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A table cloth is a garment intended to cover an entire table; it is used to help protect the table from stains coming from food and other table wares. Tablecloths are usually made out of silk, cotton, polyester, poly-cotton or PVC. Nevertheless, table cloths are very helpful because they not only shield your tables from filth, but they also make your table look better and dapper. It is perfect for formal gatherings and relaxing picnics because they make cleaning up easier.

Table cloths seem to be undervalued most of the time, but we believe that they do make a difference, so in this article we grouped and collected some of the best table cloth deals. With a bit of luck, we hope that we will be able to help you find your new table cloth. So get ready and read the following section below.

LinenTablecloth 6 ft. Fitted Polyester Tablecloth

Best Table Cloths

Looking for ways to cover your 6 foot table? Look no further because this one is going to be the ideal product. This table is currently available in 7 colors, to give you variety of options. Moreover, this one is made out of 100% polyester that is almost stain resistant. With a dimension of 72 x 29 x 30 inches, this one will fit standard 6 ft. table, while making it well-groomed. For an easier clean up, this is product is compatible for a regular machine wash. As a summary, this one is one of the cheapest table cloths in the market today.

LinenTablecloth 60 x 126-Inch Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth

Best Table Cloths

Perfect to fit your rectangular table, this one has a size of 60 x 126 inch, guaranteed to be affordable. Moreover, this one is made out of 100% polyester that is sure to be durable and stain resistant. With this garment, your standard table will turn sophisticated in no time due to its seamless design! This table cloth is currently available in 33 colors, to give you numerous options. Furthermore, this cloth has a fold over edge, so you can easily fit it in a table. If you are looking for a cheap table cloth for sale, then we whole-heartedly recommend purchasing this one.

LinenTablecloth 90-Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth

Best Table Cloths

As one of the most affordable table cloth brand in the market, this company is here yet again to provide cover for your standard round table. This one has a diameter of 90 inches, with dimensions of 11.9 x 8.3 x 1.9 inches. Moreover, to ensure you of a durable garment, this one is made out of woven polyester (Dacron), that is sure to be wrinkle and stain resistant. Additionally, to add a touch of elegance in your round table, this one has a serge edges. To give you variety of colors to choose from, this one is currently available in 20 colors. Because it is one of the most inexpensive table cloths in this list, we strongly recommend having this one.

Benson Mills Clear Plastic Tablecloth, 60-Inch by 84-Inch

Best Table Cloths

Tired of polyester or cotton table cloths? Then we suggest getting the Benson Mills Clear Plastic table cloth. This product is perfect for occasional or daily use, either way; it will sure help protect your table from any scratches, stains or marks. Moreover, compared to other table cloths, this one is extremely easy to clean. Also, this garment comes in with a protective paper, to ensure you of a crease-free table cloth. Benson Mills Clear Plastic table cloth currently has over 11 sizes available, but this one has a dimension of 60 x 84 inches. Furthermore, we think that you won’t regret getting this one as it is one of the top table cloths online today.

DII Home Essentials 100% Polyester, Machine Washable, Shabby Chic, Vintage Tablecloth or Overlay 63″ Round, Vintage Lace Cream

Best Table Cloths

If you’re interested getting a vintage and classical look for your table, then we absolutely endorse DII’s round table cloth. This one has a dimension of 16 x 2 x 9 inches, that is perfect to fit a pretty small table, which can accommodate 2-4 people. This one is made out of 100% polyester, so it is ensured that it is resilient to any stains or wrinkles. Currently, this one has a lace-like and cream design, but it is available in 3 other colors such as lace floral, rosebud and Victorian. To cut is short; this garment is a pretty good table cloth, perfect to elevate your party’s elegance.

DELUXE COLLECTION Clear Heavy Duty Tablecloth Protector, Oblong 60″ X 108″

Best Table Cloths

As the product with one of the highest table cloth ratings, it’s only fair that we suggest getting this heavy duty table cloth protector. This cover is going to be perfect for your table size with a size of 60 x 108 inches, ideal for your oblong sized table. Additionally, to guarantee you a strong and easy to clean material, this one is made out of clear heavy duty vinyl. Moreover, this one also has a white hemmed border, to add a simple yet functional design. Also, for better convenience, this one comes in with a damp cloth.

What is a table cloth?

A table cloth is used to protect your table from stains. Around 20th century, table cloths used to be something only wealthy families can have. Mostly because a table cloth adds elegance and sophistication in their homes, but as time goes by, table cloths transformed into a phenomenon for middle class families. Most tables come in different shapes and sizes such as round, rectangular or square tables, which is why a lot of table cloths sizes are around the market, to accommodate people’s need.

Choosing the right table cloth, of course, depends on your taste. Sure, table cloths come in different materials, so below we’ll give you examples of garments most table cloths have, and a little information about them.

Cotton table cloth – this type of table cloth is usually bought because they are extremely easy to wash, either hand washed or in a washing machine. Whichever way, table cloths made out of cotton seems to be the most favored because they can be embroidered and dyed. In spite of this, cotton fabrics are not as stain-resistant as other garments.

Polyester table cloths – polyesters are made from fibers and yarns. They somehow imitate linens, but unlike other materials, this one comes in with a shiny texture, making it an ideal material for stylish gatherings. Also, this material is easier to wash, clean and dry because they are not as absorbent as other materials.

Satin table cloths – satin materials feels smoother and shinier compared to other materials but they are mostly pricey. The reason why it is expensive is because satin came from 100% silk, and silk came from natural cocoon. However, if that’s something agreeable for you, then satin is going to be great especially for sophisticated events.


Whichever type of table cloth you decide to buy, we certainly still recommend you to be vigilant with what you’re buying. Online shopping has been so helpful in many ways, but it is also important to be cautious. So, as a tip, we suggest you to read several reviews about a certain product, especially if you’re planning to buy something online. Also, since this is a table cloth we’re talking about, we also endorse doing your research how to properly measure your table, and how to know your table’s rightful size.

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