Best Table Runners Reviews 2017

We all like those beautifully decorated table in restaurants and wish if we could have something like that at our houses too. Well, you definitely can. Without much investment, you could get that perfect look in your dining area, the one that you’ve always wanted to have, and your guests won’t stop complimenting you.

Table runners are the perfect table accessories to design your table the way you like it. If you like shimmer and shine, richness, ethnicity, or if you’re a nature-lover, there’s a table runner to suit each one of your needs.

In this post, we will take you through some of the top table runners that you could purchase. We’ll also talk about the fabric used, the design and the pattern, and the colors in which they are available. You will know what things you should consider when buying a table runner. By the end of this article, you will be able to find out the best table runner deal for you. Read on…

Kel-Toy Burlap Jute Table Runner/Fold and Sew Edge, 14 by 72-Inch, Natural

These top table runners from Kel-Toy are made of burlap jute, which is 100% natural and sustainable. The dimensions are 14-inch by 72-inch, the perfect size for most tables. They have an authentic and rustic feel to your house, giving your family and guests a comfortable experience. This table runner can also be used daily without causing any damage to it, so your family can have those special meals every single day. This is one of the most affordable table runners you could get your hands on. So, what are you waiting for?

BalsaCircle Flocking Taffeta Table Top Damask Runners, 12″ L x 108″ W

BalsaCircle brings to you these damask runners which could easily be one of the best table runners out there. With the beautiful design and sheen on the surface, this fabric feels great to touch as well. It is available in over 10 attractive color combinations. With dimensions of 108 inch x 12 inch, this table runner fits most long tables and even the not-so-long ones. Though dry cleaning is recommended, it can be washed and ironed with the correct setting. The small price you pay for this high quality product makes it one of the best table runner deals.

Heritage Lace Woodland 14-Inch by 45-Inch Runner

Heritage’s Lace woodland table runner is the perfect combination of design and ethnicity. The beautiful lace design gives a traditional look and feel to your house. The fabric is made of polyester. Its dimensions are 14-inch by 45-inch which makes it perfect for dressers, or any medium to small-size tables. You could use these elegant table runners every day. All you have to give is a cold and gentle machine wash occasionally. While this table runner costs slightly more than others, it would be money well-spent. You won’t regret buying this classic piece inspired by heritage.

TRLYC 13″*108″ Blush Sequin Table Runner For Wedding

TRLYC introduces you to a range of new table runners designed exclusively for functions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and special events. With standard dimensions of 13-inch x 108-inch, they come in over 25 beautiful shades of color. However, if that’s not enough, they are also open to taking customized orders where you can ask for the color and dimensions of your choice. The shimmering design covered with sequins and embroidery makes this table runner stand out. These inexpensive table runners will add shine and glamour to each one of your special occasions.

Luxury Damask 13″ X 70″ Table Runner

This damask table runner from Luxury is a great table accessory to add a bit of elegance and style to your home decor. With carefully-designed pattern and the matt finish almost like velvet, blends well with any type of room. The dimensions of 13-inch x 70-inch are perfect for medium to large-sized tables. To accentuate the runner further and add to its finish, there are tassels on each end. These table runners come in 3 colors, such as beige, gold, or burgundy; all three shades giving your table a royal look and feel. These runners are machine washable.

AMAZLINEN Premium Quality Sequin Table Runner-14″*108″

This is a highly durable table with great emphasis on quality, manufactured by AMAZLINEN. They will light up all celebrations and festive events. Coming in over 7 attractive shades like champagne gold, champagne blush, rose gold, etc., they are perfect to glam up your evening celebrations. These glittering table runners are 14-inch x 108-inch in dimension, making them a great fit for long tables. Although they look delicate with intricate work and sequin-based pattern, they are easy to clean and re-usable. If you’re looking for a high quality table runner with decent price, you should definite check this out.

What are Table Runners?

Table runner is a long piece of cloth that’s usually spread across the center of a long table. It gives the table a different look and works as a contrasting element against the table cloth. Most tables are either square or round, there’s nothing much you can do about the structure of a table.

So, how can you make your tables stand out? How do you decorate your tables? That’s when table runners come to your rescue. It can make any normal table attractive piece of furniture. These are easy-to-buy and come in huge variations in terms of their dimensions, patters, fabrics used, etc. Now, you can customize the look of your house the way you want with this wide range of table runner options.

Whether you need a table runner for daily use, or for special occasions and celebrations such as baby showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or candle-light dinners, you get to buy the perfect table runners for each occasion.

In the following section, we will see what the features of good table runners are and how to zero-in on the one that’s perfect for your table.

What to Look For

The first thing to check in a table runner is its dimension. The table runners look good when a part of them fall off from both ends of the table. So, always buy the ones that are 10-20 inch longer than your table. Table runners that are too short or too long do not look as great as a runner with perfect length would look.

Next up is the fabric used. Different table runner brands use different types of fabric to make them. Some make them from jute or polyester; while some table runners are laced and some are lined with sequins or embroideries. Some embroidery work gives the table runner a royal and rich look while those made of jute gives them a natural flavor. Choose the one that’s in-line with your taste and existing home décor.

Also make sure the color and shade of your table runners blend well with the surrounding. Although contrast is good, the color of a table runner should not be something that looks odd in your room. If you’re going to use your table for an outdoor party, bright colors and shades work well in the bright sun.

Next comes the price factor. There are quite a few cheap table runners that also have great quality. When you’re looking to buy them in bulk, it would be a good idea to check for different table runner sales.

We’re sure now you are in a position to buy the table runner that’s perfect for your table.

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