we discussed above, the compatibility, quality of the tip, design, and durability. Once you are sure that the price justifies the features offered, only then make the purchase.

Another useful thing would be to check out the different stylus for sales options so you know what different buying options are available to you. You might stumble upon some amazing discounts and promotions and land yourself a great deal.

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