Best Swing Sets Reviews 2017

As a parent, we sincerely understand the feeling of the urgency of providing your every child’s need. We know that playing outdoors can boost their development in terms of personal and social growth. Playgrounds with different playing sets can provide what you are initially looking for your kid. But we know that you don’t want your kids too far away from your scope of sight. That’s why, we have listed the best swing sets as our suggestion with your growing anxiety over your child’s growth while keeping him/her safe. With self-constructed swing sets on your front lawn or on the backyard, you are guaranteed that you know the building quality of the playing set while you provide your child’s basic need to play without compromising their security.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is created not just for kids by age but also for kids by heart. It includes a number of playsets that can accommodate a good number of players to share the fun. In addition to its three belt swings for your swing set, it also includes one trapeze bar with gym rings that is sure to give a challenging but fun play activity to your kids. It also has a fireman’s pole for role-playing activities and for different playing experience that is added along with the monkey bars that can help develop your child’s physical improvement. What’s even more is that it includes a nine footer wavy slide that is sure to provide a different level of fun to your kids. Your child’s safety will also never be compromised since this swing set highly considers risk factors that might end up hurting your child. As an example, it incorporates rounded edges instead of sharp edges to the material. Also, some of the hard edges have been covered with plastic caps while the swing chains have soft rubber grips. These rubber grips allow for a pinch-free and snag-free playing while on the set.

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is easy to maintain since it has already pre-painted with vibrant colors so you won’t need to repaint and stain the material pieces. Also, the coat is UV resistant that promotes the material’s strength and makes sure the color paint does not fade. In addition, it can demonstrate flexibility since this swing set is freestanding and does not require to be built on a cemented surface. Its main construction material is made up of low alloy steel that guarantees durability. Most of swing sets that are made with wood often crack, chip, face, rot, warp or peel but with its high strength low alloy steel that is powder-coated and galvanized, all these material degeneration will be avoided. Since the materials are also powder-coated, resistance against weather and rust will be avoided too making sure that your swing set will stand for a very long time.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

The Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set promises a swing set that will stay for generations while preserving its original quality over the years. This swing set has two belt swings that will boost your interpersonal relationship with your kid. Also, it includes one trapeze bar for a different activity to be incorporated with your child’s fun time outside your home. The Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set is a free standing swing set which means that it does not require any cement surface or any anchoring. This saves you much energy without the need to till your land to establish a surface like in the case of other swing sets.

Despite being not rooted to the ground, this swing set still guarantees a safe play site. Its hard corners and edges are transformed to be round while some are covered with plastic caps. This ensures that it will not be hazardous in case your kid falls from the swing. Also, it features a soft rubber grips on the swing chains that will avoid your child’s fingers to be pinched and snagged. Since it’s a two-seater swing set, it is sure to only consume just the right space that will definitely not be too big on your lawn or on your land.

The materials used for Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set consist of high strength low alloy steel that can endure and will not change in quality throughout the season. This all-weather swing set does not crack, rot and chip. Its pre-paint will also not fade, warp or peel unlike wood types of swing set.

Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set

The Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set really guarantees genuine fun and childhood memories. Kids age two to ten year old can play on this swing set and build happy childhood memories. Bring out the team player within you and your family members along with your kids since this can be assembled under adult supervision. This USA-made swing set can accommodate up to ten children all at the same time. However, proper knowledge of the weight restriction is required to estimate the correct number of children who can play simultaneously on the swing set. Specifically, each seat or each play set can endure up to 105 pounds. If ten children, who weigh less than 105 pounds, will play together on the swing set, there won’t be any problems at all.

Its design is incorporated with powder coat painted frame which makes sure that the material will be strong and stable enough to provide happiness to your kids while also giving safety. It consists of six legs that can be assembled quickly with adult supervision. For maximum fun, the swing set also includes a green wave slide that will surely provide pure bliss with every use. Also, there are two green injection molded SuperFun swings included that has adjustable height chains. The chains are covered with vinyl to make sure that your kid will be safe while using the comfortable and colorful swing. Your child’s best buddy will also definitely enjoy the green Rocket Rider which can accommodate two kids at the same time. In addition, a Trapeze Swing in color green can also be installed and is also included in the package. What even more is that it also includes a two-passenger seat SeeSaw for you kids’ ultimate delight. Finally, give the most pleasurable experience to your kids by letting them try out the green air-glider that can also be used by two kids at the same time. All of these play sets were included with the swing set which perfectly defines why the brand calls is the “World Of Fun”.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset will definitely widen your child’s imagination together with his/her friends while playing in this house-like swing set. This is one of the brand’s most desired play set that is a sure child-magnet. If you wonder why, the answer is that the The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset has an upper area as a clubhouse while the lower area offers as a playdeck. Kids who are imaginative and adventurous will surely love the way this playset provides freedom and individuality. The clubhouse on the upper part of the fort has a roof, windows, entryway and bay windows that are basically made up with wood. Your child’s safety will not be compromised since the material used will provide comfort and protection. If your kid want to play king and queen, the front porch can serve as their play post which is also a sun balcony and can even be a crow’s nest. With all these features, your imagination is the limit to fully enjoy this swing set. Meanwhile, the lower part has a picnic table that can accommodate up to four kids.

In addition, the swing set also has two belt swings and a two-person swing glider that will provide full happiness to your kids. What’s even more is it also includes a ten-foot wavy kids slide, a sandbox and a monkey bar. And this little house’s backyard provides the area to put the sandbox. These features is sure to entertain, develop and challenge your kids and their friends in every way. That’s not all the challenge and fun your kid can experience. He/she can also make use of the wooden ladder and the rock climbing wall. You don’t need to worry with the rock’s attachment since it is made with solid rocks.

If you decide to surprise your kids with this swing, we are sure that you will not regret buying it. In fact, you might even love this swing set since it is stylish that can truly accentuate your backyard. The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset is made with 100% cedar that is created with tiny and tight knot structure. Cedar woods are known for ultimate durability and stability.

Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set

The Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing Set is your perfect outdoor swing set for your kids. It will boost their social development by letting them play with friends since the set can let eight children play all at the same time. Two kids can enjoy the swing seats while the other two can relax, lay down and swing side by side on the flying saucer that is also included in the set. The glider can also let two kids play at the same time while the slide and the mini trampoline can each have one kid at a time. You can now enjoy the sound of the giggles the kids make once you see how much fun they are having while using the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing.

As per the materials, you don’t need to worry with regards to the quality and durability it offers. The two-inch steel tubes come in as weather-proof protecting the set against moisture and too much heat that can result in rusting, rotting, peeling and cracking. While the inside is heavy duty, the outer finish has been powder-coated that further boosts the material’s strength against extreme conditions. It’s your choice whether you want to anchor the swing set on to the ground for more assurance with its stability. You can also easily assemble the swing set pieces since it comes with pre-drilled materials.

You can also be ensured with your kid’s comfort while using the set. For example, the swing chains are made ready to be adjusted anytime to fit into your kid’s preference of the swing’s intensity. As a matter of fact, the Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing might have exceeded the safety standards of American Society for Testing and Materials.

Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set

The Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set can also be your friendly swing set that might be able to provide the best childhood experience your kid can ever get. With its capacity to let up to nine kids to play its different feature at the same time, you can just let you kid invite his/her friends over to your backyard and start the fun. However, note that the maximum weight that it can handle is at 945 pounds in total or approximately 105 pounds per play set. The Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic II Swing Set is also ideal for kids from two to ten years old.

This amazing swing set has six legs that serves as a durable foundation for the play sets. Kids will surely enjoy each of the activities it can offer. Overall, there are two swing seats, one shoe-loop swing, one air glider good for two kids, one trapeze, one see-saw for two kids and one wave slide. The wave slide is sure to be your kid’s favorite since it measures up to six inches in length. Both the SuperFun swings and the Shoe-loop swings are injection molded for supreme durability. Also, it has vinyl covered chains that can be adjusted in terms of height. In addition, both sides of the See-saw seats are also made using injection molding as well as its handles.

The frame has powder-coating that ensures the material to be stable and will not easily degrade. If you happen to choose this swing set among the others, you will notice that some parts come in already painted. You don’t need to worry about repainting them anymore since the materials have a no fade feature that actually protects the parts against UV rays.

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

The Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set prides itself with its all-cedar wood construction that can last long and guarantees durability. In addition, the brand also boasts about their cedar wood material to be rot and decay resistant. Furthermore, cedar wood is also popular to endure different weather conditions. Rain or shine, this swing set will never accumulate molds. This also means that it will be safe for your kid to play in it at all times. Some of its parts are made out with plastic but it will still block off UV rays and will certainly prevent any discoloration and decay of the material.

This swing set’s assembly will be much easier since the manufacturers put stamps that corresponds with the correct swing set parts. It’ll just be like you’re playing with a simple jigsaw puzzle!

Let’s talk about the Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set’s inclusions. Firstly, it has the speedy slide that is eight feet in length that is sure to give the perfect bliss feeling to your young one. They are also proud with the set’s monkey bars that will never flex and roll while in use. The metal ladder of the monkey bars should be anchored on to the ground for stability. If your kids and his/her friends want to do some imaginative restaurant role playing, the Snack Window gives the perfect venue! It includes an integrated bench that can also provide a resting place for the kids after the tiresome physical activity. Other features include the wide upper playdeck, two belt swings and Ship’s wheel glider. With all these multiple features available, we’re sure you kid will be able to establish good friendship among her peers.

What to Look For

Swing sets are deeply rooted in every culture everywhere. There were classic swings made up with wooden sticks and ropes tied to a tree branch for leisure. There were also swings made up of tires and even vines. However, if you are looking to create a more outdated type of swing, take note that it might compromise the safety of your kid.

Present day innovations have made significant additions to the materials of every playground equipment to ensure durability and safety. Reliable materials include sturdy woods, steels, rubbers and plastics. Also, color additions have also been integrated with the pieces of the set to make it more attractive with your young one.

In addition, before building your chosen swing set, be mindful of the site you plan to establish your own swing set. Estimate first if the set will fit the area. Make sure to include in your measurements the allowances needed for a carefree swing experience. Of course, you don’t want you kid to limit himself/herself with just a slight rocking while on the swing. Also, you need to check if the fall zones on the surrounding will be safe to land on. There are also protective materials that can provide additional protection in case there will be an accidental fall out of the swing.

To make sure that maximum durability is integrated to your swing set, you should be aware of the specific variety of the materials which can be used to fit your preferences in building swing sets. As such, you can choose among Cedar, Redwood or Preserved Pine materials to incorporate wood into your swing. Cedar provides great quality and value, Redwood can leave a beautiful impression and is also durable, and Premium Preserved Pine is very well-known to survive longer than the first two types of wood.


Kids are very used to experience movement since they were still babies. Providing this basic needs will help to improve their physical coordination that is good for health. It also contributes to the well-being of their personal development as providing them with such play sets will stimulate new perspective in life. At the same time, if they’re out with friends playing on their newly-built best swing sets, it will provide your sons or your daughters an early hint of what it takes in order to normal function in the outside world apart from home.

Providing them with swing sets is also providing them a good and sweet childhood memory which they can cherish later on in life. It will also make them feel loved since the assembling of the pieces require hardwork from parents. If they see that you are exerting effort and time for them, they will get the notion that they are very well appreciated. In turn, they can also learn teamwork while on the process of building the swing set. Be sure to let them participate for you to teach and provide guidance for them about how things are created.

A swing set can also provide a sweet decoration for your home. Even if there are no children around yet, it can make a great hangout spot even for adults. You can, in fact, spend time during the late afternoons to relax and enjoy your outside surroundings. It is also a great way to recall your childhood memories that might make you happy in times of hardships.

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