Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews 2017

Buying a Table Tennis Table is a great decision that will guarantee countless hours of competitive family fun. Figuring out your strategy, measuring up your opponent and perfecting your grip on your paddle will see you slicing the ball, and scoring that pivotal point.

The great news is that this piece of equipment is affordable, and suitable for players of all ages and experience levels.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set

For the best Table Tennis Table, you really want a competition grade table. With a 16mm thick composite wood surface, this is better suited for an indoor space, and can be packed away with ease. Importantly, once folded down, the table locks and has wheels. This provides a greater level of safety, and will help to avoid injuries. The design of this very affordable Table Tennis Table means that you will have to assemble it yourself, but this shouldn’t take long, and you’ll be swinging in no time.

This table measures 30 x 60 x 108 inches, and weighs approximately 137 pounds.

JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you want an inexpensive Table Tennis Table, then you may be a little confused as to why this model is more costly. The reason is in its name – this design allows your table to weather the elements, because it can be stored outside. The surface is a composite that includes plastic, so you can really give this table a thrashing.

It measures 22 x 62 x 67 inches, for a very large playing surface, and weighs in at 150 pounds.

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table with Corner Ball Holders and Magnetic Scorers

If you’re a little more picky about the look of your Table Tennis Table deal, then this sleek charcoal colored table should spark your interest.

There are a number of nifty features that ensure this set stands out from the rest. There are magnetic score cards, as well as ball holders.

The table folds down, but why would you want to wheel it away? Crack open a beer and invite around your friends, to give this table a good work out.

The dimensions are 30 inches, by 60 inches by 108 inches, so it’s roughly the same size as some indoor models. But this is a hefty design, weighing around 155 pounds in total.

Kettler Match 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table, Green Top

For an outdoor match to end all matches, look to this bright green table top. This is a tournament quality purchase that is also a very cheap Table Tennis Table when compared to other outdoor options.

You can even fold up one side and practice against yourself, just like Forest Gump.

The biggest difference though, relates to the wheels that are set in the centre of the design. The wheels lock for safety, but give you manoeuvrability like no other option.

Measuring 30 x 60 x 108 inches, the table itself weighs 114 pounds.

MD Sports Official Tournament Tennis Table, Size 4

While this Table certainly qualifies as one of the cheapest Table Tennis Tables available, this carries its own risk. The last thing you want is for your table to disintegrate, break, or collapse. While this can partly be blamed on how you use your table, the table itself should be able to withstand a degree of wear and tear.

While the size is standard, the weight is comparable, and it comes with the usual accessories to facilitate play, the assembly is troublesome and the materials used are flimsy.

So, consider your audience. If you’re buying for a school hall or if you have a lot of visitors, this table isn’t likely to last long.

What is a Table Tennis Table

Up to four players at a time can play Table Tennis, and many more can watch from the sidelines, or perhaps partake in a game of beer pong.

Most new Table Tennis Tables are foldable and light designs that will give you the flexibility to make your purchase a permanent or a temporary fixture. With minimal accompanying equipment, all you really need is two paddles, a ball and the net.

But herein lies the devil in the detail. You’ll want to ensure that the surface is durable – no doubt, there will be drinks spilled all over it. The paint will need to last, so you can dispute whether or not every serve is within the lines. Finally, you’ll probably need a supply of ping pong balls, because they can be easily damaged in a fit of rage.

Advantages of Owning a Table Tennis Table

The best thing about owning a Table Tennis Table is that your game will benefit from the extra hours of practice that you can sneak in. If you like to win, then it’s a no brainer. Purchasing your very own table will reap rewards in the long run.

But coming in at a close second, your purchase will provide many hours of entertainment for your kids and friends. It’s a fun, relaxed way to put on a show, with people willing to gather round, cheer and score the game. Just make sure that you have a referee on hand if things are likely to get heated.

What to LookFor When Purchasing a Table Tennis Table

A top Table Tennis Table will be constructed well, so that it’s sturdy and reliable. This means that you can set it up, and use it at your leisure, without giving its quality a second thought.

When choosing a new Table Tennis Table you should look to a few key specifications to determine what will suit your needs.

Firstly, consider the weight and materials that have been used to construct the table – you will want something sturdy, but also something that you can assemble and move yourself. It’s a balancing act!

Secondly, take note of the dimensions. The last thing you want is to order a tiny table by mistake, or conversely, one that won’t fit comfortably in your playing space.

Thirdly, think about whether an indoor table or and outdoor table will be better suited to the level of play you require. Because most tables are foldable and movable, you could even alternate between the two. So, if in doubt, purchase and outdoor table that can span both arenas. The same cannot be said for the indoor counterpart!

Finally, think about your audience. Your Table Tennis Table price isn’t always the best indicator of whether a Table Tennis Table brand will be a good investment over the long term. Furthermore, just because you buy for the kids, it doesn’t mean that the adults won’t want to play!


If you have the room in your house or office for the setup, you’ll never regret purchasing a good Table Tennis Table. Suitable for players of all ages, it’s sure to delight, and fire up even the most dormant competitive nature. The rules are simple, and the gameplay addictive. So, get ready to keep score of some hotly contested battles. If you own the table, there’s a good chance you’ll be on the winning side.

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