Best Sunshade for Car Reviews 2017

While some might love the warm touch of the sun on their skin while traveling in their car, others find comfort in using the best sunshade for car. You would want to protect your eyes from the blazing rays of the sun especially during long hours of travel, that’s understandable. There are a lot of sunshades sold in the market, here are some of the best ones we found.

Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade

If you want an excellent UV reflector sunshade for your car, you might be interested in this product. The Shade-It Windshield Sun aren’t only easy to use, this can also provide you with a cooler and pristine interior of your car. Even if you go for a ride on an extremely hot day, this sunshade can actually help turn down the heat brought by the harsh rays of the sun so you can have an enjoyable time traveling in your car. You won’t be sweaty or feel miserable anymore. The interior of your car can even look even better if you use this sunshade.

Your car and the people inside your car can be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun with this sunshade. There are no cracking or fading of the sun shade with this product. It gives an all-around optimum sun protection and in maintaining the integrity of the interior of your car. Even after many years of prolonged use, the interior of your car will have minimum damage from the sun. Using this sunshade not only benefits you but also benefits the overall condition of your car. It’s super easy and convenient to use and the price is so reasonable for such a high performing sunshade for cars. This is a perfect product for those who have SUV’s, Vans, Trucks or Cars. This is highly recommended by many car owners.

X-Shade Jumbo Sun Shade for Car windshield

If you wanted those huge sun shades for your car to have maximum coverage and protection from the sun then this might be the one you’re looking for. This product can fit almost all types of cars. Its size and shape are specially designed to fit the windows of your car. Heat reflective fabric is used for the best sunshade protector for any car in the world. You can easily install this to your car. You just pop it open and then place this on your windshield and that’s it, you’re ready to go. It’s even better if you hold it with sun visors and that’s it, you can have a full functional sunshade.

When you’re not using this sun shade, you can easily and quickly fold and store this anywhere you like. You simply fold this together, then twist and turn, and after that, you slide it into your pouch. It’s that easy! You can choose the right size that’ll suit for your car. You might even complain how big this is but it actually gives you absolute protection from the harmful effects of the sun. It’s better to check out the size you really needed that’ll suit the type of your car. A lot of people are quite satisfied with this sun shade and many are happy to recommend this. For such an affordable price you’ll surely love this sun shade for your car.

Plasticolor 003700R01 Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

If you’re an avid fan of Star Wars, you’ll surely love this Star Wars edition sun shade. It comes with a universal side of 0.25″W x 57″D x 28H”. This has an elastic strap that keeps the sun shade folded when keeping it for storage. Folding this up when you’re not using this is super easy. It can actually fold up into an accordion-style. You’ll find that the Star Wars design on this sun shade doesn’t fade easily so don’t worry. The material used for this sun shade is some kind of plastic made of some good quality material and when it folds it forms into an accordion.

You might notice that the picture might fade in time. Eventually, under extreme conditions, the picture might fade which is quite normal in the long run. But you’ll see that the picture is still visible but there might be some fading of the colors. This usually happens when your car is subjected to extreme heat like when you park your car outside under the sun. Well, it’s better that this sun shade does its function of protecting the inside of your car and keeps the interior cool even under the heat of the sun. So if your leave somewhere sunny, this is the perfect sun shade you can use for your car. Many people are in love with this sun shade and for a good reason. You might love this too.

Enovoe Car Window Shade

This next product is one of the best-sellers in the bunch. Enovoe Car Window coms in a 3-pack package and the price is so affordable you’ll love it. Each sun shade measures 21″x14″ and it’s the perfect cling sun shade for your car windows that’ll help protect you and your family from the sun, UV rays and glare from the sun. You don’t want to expose your family especially your baby from the harsh rays of the sun. This sun shade is made of a mesh fabric that’s quite effective in shading the interior of your car. It has been tested that this car sun shade can actually give you 97% protection from the UV rays. How cool is that? Not only does this keep the interior of your car cool, it protects your skin and health too.

You won’t have to suffer from any skin irritation and the discomforts of a hot day when you’re inside your car traveling. A dual layer design of this sun shade will give you the best sun protection possible. Both sides of this sun shade give different beneficial functions. The mesh side gives you protection from the sun while providing visibility for the driver. The other side, the static cling, makes it easy for you to attach this to your window and removing this is super quick and easy since it doesn’t have any suction cups or adhesive application device. You can enjoy a car ride without thinking of any hassles for your sun shade. Many people highly recommend this too. The easy installation and the optimum protection are very good qualities of this product.

Veneev Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window

Another product we’d like to introduce to you is the Veneev Car Sun Shade which is used for the side and read window of your car. Each pack of this sun shade contains three of this car sunshade protector. You can have 97% UV rays protection when you use this sun shade for your car. When you purchase this product you get the full package of two 20″ x 12″ sun shade you can use for the side of your car window, one 30.3″ x 19.6″ specially built for the rear of your car as well as a premium storage pouch you can use for the sun shades when you store them. You can also have a dashboard mat when you purchase this.

These sun shades are made of a strong static material that can stick for a long time without using any adhesives unlike other sun shades in the market. Some products sold at the store leave a messy residue when you remove it from the window of your car which can be annoying. The rear sun shade of this product is the only one who has a suction cup which is important to stick this on for a long time. Using this and installing this to your car is super easy and quick. You just pop it open and that’s it, you can now place this to the window of your car as well as the rear part of your car. This is perfect to use when you go on long car rides with your family especially if you have kids or pets. You can be comfortable, protected and cool inside your car even if it’s sizzling hot outside.

kinder Fluff Car Sunshade

Another highly recommended sun shade for cars sold in the market is the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade. This car sun shade comes in big sizes to offer you with the best coverage as well as sun protection. This can fit most vehicles. Some sun shades available in the market are too small to use for large cars. You might be looking for the right fit for your and haven’t found it. This might be the perfect fit for your car and the one you’re looking for. It has a bigger size to full cover you and protects your family from the harsh UV rays when you’re out traveling for long periods of time inside your car.

When you purchase this sun shade, you also get an extra sun shade as a spare one you can place inside your bag. You can have the best value for your purchase with this product. The materials used with this sunshade is of high-quality material. It’s specially designed with one side made of static cling material so you don’t need to use adhesives or suction cups, and on the other side is a protective mesh which can block any harmful UV rays. About 98% of harmful UV rays are repelled with the use of this sun shade. The compact design allows you to store this whenever you’re not using this or keep this in your bag in case you need to use it.

Shade Sox Universal Fit Baby Car Side Window Sun Shade

This is sun shade is especially great to use for your kids when you are on a long car ride under the harsh rays of the sun. When you travel, your kids are usually placed at the back of your car with their seatbelts and protective car seat. You can further protect your child by using a car sun shade to make them comfortable especially during long trips with your family. Protection from this sun shade includes UV protection, reduction of heat, cutting the sun glare reaching inside your car and it also prevents overheating and the incidence of getting your children burned from the sun.

Installing this sun shade is super easy. Since the material used for this sun shade is a flexible and stretchy mesh fabric, you can pull it down when you open the car door. This can also fit in almost all car types. Each sun shade measures 44.3 inches by 20 inches which are the perfect size for most of the cars in operation. One thing which can be such an inconvenience when using the sun shade is when you have to pull down the car window. With this sun shade, you don’t have to fret. Since this sun shade is designed to be placed on the exterior of the car door, you can pull down your car window to enjoy the breeze but still get the sun protection you needed. How amazing is that? Not only is this durable, it’s very affordable too.

Car Windshield Sunshade by mAuto

The last item on our list of the best sunshade for car is the Car Windshield Sunshade by mAuto. Each sun shades has a special UV coating which is very helpful in keeping your protected from the harmful sun rays. During the extremely hot weather, you don’t want to be imprisoned inside your home when you have some errands to do outside. You can still go on some car rides with your whole family, even with your children and pets, and be safe from the heat and the UV rays when you use an efficient sun shade such as this one. You should invest on the best heat shade for your car so that even on the worst summer days you can make full use of your time.

This sun shade not only protects you and your family from the sun, this also helps protect the interior of your car from sun damage. Some people park their car outside their homes under the glaring rays of the sun. The extreme heat can give a huge toll on the condition of your car’s exterior as well as its interior. When you place this sun shade, you can protect the dashboard, the seats as well as your car’s steering wheel from damage. You can save a lot from having to fix your car if you just use this sun shade for your car. This is easy to install as well as store. Multiple velcro straps allow you to conveniently fold and store this sun shade.


When traveling under the extreme heat of the sun and the harmful UV rays, it’s important to use the best sunshade for car. There are a lot of sunshades available in the market suited for different car types and made of very similar materials but with different features. We hope with this list you can keep your car cool on the inside even if it’s hot on the outside.

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